Saturday’s sports betting action on Major League Baseball once again

Like any weekend during the summer, Major League Baseball remains the anchor for online sports betting, and with a full day off to hang out, wager on baseball, and watch the games in TV, the best way to get into the sports action is to visit one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed, and pop in a couple bets to compliment the great series underway. You can be sure that the action in the top sportsbooks will be worth checking out this weekend, as there are plenty of MLB games to choose from, and a couple days’ worth of free time for all of us hard working folk to enjoy. For this Saturday, it’s back to the usual with a returning heap of 15 games to choose from in the best online sports betting sites, and I for one am quick to jump on a few games, and throw down some cash after heading into one of our featured online casinos at (read the review of is definitely one of the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet, and I always seem to have a good time whenever I venture down to their website.

For online betting on Saturday, a few games catch the eye immediately, especially the series starting up between NL West rivals, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Francisco Giants. In a great duel, Chad Billingsley squares off against Barry Zito, which should mean a good possible shot at scoring an under wager on total points. At San Fran today, we’re counting on the Giants to prevail, as Zito has really turned it around, especially at home, for the team that stuck with him through his downturn over the past few years. Elsewhere look for the Minnesota Twins, who with Kevin Slowey on the hill looking for his 10th win, are simultaneously eying their 7th straight win in a row as they battle for top position in the AL Central with the Chicago White Sox. Against King Felix and the Mariners, this should be a great pitcher’s duel, but with the momentum firmly on the Twins’ side, we’ll take them for wagering at Oddsmaker Sportsbook today.

In more great action for betting on sports, check out the AL games including Texas vs. the Los Angeles Angels, as well as the Yankees and Rays and Tigers vs. Red Sox. Over in the National League, expect the same exciting action as the Braves and Reds do battle, the Marlins and Padres duke it out, and the Phillies try to snuff their road woes against Washington. It should be a great night for baseball, and hopefully for online casino play, so head on down to one of our featured sports betting websites here at, and have yourself a great Saturday!

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Friday finishes off a great week of online sports betting action

It’s once again that time of the week to put down the mundane work load offered up by your employer, and get into the real fun of watching sports and placing wagers on baseball at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed right here at! Coming off a solid week of winning in the top online sportsbooks, we’re looking to add even more cash to our online sports betting accounts, and for today’s wagers, we look no further than at one of the best in the business, at the Players Only sportsbook (read the review of Players Only has been a staple for betting on sports since the inception of this website, and for the past three years, it has been one of the few go-to spots for wagering on a weekly basis. With 15 games on tap for wagers on Major League Baseball at the Players Only Sportsbook, expect to find great wagers, fair lines, and a quick in-and-out experience to get you ready for the games lying just ahead this afternoon and evening.

For this Friday, we’re interested in the debut of Roy Oswalt for the Philadelphia Phillies, as he looks to continue the winning ways for his new club as they hit the road for a fresh new series with the Washington Nationals. Washington however has played good ball at home against the top teams in the league, and with Philadelphia’s road woes, we’re slightly reluctant to take Oswalt in his first game on the road. As such, the total points wager looks promising, as we can expect good run production from both squads in tonight’s showdown. Hedging wagers on starting pitching for the most part today, check out Shaun Marcum and the Toronto Blue Jays as they host the Cleveland Indians, Jon Lester and the Boston Red Sox against the visiting Detroit Tigers, and Tim Lincecum on the hill for the Giants who face their divisional foes, the Los Angeles Dodgers. With these great pitchers in action, placing wagers across all of them is a sure-fire way to break better than even at the sportsbook today, and give you plenty of exciting action to watch after the last deed of the day is done at work.

Moving towards the weekend, find continuing action for betting on sports across Major League baseball, which is sure to add to a fun-filled weekend of being away from the daily grind. We’ll be headed down to Anaheim tomorrow for the great match-up between the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Dodgers, as Dan Haren looks for his first win with his new club, and also looks to whittle away at the Rangers’ lead in the AL West. Find your key match-ups this weekend at any one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, and get ready for another action-packed day of sports this Saturday. Enjoy your weekend, good luck in your wagers, and as always thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday continues the online sports betting action for Major League Baseball

It’s almost the end of another long week at the office, but for online sports betting today, it’s a chance to break out of the everyday ho-hum work mode, and set yourself up for some exciting chances to win some extra money at one of the top online sports betting sites reviewed at For Thursday’s run through the best sports betting options available, it’s a trip down to one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here, at the Diamond Sportsbook (read the review of Diamond Sportsbook). Having become a huge fan of Diamond sportsbook over the last year until now, you can rest assured that this sportsbook is tried and tested over the years, and has always been a great place for online sports betting time and time again. Get down to Diamond sportsbook today, and help us take on the challenge of trying to come out a winner for all wagers being placed today!

Looking for some quality wagers for Thursday night’s games, find a good starting place as the Tampa Bay Rays host the Detroit Tigers with David Price looking to become the American League’s first to 14 wins. With Price on the mound, one might be so inclined to wager on the Rays in this one�and they would probably be right. I for one am certainly banking on a Price win, which would further help to boost the Rays toward the top of the AL East, which is currently held by the New York Yankees (who, unfortunately for the Rays face the diminished Cleveland Indians tonight, in what should be an easy take for New York). Always a fan of the Texas Rangers when C.J. Wilson is on the hill, check out Texas over the visiting Oakland A’s, the White Sox looking for win #11 at home against the Mariners as Freddy Garcia faces his old team, and a battle of the basement dwellers as Baltimore and Kansas City square off (we’ll just have to go home team in this one).

Must-see games for online sports betting and watching in the National League include a match-up between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres, as well as the San Francisco Giants and Florida Marlins, as these two series hold heavy connotations for the NL West today. Further check out the Philadelphia Phillies who continue their hot streak looking for win #8 in a row against the Arizona Dbacks, Ubaldo Jimenez looks to snap the Colorado Rockies skid against the visiting Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Mets try and continue their winning ways at home against the St. Louis Cardinals. As you can see, great baseball awaits those betting on sports tonight, and great sportsbook bets can be found right here by using the featured online sportsbooks at For all of us here, thanks for stopping by, and good luck in all your online sports betting this week!

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Mid-week online sports betting update, wagers at

Everyday is a great day for betting on baseball, and this Wednesday is no different as there are a number of possible match-ups available for wagering across our best online sports betting sites reviewed at Today happens to call for a few parlay wagers, as there are not too many outstanding match-ups between teams, but a bunch of good chances to pile some good teams together to prevail against a few less than great teams. With my (read the review of account ready to do some wagering, the first bet of the day will go on the Minnesota Twins, who look to complete a three-game sweep of the lowly Royals, combined with Tim Hudson and the Braves over the Nationals, as well as Jeff Niemann and the Tampa Bay Rays over the Detroit Tigers. As the week winds on, the action in baseball heats up, so you won’t want to miss wagering on as many great contests as possible today!

There are plenty of other great games to choose from for betting on sports today, and since the past few days have been pretty good for some solid wins, it’s time to bust one more parlay wager at, one of the best online sportsbooks offered anywhere on the internet. I can’t bring myself to bet against the San Diego Padres at home against the Los Angeles Dodgers, so as a start to another parlay wager, this will be a first game taken. I’ve got to also take the Oakland Athletics against the Rangers, in a great pitching duel between Trevor Cahill and Colby Lewis. Also for this sportsbook wager, I’ve got to throw in the LA Angels to save a little face against Josh Becket and the Boston Red Sox, as they look to avoid being swept at home. The White Sox remain hot, and look for their 10th in a row at home hosting the down and out Mariners, and A.J. Burnett tries to get back in shape as the Yanks try to work over the Indians for another road win.

With a few more games scattered throughout the Major League Baseball landscape, and available for online sports betting, get you online sports bets placed in any one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here today, as baseball action is always a great way to get into online sports betting. Check out if you haven’t already, as it always offers plenty of action in their online sportsbook and casino. Online sports betting gets a bit more exciting when you shoot for a few low cost parlays, as they have the potential for adding serious coin to your sportsbook account. Check out the match-ups and place your bets for your favorite baseball picks tonight at our online sportsbooks here at

Aaron G. reigns as the best online sports betting site for Tuesday

Moving forward in another new week of online sports betting, sports fans once again are treated to a hefty plate full of wagering opportunities on Major League Baseball, and our online sportsbook wagering for the day takes us over to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, at (read the review of BetUS). First and foremost, we have to point out what a great website happens to be, as it is not only our chosen website for betting on sports today, but has consistently been one of the favorite online sports betting sites over the past few years. Expect nothing but great service, great online casino and poker games, and quick payouts throughout your journey with That being said, for Tuesday we’re once again headed back to their site, where wagering on the 15 Major League Baseball games will help get the excitement flowing for the games to come later on in the day and evening!

As a number of series are shifting once again today, take time to check out the best match-ups available, and also those with potentially the biggest and/or easiest profits to be made. We first look to a few parlay wagers on the hottest teams around the league, and without a doubt that train stops at the Philadelphia Phillies, who look for their 6th straight win today against the reeling Arizona Diamondbacks, who have folded their season already. In a great pitchers’ match-up, check out the New York Mets at home against the St. Louis Cardinals, as Jonathon Niese and Adam Wainwright get down to business. After a rough road trip, we’re looking for the Mets to bounce back at home, in what should be a tight pitching match-up this evening. Rounding out the National League key match-ups, the Giants host the Marlins, the Dodgers and Padres face off in a big NL West series, and the Reds look to move into 1st in the NL Central if they can muster a win against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Moving quickly to the remaining games slated for the American League, look for a couple key match-ups especially as Jon Lackey returns against his former team as the Red Sox meet the Angels again, Carl Pavano looks for his eighth win in a row facing the Royals tonight, and Cliff Lee starts for the Rangers against the division rival Oakland Athletics. For sports betting fans, baseball certainly has it all today with some great pitching match-ups, a few possible lopsided games, and hopefully some great wins for everybody betting on sports! I hope that you’ve been able to get to one of our featured online sportsbooks and place a wager or two this evening, as Major League Baseball always makes for exciting and interesting online sports betting action. We’ll catch up with you again tomorrow, and as always, thanks for stopping by

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A new week with great new online sports betting options at the top sportsbooks!

With the closure of another great weekend of sports and online sports betting, we once again resume to the normal work week, but with it the constant flow of great Major League Baseball games for betting on sports. With Mondays usually being the longest day of the week, it’s always nice to have plenty of sports betting action available, and a couple of Major League Baseball games to watch when work is finally over. For this Monday, we’re getting into the action early with a few placed wagers at our featured online sportsbook at (read the review of, and to get things going we naturally have to start with the games closest to home, as the Los Angeles Angels kick off a new series against the Boston Red Sox down in Anaheim. I love this match-up, especially considering the debut of pitcher Dan Haren for the Angeles, up against Clay Buchholz for the Red Sox, which ought to be a game well worth watching and wagering on today.

There are a number of great series for potential online sports betting going on right now as well, and there is really no better time to get into Major League Baseball action than at the present as teams are headed down the home stretch, as the 100 game mark is blowing right by. Breaking down the best action around the league, find a great contest between the Florida Marlins and San Francisco Giants, as Ricky Nolasco and Barry Zito face off in a critical game for both teams. Matt Garza and the Tampa Bay Rays look to hand the Detroit Tigers another road loss (which would put them at a dismal 16-30 on the season), Alex Rodriguez continues the quest for a (tainted) 600 home runs as the Yankees travel to Cleveland, and the Cubs’ Carlos Silva looks to continue to be one of the lone bright spots for Cubbies fans as they take on the Houston Astros.

With Philadelphia looking to complete a sweep of the Colorado Rockies at home, I’ll have to drop an online sportsbook wager on the Phillies, and also one more wager on the Cincinnati Reds against the Milwaukee Brewers, as Bronson Arroyo tries to get the Reds back to winning ways. Check out all the teams making a move this week, and capitalize on some streaking teams to payout when betting on sports. You can always find a large helping of Major League Baseball games to wager on in our featured online sportsbooks here at

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Rounding out the weekend with sports bets at

After a rough go on Friday for online sports betting, the tides have turned fortunate once again, and fortunately for this guy, Saturday’s wagers on MLB baseball ended up coming through for me at our featured online sportsbook at Oddsmaker sportsbook (read the review of, leaving a very big smile on my face and more room for betting on Sunday afternoon. Getting a little bit luck, the Texas Rangers stumbled Saturday against the Los Angeles Angels, finally allowing the Angels to end their three game skid, and subsequently start the winning ways for my sports betting. With a solid parlay wager taking the Atlanta Braves, SF Giants and Cincinnati Reds to follow, Saturday improved the outlook of online sports betting for the rest of the weekend by giving some much needed capital for further sports betting to come. As such, Sunday’s offerings for betting on sports look especially plentiful, and I for one am once again ready to dive in to the great online action for sports betting today�just before I crash on the couch and enjoy the days’ games!

Kicking off Sunday’s baseball wagering possibilities, the Texas Rangers vs. Los Angeles Angels series has been certainly one to watch, with the Rangers keeping a strong grip on the AL West (despite dropping a game last night at home). Today is another story however, with the youngster Tommy Hunter on the mound for the Rangers, looking to go 8-0 on the season against Trevor Bell, who is just getting his feet wet in the league. Take Texas for a solid pick, as the Rangers rarely drop two straight on home turf. Further AL action finds the Minnesota Twins looking to end their recent road slide against the Baltimore Orioles, the Rays look to win at Cleveland once again, and the Red Sox try to regain face after a rare Jon Lester loss to the Seattle Mariners. Moving to the National League, check out the continuing Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins series, the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw against the struggling Mets and Philadelphia once again taking on Colorado.

Once again Major League Baseball has surprised me, having some of the best competitions over the weekend, and a few very close games that made online sports betting the exciting hobby it truly is. If you’ve never done any sports wagering on the MLB, check out some of our featured sportsbooks like the one at for sports betting advice, and take out a few small wagers for a few of the up and coming games in the next week. You won’t be disappointed with the action that has thus far been just about non-stop for Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Cycling, you name it! From all of us here at, enjoy the rest of your weekend, and enjoy betting in our top sportsbooks we have offered for yours (and our) review. Everyday is a great day for online sportsbook wagering, so get into the action today!

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Online sportsbook bets resume on Saturday at

After a long and ardous week slaving away at the grind of office employment, finally the weekend is here, and with it comes new opportunities for betting on sports, relaxing around the house, and checking out some great baseball action to come! Hopefully Saturday has started off as a relaxing day for you, and you are able to get online for some good times in our best online sportsbooks and casinos featured on our website. While I wasn’t as lucky as some might have been on Friday’s online sports betting at (read the review of Players Only), losing the majority of my sports betting choices, I was fortunate enough to squeeze in a couple parlay wagers placed on (read the review of with some 5 dollar bets coming through and breaking me even on the day. I love the parlay bet, as it is a low-cost, potentially high yield way to wager on sports!

For today though, it’s once again that gets my time for online sportsbook betting, and also for a little poker action against some (hopefully) lesser opponents! I may be a little boring due to the fact that I usually stick with no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em on this website, but it’s just too good of a time to pass up and if you are making money, why stray away right? I have had great success here, and I will be the first to say that with all the great wagers offered on MLB baseball, show them some love and sign up for their great website today. I’ve been playing cards and wagering on sports at this site for about 2 years now, and I haven’t once had one significant difficulty with their site or their service. I certainly am an amateur when it comes to betting on sports, but I do know a good online sportsbook when I see one.

So, with plenty games on national television today, everyone should be able to find some great sporting events to check out, and hopefully make some wagers. Check out the top games of the day including the Mets at Dodgers, Phillies hosting the Rockies, Angels and Rangers, and Braves vs. Marlins. We at wish to thank you for checking out a few of the best online sportsbooks and casinos offered on the internet, here on our site. Hopefully the knowledge learned from our sportsbook reviews, as well as the occasional piece of sports betting advice helps you to choose the best wagering experience possible. So kick your feet up today and relax, place some wagers at one of our featured websites, and we hope you have fun!

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End of the week sports betting lies at sportsbook

Friday comes with a great round of online sports betting available for Major League Baseball Today as the great weekend series underway will have all sports fans rushing the best online sportsbooks on the internet, and looking to cash in on all the excitement! Tonight, I’m going with a first bet on the great series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Colorado Rockies. Both teams are grasping for control of their respective divisions, and this will be a great game and a great series to watch and wager on. In addition to this game to start off the day of sports betting, there’s plenty more great baseball action to bet on in our top sportsbooks reviewed here, and I’m off to (read the review of Players Only) to drop a couple of wagers on the key rivalries getting underway in a few short hours. There are a couple of great series on both coasts being played that will guarantee to bring big crowds, great pitching match-ups, and plenty of action worthy of placing a bet or two on.

For the highlighted wagers of the day for betting on sports, check into the divisional battles taking place, including the Texas Rangers once again hosting the Los Angeles Angels, with C.J. Wilson once again getting our bet for the day against Joe Saunders. The Cleveland Indians look to continue their one bright spot in the season; winning 17 in a row at home against the Tampa Bay Rays, and look for another in a tough pitching duel as Fausto Carmona takes on Jeff Niemann in a good one. Check out the White Sox and Athletics as Mark Buerhle and Trevor Cahill face off, the Yankees try to take down the Royals as Alex Rodriguez still looks for home run #600, and the Boston Red Sox will likely eclipse the struggling Seattle Mariners once again.

No matter what wagers you are looking to place, you’ll find plenty of great sports action in Major League Baseball tonight and through the weekend. I’m certainly excited to be wagering on baseball and hopefully not only for me, your online sports betting will become more prosperous, as baseball has certainly been more predictable and straightforward for betting online. Enjoy some of the great American Pastime this weekend, and check out all the great information and sports betting advice on our featured online sportsbooks here at We’ll catch up with you tomorrow, and until then, good luck and happy betting!

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Featured wagers at one of the best online sportsbooks at

Everyday is a great day for betting on baseball, and this Thursday is no different as there are a number of great possible match-ups available for wagering across the handful of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here. To mix up betting options today, parlay wagers are in focus, as 12 games are slated for today, with a few solid opportunities to pile some good teams together to prevail against a few less than great teams. With my (read the review of account ready to do some wagering, the first bet of the day will go on the Minnesota Twins and Carl Pavano, who are starting to roll again in the second half, and should continue to do so against the seemingly hapless Baltimore Orioles. It’s a shame to see Kevin Millwood in his current form (2-8, ERA approaching 6), however for sports betting, folks should be licking their chops to throw this game into a parlay wager to kick of the betting today. In the AL, also look for Cliff Lee and the Rangers against the Angels in a big divisional battle, as well as the Yankees over the Royals and Boston over Seattle as good choices.

There are plenty of other games to choose from tonight, and since the past few days have been pretty good to me, it’s time to bust one more parlay wager at, one of the best online sportsbooks offered anywhere on the internet. To continue wagering, we’re liking Livan Hernandez and the Washington Nationals over the Reds, who’ve been struggling to produce runs as of late. As a start to the National League parlay wager for today, this will be the first game taken. I’ve got to take the Atlanta Braves today in sportsbook betting, as Tim Hudson is my queue to wager against the Padres today in their match-up, and also Matt Cain as the Giants take on the Diamondbacks in Arizona.With the last wager of the parlay bet, I’ll take the Dodgers at home over the Mets and hopefully bank me a little extra coin in my online sports betting account at!

Get your online sports bets placed in our top sportsbooks here today, as baseball action is always a great way to get into online sports betting. Check out if you haven’t already, as it always offers plenty of action in their online sportsbook, casino and poker rooms. Online sports betting gets a bit more exciting when you shoot for a few low cost parlays, as they have the potential for adding serious coin to your sportsbook account. Check out the match-ups and place your bets for your favorite team(s) tonight at our online sportsbooks here at

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