Become A Betting Master Before the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest events in American sports, which also means that it’s a big day for sports betting as well. Each year millions drop big cash on a wide variety of bets in order to make their Super Bowl Sunday a little richer.

For those new to gambling, the Super Bowl sports betting can be a confusing time. The biggest game of the year also brings with it one of the most unique vocabularies the casual fan will encounter. From terms like “point spread,” “over/under,” and “prop bets”, the gambling can be just as confusing as the game if you aren’t familiar with it.

But this year, your Super Bowl experience should be different. Here is our guide to becoming a Super Bowl betting expert before the game begins. Whether you are new to sports betting, or a seasoned oddsmaker, here are some tips and resources that can help you.

1. Know the Teams

Before making any bets, you’ll need to know the teams. It’s never a safe idea to put money on a team you know nothing about. For the purposes of education, here are some helpful links that can familiarize you with the teams, players, and performance in past seasons.

2. Review Vocab

Even if you love sports, football might not be your favorite sport to watch on TV. If you aren’t someone who follows the game closely, you could be confused by some of the terms used in the game and to discuss betting on the game. For those who aren’t in the know, here are some sites that break down the football terms for the non-diehard fan.

3. Learn the Basics of Betting

So, now you should have gotten news and scouting reports about the two teams involved in the big game. Now you’re ready to master the more advanced betting terms. Arguable, the most important term to know is point spread. It’s the number one thing people wager on in football. If you understand this concept, you can bet on the game more intelligently.

4. Think About Moneylines

One of the things the previous link mentions is the “moneyline.” The moneyline is not often used in football, but is sometimes in play for the big game. It’s important to understand how this form of fixed-odds betting works.

5. Learn the Prepositions

You might have a dim recollection of elementary school grammar lessons where your teacher taught you about prepositions and other parts of speech. Well, “over” and “under” are an important part of this lesson as well. The over/under is a common bet, and if you listen to the sports talk shows leading up to the Super Bowl, it gets mentioned quite frequently.

Here’s a basic, but detailed rundown.

6. Prop Bets

During the Super Bowl, there are bets known as prop bets. These are specialty/exotic bets that really bring extra flavor and excitement to the game, and the stranger the bet, the more entertaining the game can become.

Here were some prop bets on a recent National Championship Game.

ESPN is also hosting a prop bet contest worth checking out:

7. Don’t be a Square

Even if you prefer to bet online, you may also enjoy betting on the game with friends using a square.

Squares are a time-honored tradition in bars and Super Bowl parties around the world. It’s a betting game that can yield big money if squares are purchased for the right amount.

If you are put in charge of the football squares for your office, there are a few ways to handle this sacred responsibility. The first is online, using the link below.

Another option is to use one of the printable squares from a site below:

If you are looking for your Super Bowl party to be more than just a grid, here is a site that will have a few fun bets to spice things up.


The Super Bowl can be an unforgettable experience, and the thrill of having a little cash riding on the game can add extra excitement to the event. Now that you have the knowledge, and you’ve picked out your favorite bets, it’s time to relax and watch the game. We hope that with our advice and resources, you’ll be counting your winnings when the game is over.

Atlanta Falcons 2010 – ATS History

Week Opponent Score SU Line ATS Over/Under
1 at Pittsburgh 9-15 L -1 L U 39.5
2 vs. Arizona 41-7 W -6.5 W O 43
3 at New Orleans 27-24 W +3 W O 49
4 vs. San Francisco 16-14 W -7 L U 42.5
5 at Cleveland 20-10 W -3 W U 41.5
6 at Philadelphia 17-31 L +1.5 L O 43
7 vs. Cincinnati 39-32 W -3 W O 42.5
8 Open          
9 vs. Tampa Bay 27-21 W -10 L O 45
10 vs. Baltimore 26-21 W -1.5 W O 43.5
11 at St. Louis 34-17 W -3 W O 43
12 vs. Green Bay 20-17 W -1.5 W U 47
13 at Tampa Bay 28-24 W -3 W O 43
14 at Carolina 31-10 W -7.5 W P 41
15 at Seattle 34-18 W -6 W O 46.5
16 vs. New Orleans 14-17 L -2.5 L U 50.5
17 vs. Carolina          
Records Points
Straight Up: 12-3
Against the Spread: 10-5
Home PF – 183 (26.1)
Home PA – 129 (18.4)
Away PF – 200 (25.0)
Away PA – 149 (18.6)