Wrapping up another month with sports betting on Baseball, NBA and NHL playoffs

As we progress towards the final series in both the NBA and NHL playoffs, Tuesday starts off with a look at what is to come for the majority of the summer ahead…lots of Major League Baseball, and very little else. Though we’re certainly fans of America’s Pastime, the eclipse of the NBA and NHL seasons comes with a little bit of sadness, after another couple of great seasons in two of America’s top sports leagues. However, for the next two weeks (hopefully seeing a few Game 7’s come about), we’ll rejoice as sports fans today with the start of the 2011 NBA Finals which features what could likely be the most-watched series in history between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat, and at the same time look ahead for what could also be the most-watched final in the NHL, as the Vancouver Canucks and Boston Bruins get ready for a fantastic series starting up north in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Today is as such a great time to start looking at potential wagers for the upcoming games in both these series, as well as for checking out the full supply of 15 games available for betting on baseball this evening. With a trip to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed at the Superbook.com sportsbook (read the review of Superbook.com) we will be checking through the various options for sports betting, and hoping for some added cash as an outcome to some hopefully well-picked wagers.

Starting with the National League in Baseball action for Tuesday, there are a number of interesting match-ups taking place as the series lined up for this weekend continue into the 2nd set, which should be a good start for your online sports betting today. Starting with the San Francisco Giants vs. the St. Louis Cardinals, Ryan Vogelsong gears up for another outstanding performance, after giving up only 1 run in his last 4 outings and reducing his ERA from 4.40 to 1.77 on the year. Pitching 8 innings and giving up that one run in a 1-0 loss on May 26, Vogelsong will hopefully get more offensive help from the Giants’ bats, who beat the Cardinals 7-3 last night, though it may be tough to come by with Chris Carpenter on the mound, improving in each start and 4-1 in his last 5 against SF. Considering both pitchers combined for only 3 runs in their last outing while each going 8 innings, look for this match-up to provide a solid opportunity for the under wager on total runs, which Superbook.com pegs at 7.5. Philadelphia tries to mow through Washington with another ace, Cliff Lee, taking the mound tonight, as he faces Jason Marquis and looks for his 4th straight win against the Nationals. Check out a likely low-scoring affair as San Diego and Atlanta square off, with Mat Latos coming off his best start of the season, meanwhile Matt Minor gets his likely last start in the big leagues as Tim Hudson is due back from the DL, and will try to leave a good impression before returning to Triple-A ball. Check out further NL match-ups worthy of possible wagering as Florida tries to nab a win from red-hot Arizona (Annibal Sanchez vs. Ian Kennedy in a great pitching duel), Colorado tries to end its current funk of 9 losses in 11 games, and will have a tough time against the Los Angeles Dodgers who are starting to show signs of improving bats to go with their solid starting rotation, and check out the Brewers and Reds squaring off in what should be a heavy hitting game in Cincinnati tonight.

Switching over to American League games set for this evening, we’ll continue to enjoy the series between the Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays in a rematch of last year’s AL Championship series, with C.J. Wilson getting an advantage on the mound and the Texas bats lighting it up lately, making for a good bet on the Rangers (+120 with -1.5 runs). Look for heavy hitting in the Boston vs. Chicago White Sox series to overcome solid starting pitching as both sides’ bats have put up big numbers in the last few games, as is also the case for the Toronto Blue Jays, who look to continue a downward trend for the Cleveland Indians, a team showing signs of a regression towards the average after the best start for the team in a decade. Check out another hot team in the AL West with the Seattle Mariners looking to get starter Erik Bedard his first win at Safeco Field this year, and build on their 8-2 run in the last 10 with another meeting against the faultering Baltimore Orioles. With great games like these available for betting on sports today, and with upcoming games in the NHL and NBA finals starting today and tomorrow, check out all the great sports betting options at Superbook.com, and get into all the excitement of sports this week!

Aaron G.

Weirdest Gaming Quotes From Serious Bettors

The word “serious” is an understatement when talking about sports betting. It’s literally life and death for some people. It’s someone’s salary and livelihood. It’s someone’s Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner! Why do you think there’s always a lot of yelling during the Super Bowl or a horse race? It’s complete pandemonium.

Here are some of the strangest quotes you’ll ever read from some of the most serious bettors out there. Don’t laugh, though; these bettors just might drop $100 to see your tail get kicked by a soccer player.

Sports betting is all about money management, so the most money won on one event is not the most important thing.” — Bruce Dern

In other words, be realistic. We all can tout and whistle about making our bets and winning every single one of them, but the fact is we can’t! It’s statistically impossible to win every bet. So when you think about sports betting, generally it’s a numbers game!

Nobody but you and your caddie care what you do out there, and if your caddie is betting against you, he doesn’t care, either.” — Lee Trevino

When you make a bet, you’re more interested in who you’re betting on, not against. It’s as if some magical force in your decision to bet on that one man, horse, dog, or team, seems to embed that man, horse, dog, or team with a hidden advantage that will ensure victory!

It’s a phenomenal, existential concept, this thing called gambling. You have to wonder, though: what would happen if you started placing your bets and then focusing your mojo on the opposition? Would that create a giant rift in the space-time continuum?

If a man who cannot count finds a four-leaf clover, is he lucky?” — Stanislaw J. Lec

This is a profound question! Sports betting basically revolves around luck, first of all. When you consider the concept of luck, you may think of a four-leaf clover. Typically, when you find a four-leaf clover, you’re under the assumption that you’re going to be lucky.

However, for you to know you’re going to be lucky upon finding a four-leaf clover, you actually have to know what a four-leaf clover looks like! Sports bettors, too, must know their luck when it comes to them.

It can be argued that man’s instinct to gamble is the only reason he is not still a monkey up in the trees.” — Mario Puzo

Let’s face it: gambling is the American way. It’s the essence of freedom. Talking about evolution and such, you’d imagine that a monkey wouldn’t have an urge to gamble away his or her bananas for anything.

It’s about survival in the wilderness. Evolution has taken us out of the wilderness and into progress and prosperity, all thanks to gambling.

Depend on the rabbit’s foot if you will, but remember it didn’t work for the rabbit.” — R. E. Shay

Lucky charms are funny. Really, they are (unless they’re the cereal variety; then they’re just nutritious). Don’t laugh when you see a fellow sports bettor rubbing his little rabbit’s foot for a little luck, because maybe it works for him!

However, if you’re betting on the same team and that team wins, know that you did it all without a rabbit’s foot. And, technically, your team did it all without a rabbit’s foot. Still, some people swear by their lucky charms.

I hope to break even this week. I need the money.” — Veteran Vegas Gambler

Seriously, this quote came from a real gambler, and it deserves to be last on this loving list of sports betting wisdom. Of all conundrums, all paradoxical statements of eloquent rhetoric and philosophy, nothing can beat this remarkable piece of Cartesian knowledge! Think about it.

This gambler hopes to break even on his week of gambling. Why? Because he needs the money. So then you ask the question, why not keep his money, then? That would defeat the purpose of using money to gamble, because he might come out richer than he already is. But he shouldn’t hope to break even; he should hope to hit the jackpot, right? But maybe that’s too high a hope.

The Pure Wisdom of Sports Betting

Sports betting can be wacky, like some of the quotes just mentioned. The stakes are high, and the pressure can make people say weird things. But when it comes down to it, sports betting is fun! Nothing can replace that feeling of winning your bet. Like a bet, you should think clearly before placing your quotes.

Gambling Law In The US: What’s Next?

Every state has its unique traits and qualities that citizens like to discuss, bantering about who lives in the greatest piece of the nation. Want to add state-specific trivia to your tableau of tidbits? Find out which state is the best for online sports betting, which is a liberal abode for bettors, and which states are a bad bet for any gamer. From trivia concerning the number of poker players online in the US, to the percentage of men who favor gaming in Atlantic City, you can gather an odd assortment of facts from the infographic below.

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Gambling Law In The US: What's Next?

Monday kicks off a new week of betting on sports at Betonline.com sportsbook

After an exciting (if not heartbreaking) conclusion to the Indianapolis 500 saw Dan Wheldon take advantage of a rookie mistake by J.R. Hildebrand on the last turn to win the centennial of the grand old race at the Brickyard, we build on another great weekend full of online sports betting options, and look ahead to some great games in store for today in Major League Baseball, as well as future wagers for the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals set to begin on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. For our venture into the stack of wagers available for today, we’re visiting one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at the Betonline Sportsbook (read the review of Betonline Sportsbook) which features easy options for betting on any type of game available, as well as a very clean and navigable website on which to wager any day of the week. With a Memorial Day in the U.S. making for a great day off for those state-side, it’s a great opportunity to get out to the ballpark, with an unusual full day of Major League Baseball set up for all those to enjoy. For fans of online sportsbook betting in particular, with the U.S. on holiday providing plenty of great wagers for betting on sports, head on down to the Bookmaker Sportsbook and check out the betting lines on the day.

As the NBA Finals get underway tomorrow, we can’t help but take a quick sneak-peak at the betting lines for Game 1 of the Final series between the Dallas Mavericks and the Miami Heat, with the first 2 games hosted in South Florida. Betonline Sportsbook draws a favorite for the Miami Heat on home court in Game 1, with a -4 1/2 point advantage on the spread, and the over/under at 188 points. No doubt this NBA Finals will be a great cap of another fine season of Pro Basketball, highlighted with a clash between the shining stars of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh against the less-flashy, but more team-oriented combination led by Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion and Jason Kidd. While Dallas certainly has shown more depth throughout the NBA Playoffs, the Miami Heat have been able to rely on their Big Three consistently, and if that trend can hold, Miami looks primed to jump out to a quick start against the Mavs in this series. One very important fact however lies in the fact that Dallas has won the last 14 regular season meetings between the two teams. The other 4 teams that came into the NBA Finals with a season record of at least 5 straight wins against their opponent all went on the lift the trophy at the end of the series. While the Heat would certainly be a team to overcome this statistical obstacle, it also points to the outright necessity of Miami to grab Game 1 tomorrow night, as certainly they are well aware of what awaits should they fail to show up to start the series.

With another day left to wager on the first game of the NBA Finals, we’ll be moving to Major League Baseball today, as there is plenty of action to get excited about for betting on sports, including a number of series just beginning at the start of the week, taking place on today’s Memorial Day Holiday. One of the teams we’re following right now is the Arizona Diamondbacks, who head home for a series with the Florida Marlins and seek out their 7th victory in a row, and 12 of their last 13. With plenty of confidence in the starting rotation as the Dbacks bats have been on fire, Arizona could continue their recent hot streak today as they face Chris Volstad, undoubtedly the weakest link in the Florida rotation (2-3, 5.40 ERA). In a pitching match-up that should make for a solid game today, the Boston Red Sox and Jon Lester try to keep their hot hand going, as Lester looks for his 7th victory in a row after starting 0-2, and will face Jake Peavy, who continues to regain strength after coming off a prolonged shoulder surgery-induced absence. Check out the Toronto Blue Jays at home for another series as they bring in the Cleveland Indians, with the heavy bats of the Jays led by Jose Bautista likely to rain runs once more against Fausto Carmona, who has given up at least 4 runs in his last 3 starts. After Toronto’s 13-4 bashing of the White Sox yesterday, Cleveland’s hot start may find a cooling off starting this week with the Blue Jays seeking their 4th straight win at home. Further solid match-ups for online sports betting on the MLB include the New York Yankees vs. Oakland A’s in what should be a tight series with low scoring, Philadelphia vs. Washington with the Phillies top starters (Roy Halladay vs. Livan Hernandez today) hitting the mound for the series, and the Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays in a rematch of last year’s AL Championship Series. Enjoy all the betting action available in baseball this afternoon, and as always good luck when wagering at the best sports betting websites reviewed right here!

Aaron G.

100th Indianapolis 500, plenty of Major League Baseball for online sportsbook bets

As we wait out the weekend for the beginning of the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals set to start on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively, this Sunday happens to be a bit more subdued for betting on sports, as in one of the first times over the past month there aren’t any playoff games available for online sportsbook bets! Fear not however, as while there aren’t any games being played in the NHL Stanley Cup Finals or the NBA Finals, there is the running of the fabled Indianapolis 500 on its 100th birthday, as well as America’s pastime, Major League Baseball, which features plenty of options for betting on sports at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. For our wagers on the available sporting events today, we’re traveling to the Sportsbetting sportsbook (read the review of Sportsbetting.com) for our fill of sportsbook betting and online poker for Sunday afternoon, as Sportsbetting.com is one of the nicest, easiest to use and navigate sports betting sites available on the internet. With easy options for betting on sports, cards, whatever your game happens to be, check out the Sportsbetting.com sportsbook today and find out why it gets a coveted spot as one of the best sports betting websites we’ve reviewed and tested over the past 5 years.

With the 16 games in Major League Baseball today comes plenty of exciting opportunities for getting into the online sports betting action today, as a number of exciting series close out with the final games being played this afternoon. Key match-ups to keep an eye out for at the top sportsbook at Sportsbetting.com include the finale in the New York Yankees vs. Seattle Mariners series, with the Mariners looking to complete a sweep of the Yanks for the first time since 1996 (and will have to get past C.C. Sabathia to pull it off), Milwaukee vs. San Francisco with a solid starting pitching match-up pitting Yovanni Gallardo against Matt Cain, and the Boston Red Sox clashing with the Detroit Tigers in a double header this afternoon and evening. In the East, Jonathon Niese of the New York Mets looks to stop a home sweep at the hands of the Philadelphia Phillies, and stands a good chance of doing so against the young, inexperienced Vance Worley. In Houston today, the Arizona Diamondbacks look to continue their climb towards first place in the NL West, and simultaneously sweep the Astros, while maintaining their position as the hottest team in baseball at the moment. With a win today behind the strong arm of Josh Collmenter, who has excelled coming from the bullpen to the starting rotation, the Dbacks could finish out the weekend 6-1 on their current road trip and 12-1 since May 17th. With two solid starters in today’s match-up we’ll shoot for a wager on the under total runs, as both Collmenter and Houston starter J.A. Happ have each given up a total of 5 runs or less in their last three starts.

For continued sports betting action on Major League Baseball today, we’ll head north to Canada for the conclusion of the Toronto vs. Chicago White Sox series, with the unlucky and still struggling John Danks trying for his first win in 8 decisions, while Toronto ace Ricky Romero tries to continue his recent dominance, going 7 + innings and allowing no more than one earned run per game in his last 3 starts. Sticking with the American League match-ups, a great showdown between Tampa Bay and Cleveland gets underway this afternoon with Jeremy Hellickson battling Justin Masterson, with both starters hovering just above a 3.00 ERA. In Anaheim today Dan Haren of the Los Angeles Angels faces Carl Pavano, who has traditionally not fared well in West Coast visits against the Angels, Oakland tries to sweep Baltimore by getting past Zach Britton, and to round out the Tigers vs. Red Sox double header, we have a great showdown between Josh Beckett and Justin Verlander. Before the day is over though, check out options for wagering on the Indy 500, peruse some of the exciting games available at the Sportsbetting.com Casino and Poker rooms, and enjoy what will hopefully be an extended weekend for you. With even more great options available around the MLB today, it’s a great opportunity to watch a couple of great games, throw down a few wagers, and kick back for some baseball fun on Sunday. Thanks for stopping by Casinoreview.org today, where you can always find a bevy of the best online sports betting sites found anywhere!

Aaron G.

NBA, NHL Finals set, Baseball bets, UEFA Champions League Final highlight sports betting

What a fantastic Saturday it is for sports fans eager to place some wagers on the most exciting sports action available online at the best online sports betting sites on the web! With Saturday hosting plenty of action in Major League Baseball, as well as the finale of the 2010-11 UEFA Champions League from Wembley Stadium, now is a great time to set your sights on your favorite types of wagers for the day, by heading down to one of the best sportsbooks reviewed here, such as the one we’re visiting today at the Bodog Sportsbook (read the review of Bodog Sportsbook). For betting on sports today, it’s all about the showdown in London between Manchester United and Barcelona, as the two best teams in the world square off to decide who is #1 this season, and put themselves into the record books by securing a double (both winning the top flight in their respective countries, plus the European title today) on the final day of play for both squads. It’s the biggest stars in today’s game coming out to shine with Wayne Rooney for the Red Devils of Manchester vs. Lionel Messi for Barcelona, arguably two of the best players in the game right now (and in Messi’s case, arguably one of the best players to ever play the game), and regardless of whether you’re a fan of European football or not, this spectacle is not to be missed, and will likely draw the biggest viewership of any final game in any sport in the world. Head to Bodog Sportsbook today and find Barcelona as the favorite to win today at -110, with Manchester Utd at +290 on the Money Line and looking awfully attractive for an upset option as they play in their home country. No doubt Barcelona has the edge in overall talent, but if there is any team in the world that can stop Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, David Villa and all the Barca greats, it’s the defensive side led by Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand. Either way this one falls, get set for a great match getting underway, and a great finale to the biggest sports competition in all the world!

With both the NBA and the NHL finals solidified now after the Boston Bruins secured their first trip back to the Stanley Cup Finals in 21 years with a 1-0 victory at home over the Tampa Bay Lightning, we turn our sights to more sports betting options today on the diamond, with plenty of Major League Baseball in action. In Major League Baseball bets at Bodog Sportsbook today, definitely make sure to check out the betting lines for the 15 games featured, including plenty of stand-out match-ups worth placing wagers on. In a solid pitching match-up in the American League today, the New York Yankees try to even the series with the Seattle Mariners as Ivan Nova battles King Felix Hernandez, with another low-scoring affair likely at the pitcher-friendly Safeco Field in Seattle. Look for another solid pitching duel in Milwaukee this afternoon as Jonathan Sanchez hits the mound for the San Francisco Giants, and the veteran Randy Wolf gets the nod for the home-team Brewers. Milwaukee has shown great poise at home, with a 19-7 record at Miller Park thus far, with the only crutch in their otherwise potent pitching staff being their bullpen’s ability to shut down and finish out close games. After losing 5-4 last night on a grand slam for Brandon Crawford in his first Major League game, Milwaukee will try to avoid their sixth straight loss at home to the Giants. Chances are strong they’ll be able to bounce back with a win today, as they haven’t dropped two games at home in over a month.

Continuing down the lines of favorable games in Major League Baseball worth a wager or two at the best online sports betting site at Bodog today, look to action in the National League to include the Cincinnati Reds and the Atlanta Braves squaring off with Derek Lowe looking to shut down Bronson Arroyo for the Reds, who continues to struggle and give up plenty of runs on the road. Cole Hamels for the Philadelphia Phillies gets a favorable draw against Mike Pelfrey in statistical terms, however at home Pelfrey has shown good form, thus making this match-up a likely candidate for a wager on the under total runs. Staff ace Jaime Garcia for the St. Louis Cardinals looks to continue the Colorado Rockies’ woes, facing called-up starter Juan Nicasio, who fills in for the injured Jorge De La Rosa. With the new starter showing a 100-mph fastball, but scouted as having little in the bag as far as a secondary pitch, this is a great match-up for St. Louis to win, as once the lineup has seen this kid for a few at bats, they’ll likely find that while a triple digit fastball comes quickly, it also goes a heck of a lot farther when hit as well. Over in the American League, check out more top match-ups as the Tampa Bay Rays again battle the Cleveland Indians with James Shields for the Rays pitching in his best form we’ve ever seen, Clay Buchholz and the Boston Red Sox look to continue their hot streak against another call-up, Andrew Oliver for the Detroit Tigers tonight, and Jered Weaver seeks his 7th victory on the year as the Los Angeles Angels battle the lowly Minnesota Twins. Check out all this action and more today at Bodog Sportsbook, have a great weekend ahead with the Indy 500 running tomorrow, and enjoy the finale of the UEFA Champions League Final!

Aaron G.

NHL Conference Finals Game 7, Baseball on tap, Champions League Final ahead!

Once again, after a long week on the daily grind, it’s time for another fine weekend ahead for us sports fans as for Friday the NHL Conference Finals reach a conclusion with Game 7 tonight between the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning, Major League Baseball puts up 15 games for watching and wagering, and the exciting UEFA Champions League Final between Manchester United and Barcelona awaits on Saturday morning, with wagering options available right now! With an added sense of excitement for the three-day Memorial Weekend in the states, as well as for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 upcoming on Sunday, it’s a great time to check into one of the best online sports betting sites and start looking over all your sportsbook betting options for all competitions available over the weekend, and place your best wagers for the sporting action to come! Without getting too carried away with the biggest football match of the year on tap tomorrow at Wembley Stadium, as well as the historic Indy 500 ahead, check out today’s best betting lines at the featured sports betting website of the day at the Players Only sportsbook (read the review of Playersonly.com). Players Only features all the available games and sporting events to wager on today and through the weekend, along with a great online casino and poker room to keep you entertained no matter what type of betting you like to take part in. Check out this website today, and find out why it’s listed as one of the best online sports betting sites we’ve reviewed in the past 5 years.

First up for sportsbook bets today, we turn to the pivotal Game 7 in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals as the Boston Bruins host the Tampa Bay Lightning for the deciding showdown that will determine who meets the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals. While for the most part this series has featured scoring in droves, the scoring has been flip-flopping between high and low for the past 3 match-ups, and for tonight’s match-up it looks to be in line with a return to low scoring (Game 6 finished 5-4 in favor of the Lightning), as neither team will be willing to overextend their attack and leave themselves exposed on defense. Add in two veteran goaltenders between the pipes on both sides in Tim Thomas for the Bruins and Dwayne Roloson for the Lightning, who both know the importance of every shot put on goal tonight, and you’ve got the making for one exciting, low-scoring evening of NHL Hockey ahead. We’ll side our wagers today on the home-ice Bruins, who will no doubt have a raucous crowd behind them, but also have the better defensive side behind captain Zdeno Chara and Dennis Siedenberg who will look to contain the likes of Steven Stamkos, Martin St. Louis and Vincent Lecavalier. Look for a possible OT showdown tonight with few goals on the line, but all-in-all expect this Game 7 to be one of the most exciting options for betting on sports today at Players Only Sportsbook.

Major League Baseball is also hot for Friday night, with 15 games being played across the U.S., and at Playersonly.com you can find great match-ups in both the National and American League for betting on sports as a number of new series get underway heading into the weekend. Highlighted games worth checking into today include the Boston Red Sox facing the Detroit Tigers again after handing the home team Tigers a 14-1 whooping yesterday, Tim Lincecum looks to get his San Francisco Giants back on track on the road against the Milwaukee Brewers after getting swept by the Florida Marlins at home, and a solid pitching match-up between David Price and Josh Tomlin gets underway as Tampa Bay hosts Cleveland today. In Colorado tonight, the Rockies and their ace starter Ubaldo Jimenez try to break out of a current rut, with Jimenez yet to win this year after 5 decisions, and the Rockies on a 3-game slide as they host Jake Westbrook and the Cardinals. With both pitchers sporting ERAs north of 5.00 so far, and with two heavy-hitting lineups at one of the most hitter friendly parks in the MLB, look for plenty of runs tonight to make this an exciting game to wager on. Of note as well tonight, Mike Leake returns for the Cincinnati Reds as they face Tommy Hanson and the Atlanta Braves and look to break out of a slump that has found them losing 8 of their last 9 games. Elsewhere the New York Yankees head to Seattle for a 3-game set with the improving Mariners, Philadelphia battles the New York Mets, and Pittsburgh’s Kevin Correia looks for a league-tying best of 7 wins as the Pirates battle with the Chicago Cubs. Check out these games and more today at Playersonly.com, and look forward to another great weekend of betting on sports at the top online sportsbooks reviewed right here!

Aaron G.

NBA Conference Finals, Major League Baseball bets at the top sports betting site, Sportsbook.com

With the NHL Conference Finals on hiatus for one more day as we await the definitive Game 7 showdown between the Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning, sports fans can turn their online sports betting attention to the Western Conference Finals Game 5, as the Miami Heat look to finish what they set out to do at the beginning of the season; take the Big Three of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to the NBA Finals. They’ll of course have to do it by beating Chicago for the 3rd straight time, at the United Center in Chicago, but with all the momentum on the Heat’s side, and the Bulls recent inability to finish games in the late stages, Miami starts to look better and better as the team that can accomplish a close-out victory on the road tonight. Either way you wager tonight, make sure to get a bet placed at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here, as once this series is over, there’s only a maximum of 7 NBA games to wager on left this season! Concurrently with this springs’ playoffs winding down towards the end of what has been a pair of great sports seasons in both the NBA and NHL, sports fans will have to become more accustomed to seeing just Major League Baseball on tap for betting on sports regularly. As such if you haven’t spent too much time focusing on the MLB, now’s a great time to get into the game as most teams have established their playing styles for the year in order to help you pick winners day in and day out at one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. Speaking of one of the best sportsbooks, for today we’re taking wagers with the Sportsbook.com sportsbook (read the review of Sportsbook.com) which as always features all the great sports betting choices each and every day, and does it with a great website, great customer support, and plenty of bonus opportunities for piling up more cash towards some future wagering.

With Chicago hosting Miami at home tonight, it’s clear what the go-to wagering option will be for Thursday, and what’s at stake for the eventual winner of the contest this evening. If Chicago wins at home, they’ll have to win another 2 straight games, starting back in Miami for Game 6, which no doubt would be a tough task in and of itself. In order to come out victorious today, Chicago will have to get leadership from its MVP, Derrick Rose. While all 3 parts of the Big Three from Miami have played critical roles in this series (including the Heat bench, which most predicted would be non-existent), the Bulls have really be unable to string together solid performances at the same time, aside from their Game 1 victory at home. Also, the Miami defense has shown itself to be much stronger than anyone could have expected, holding Chicago to a frustrating 84 points per game (including Game 4’s overtime total). No doubt that everything in this series can basically go out the window tonight stats-wise, as both teams know the implications of winning this game, however the one constant that looks to remain is that defensive side of the game. Expect the pace to be slowed down as Chicago tries to keep Miami from controlling the pace of the game, and look for a tight finish that favors Miami to finish out with a clutch win. While I root for Chicago (with no real stake in either team) to extend the series and the exciting NBA playoffs by at least one more game, we’ll look to nabbing a wager on the underside of the total points posted at Sportsbook.com, and prepare for a fantastic Game 5 tonight.

For Major League Baseball this Thursday, look for a slightly reduced offering of just 8 games across the league to broaden the horizons for online sports betting, with a number of interesting team trends to follow heading into the weekend. Perhaps one of the most exciting teams this week, the Boston Red Sox, head into a match-up with Max Scherzer and the Detroit Tigers, looking to continue their high-scoring ways after dismantling Cleveland 14-2 yesterday. Boston has surged to the top of the AL East after a dismal start to the season, using their newly acquired offensive weapon, Adrian Gonzalez as the key, the bats lead the way to a series victory over Cleveland, as well as going 8-2 in their last 10 games, making them incredibly scary for any starting pitcher unlucky enough to face them. In another solid series today that reaches its finale, the San Francisco Giants and Florida Marlins battle, with the Giants trying to avoid a home sweep, after losing their All-Star catcher Buster Posey with a broken ankle on a crash-bang play at home plate with the Marlins’ Scott Cousins last night. Expect a low-scoring battle as solid pitching will likely dictate the outcome of the game, with two very hot pitchers on the mound as Annibal Sanchez faces Ryan Vogelsong tonight. Check out the match-up in Philadelphia as the Phillies host the Cincinnati Reds with Cliff Lee on the mound, with both teams getting very little rest coming off a 19-inning match-up last night that saw the winning pitcher for the Phillies come from 2nd Base to pitch for the first time in 9 years (Wilson Valdez), and both bullpens heavily depleted. Both Lee and the Reds’ Homer Bailey will look to go deep into the game to give some rest to their bullpens, however with the veteran Lee in action, our wagers have to fall on Philadelphia to nab a win at home tonight. Look for a couple other MLB match-ups worth wagering on at Sportsbook.com as the Chicago White Sox head to Toronto for a 4-game series starting today, Arizona tries to nab 3 of 4 from Colorado in the series finale today, and Baltimore looks for its 5th win in a row at home against Kansas City today. As always, good luck in your wagers at any one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed, thanks for dropping into Casinoreview.org, and we’ll catch you again soon for more online sports betting updates!

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Day games in Major League Baseball, Playoff action in NBA, NHL highlight sports betting

With the exciting, and even controversial conclusion of last nights’ NHL Conference Final that saw the Vancouver Canucks sneak a victory by the San Jose Sharks to move into the Stanley Cup Finals, today’s action in the NHL playoffs finds a similar set-up for the Boston Bruins, who tonight host Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals with a 3-2 advantage over the Tampa Bay Lightning. Without a doubt the run to this year’s Stanley Cup has been one of the best in recent memory, and with tonight’s match-up possibly cementing the showdown for Lord Stanley’s title if Boston is to win on the road, there’s no questioning that the first sports wagering chance on the day will feature Boston vs. Tampa Bay, arguably one of the most exciting match-ups on the sports docket today. For the featured top sports betting site of the day, we’re making the rounds to the Betonline Sportsbook (read the review of Betonline Sportsbook), featuring of course the NHL Conference Final contest, as well as another critical Game 5 in the Western Conference Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder. Add in a slew of great day games in Major League Baseball, and the action at the Betonline Sportsbook comes in droves. For you first timers, take a note of the 45% initial deposit bonus available at Betonline Sportsbook, by far one of the finest offers we’ve ever seen at any of the best online sportsbooks reviewed over the past 5 years.

Breaking down the potential wagers on the day, we’ll start with a peek at the betting lines for the two Conference Finals games in the NBA and NHL respectively. Unsurprisingly, the Money Line is tight for both teams, with Boston -105 and Tampa Bay -115 to win, and a +230 for a -1.5 goal spread for Tampa Bay, and -275 for covering 1.5 goals. Between the desperation of Tampa Bay on home ice and the desire for Boston to close out the series and get their players some rest before the Cup Finals, count on this game coming down to a one-goal difference, with a strong possibility of another overtime battle much like the one we witnessed last night. With Dwayne Roloson back in goal for the Lightning, and Tim Thomas showing the confidence that has likely earned him this year’s Vezina Trophy for the best goaltender in the league, it’s coming down to who has the better game in net, as plenty of offense will be put forward between the two teams. Since we love more games to wager on in a waning season of hockey, we’ll side with Tampa Bay to pick up the victory, prevailing 3-2. Only a few hours are left before the puck drops on another great game in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs, so make sure that your betting ticket features a shot at this great match-up tonight.

On to the Western Conference Finals match-up in the NBA, the Dallas Mavericks may have already done enough damage on Monday night to move forward and secure a NBA finals trip, handing the Oklahoma City Thunder a crushing come-from-behind loss in overtime after the Thunder fumbled away a 15 point lead with only 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Up 3-1 in the series, Dirk Nowitzki, Shawn Marion, Jason Terry and the fleet of scoring threats the Mavs have certainly look primed to advance to the Finals this season, building more and more confidence with each passing game. Whether or not the Thunder can win tonight holds little water for the series overall, as they’ll have to come back on the road to close out in Game 7 and win 3 straight games at this point, a feat that has only been accomplished 8 times in NBA history. As expected, Dallas gets the 6.5 point favorite at Betonline Sportsbook, and a massive -310 on the Money Line. Looking back to the way the Mavs put away the Lakers in Game 4 of the Semifinals, expect Dallas to attack with similar fervor, not giving an inch to Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook in particular, and awaiting a match-up which looks more and more likely to be the Miami Heat (up 3-1 in their series with the Bulls).

With a solid flock of baseball games on tap at Betonline.com today, many games have already gotten underway as the Boston Red Sox battle the Cleveland Indians currently, however find a few other great afternoon and evening game wagers on tap to take a look over. Exciting match-ups include the Oakland A’s vs. Los Angeles Angels as A’s ace Trevor Cahill faces Ervin Santana, and the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Colorado Rockies series features Ian Kennedy against Jason Hammel. Roy Halladay gets a solid opportunity to pick up a win at home as his Philadelphia Phillies host the struggling Cincinnati Reds and Travis Wood on the mound, and two surprisingly disappointing pitchers, Mat Latos and Chris Carpenter duel as San Diego hosts St. Louis. It’s another fine day for sports fans and those looking to cash in on a little online sports betting, so join us in a trip to Betonline.com today for these wagers and more, and until tomorrow we wish you the best of luck wagering on an exciting Wednesday of sports action.

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NHL, NBA playoffs highlight sportsbook betting, more exciting baseball on tap

It’s come down to crunch time for the first time in the NHL Conference Finals today, as tonight’s match-up between the Vancouver Canucks and the San Jose Sharks find the home team Canucks sitting on a 3-1 series lead with a chance to finally close out a series in Game 5, and gives online sports betting fans a great opportunity to jump into the playoff excitement with a wager or two for tonight’s contest at one of the top sports betting websites reviewed here! As we dive into today’s action, this game is certain to be on the top of the list for sportsbook bets, as whenever there is elimination potential in a given playoff series, it’s a possibility that we won’t be able to see any further games between the two teams in 7 game series action, and even fewer betting options will be available for this sport as we approach the eventual season end. Thus, we jump forward to the options on the Vancouver Canucks vs. San Jose Sharks game at the Oddsmaker sportsbook (read the review of Oddsmaker.com) today, hoping for a couple good wagers to go with the exciting contest that gets underway in just a few short hours from now. Oddsmaker Sportsbook puts the Vancouver Canucks at a -175 to win on the Money Line, with a +165 option on the spread for -1.5 goals. In a desperate game, should the Sharks be down a goal towards the end of the 3rd period, you can certainly see a good possibility of the Canucks winning by two, and after two consecutive Game 5 losses at home that could decide the series, Vancouver won’t make the same mistake a 3rd time, and will win tonight on another solid Roberto Luongo performance, and a fast-paced game for all the Canucks lines. We’ll shoot for another 4-2 final score, giving the Canucks their first Stanley Cup appearance since 1994.

For the second game for online sports betting today, the NBA Conference Finals focus turns once again to South Florida, as the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls play in a crucial Game 4 this evening, with the Heat gaining a 2-1 series lead after a solid 96-85 win at home over the weekend. Miami did well to show that it doesn’t always need a bench to win games, as the Big Three combined for 73 points and gave Chicago their first back-to-back losses since early February. With the likelihood that Chicago loses 3 in a row seeming very small, especially with their ability to turn to their defense to shutdown scoring and keep games tight until Derrick Rose can help close it out down the home stretch, we look to the +5 points for Chicago on the spread to be an enticing wager, as does the +175 to win. Derrick Rose simply has to be the MVP player he is to unite his squad tonight, however look out also for the match-up down low with Chris Bosh, who scored 34 points in Game 3, and Carlos Boozer to be pivotal for tonight’s match-up as well. No doubt either way this is going to be a great game, so head on down to the top sportsbook at Oddsmaker.com, and place your bets before the action gets underway!

For Major League Baseball bets on Tuesday, a full 16-game offering is once again available for online sports betting, including a featured game of the day between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays in AL East play as C.C. Sabathia duels with Ricky Romero tonight. With both teams battling in what will be a tight AL East race this year, each game counts and tonight’s pitchers will be well aware. Look for low scoring, and for the improving Toronto bats to finally get the better of C.C., who has won 5 straight against the Jays (Romero looks for his third in a row against the Yanks as well). Check out another key match-up in the Boston vs. Cleveland series, with Josh Beckett looking to bounce his Red Sox back from yesterday’s loss, and garner Boston’s first win this year at Cleveland, tonight against Fausto Carmona. Though Beckett has struggled in Cleveland, and comes in with some soreness after last week’s outing, we’ll hedge on Boston to avoid straight losses to the Tribe, as the Red Sox bats need to get it done against Carmona tonight. Check out another great AL pitching duel tonight as the Tampa Bay Rays and Detroit Tigers battle, with Wade Davis and Justin Verlander getting the nods for their respective teams, Jake Peavy tries to help his White Sox squad improve back towards .500, as they face the Texas Rangers who are happy to have their power back (both Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz homered in their first games back from the DL yesterday), and Dan Haren looks for his first win in over a month with a good chance against the powerless Oakland Athletics.

Rounding out the online sports betting for today, a couple more key betting choices pop out, including another good pitching duel between Jair Jurrjens and Charlie Morton as the Atlanta Braves face the Pittsburgh Pirates. Elsewhere the San Francisco Giants look to continue their hot streak at home, putting Matt Cain on the mound facing Ricky Nolasco and the Florida Marlins, and in Colorado the Rockies and Arizona Diamondbacks hold a double header with the home team trying to hold off the improving Dbacks, winners of 6 in a row. With great Major League Baseball bets all-around at the Oddsmaker sportsbook, dig into all the available action, get your wagers in order, and enjoy all the baseball, plus the two great Conference Finals games in store today!

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