Another great day of online sports betting at the top sportsbook,

It’s almost the weekend once again, and for those looking to catch a bit of sports betting excitement beforehand, what better way to try and earn some extra cash than with a trip to the top online sportsbook at Sportsbetting sportsbook (read the review of! For wagering action today, Major League Baseball serves up 9 games for wagering on with a lightened load as a number of teams change over series ahead of the weekend, and with all the options for various bets lined up at including the start of the 2011 Europa League campaign in soccer, I’m placing a few bets taking just about all the games in one wager or another. After winning a little extra cash over the last few days, I’m (for once it seems lately) playing on house money in my sports betting choices, which should make for some more risky and exciting bets on my behalf. For your sports betting tonight however, make sure to check into the sportsbook, and place your wagers on a number of exciting choices between the games in Europe on the pitch, and the action on the baseball diamond in the United States.

Starting off with the earlier action slated for the first games in Europa League competition, I’m excited that another sporting campaign begins over the summer, and while most soccer fans insist that the Europa League is simply a tournament for lesser teams and nothing to be worthwhile, with a reduced load of games for online sports betting consisting otherwise of just Major League Baseball, I’ll look for a few key wagers to take out in Europe today, just to add a bit of a change to the daily dose of baseball expected week in and week out throughout the summer months. There’s an exciting dose of 25 matches across Europe in qualifying competition, though with few notable teams in play, I’ll stick with just a couple wagers taking Fulham at Craven Cottage to handle NSI Runavik, as well as Croatian Cup Runners up Varteks, to prevail at home against the Andorran side, Lusitanos, who will be heavily overmatched here. As the tournament progresses through the qualifying rounds, lookout for more exciting play to come on the radar beginning in August, but expect plenty of lopsided match-ups to possibly equal some easy money when betting on sports at a top sportsbook online.

After a couple wagers on soccer, I’ll turn to the 9 games slated for Major League Baseball, with the hopes of catching most of the action with wagers at today. Of sports betting notes today, check out action in Detroit as the Tigers try to hold back the New York Mets’ recent power surge, with staff ace Justin Verlander getting the mound and seeking to avoid a series sweep. The great series between the Boston Red Sox and the Philadelphia Phillies concludes today, with the Phillies looking for a sweep behind Cole Hamels, though facing an uphill battle against Jon Lester. The New York Yankees can sweep another home series against the Milwaukee Brewers today, and with the Brewers struggling to find hardly any run production to counter the Yankees, and facing C.C. Sabathia, I’ll look to take the Yankees to cover the runs on the spread and sweep the Brew Crew out of town. Find a couple additional wagers worth a look as Wandy Rodriguez tries to end the Houston Astros 8-game home losing streak facing the Texas Rangers, St. Louis can sweep the Baltimore Orioles on the road as Jaime Garcia is a good bet to get past the faltering Brian Matusz, and we’ll look for power to prevail in Colorado as the Rockies host the Chicago White Sox. Stay tuned for more sports betting updates tomorrow, and from all of us here, thanks for checking out our website, where you can find the best online sportsbooks reviewed and frequently tested, to help make your decision on where to place your hard-earned money that much easier.

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Midweek sportsbook betting finds Major League Baseball front and center

As predicted and expected, last night’s 2011 College World Series ended with a victory for the South Carolina Gamecocks, sealing their repeat championship in a 5-2 victory over the Florida Gators and closing out another chapter in the available options for online sports betting enthusiasts. Though we lose another set of options for betting on sports at the top sportsbooks reviewed here, one can’t be too disappointed with the exciting Interleague action continuing in Major League Baseball, which always provides sports fans plenty of betting options throughout the long summer. Having just realized that I happen to have Friday off for the Fourth Of July holiday in the U.S., tomorrow is the end of the work week for me, and in my excitement for extra days off, I’ll seek out even more of the best available options for betting on sports, in the hopes that some winnings can cover the no doubt expensive weekend ahead filled with fireworks, barbeques and parties over an elongated weekend. Without a doubt, I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel somewhere amongst the emails, paperwork, deadlines, etc. and with an air of excitement surrounding myself and hopefully you too, today will certainly a great opportunity for betting on sports at the top sportsbooks featured here on our website in anticipation of making a little extra spending cash for the weekend. There is a whole host of betting chances spread out across MLB baseball, which has plenty of great match-ups in store for sports fans, and for today’s online sportsbook betting, I have ventured over to one of the best online sportsbooks we have reviewed on our site, and placed a few wagers on today’s MLB games at sportsbook (read the review of

There are plenty of great potential wagers to be had for Wednesday, and being the big fan of West Coast match-ups, nothing sounds better than taking out a couple of online bets, then relaxing while tuning in to tonight’s televised games in Southern California. As such, I’ll check into the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels both in play tonight, facing the Minnesota Twins and Washington Nationals respectively. After ending their six-game slide last night against the Dodgers, the Twins have a good chance of building a little streak with Scott Baker on the mound, facing Rubby De La Rosa. Down in Anaheim, the Angeles seek out a sweep of the Nationals, but will have to have a solid showing from Dan Haren against Jordan Zimmerman, who continues to impress and has led his team to 5 straight victories while lowering his ERA to 2.85 on the year. Surprisingly, the New York Mets have been on an offensive tear lately, racking up 36 runs in the past 3 games, and coming off a 14-3 win last night and getting to face unlucky Tiger pitcher Phil Coke (1-7, 4.32 ERA), you might want to spot a bet on the Mets to win again as their bats show no signs of stopping here. Check out the Yankees to continue their winning ways against the Brewers, who simply don’t seem to have any punch on the road, and certainly not enough to match the production of the Yankees (though Shawn Marcum should help to keep runs to a minimum), and also look for another exciting match-up as Boston and Philadelphia battle, in what continues to be great series between two predicted World Series teams.

If Wednesdays are one of those days for kicking back and watching some great baseball action, I suggest today is the day my friends, as no matter what your wagering options are, it’s pretty much guaranteed that betting on sports will offer a great supplement to the bit of freedom that the weekends offer us. Check out these games tonight, a total of 15 MLB games for you choosing, and pick out a couple of winning bets in our best online sports betting websites. With summertime officially here and baseball action happening all day every day, sports fans have plenty to choose from in their favorite online sports betting sites. I highly recommend checking all of the great online sports betting sites here, as day in and day out each one has exciting action on all games available, making baseball a great sport to wager on. We at hope that you have a great Wednesday night, with plenty of luck in your online wagers, and stay tuned for more sports betting updates each and every day!

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BetUS Sportsbook featured for top sports betting action on Tuesday

We’re quickly pushing through to the end of yet another month, and with the arrival of a new chapter in sportsbook betting comes the closure of another sports season, as tonight’s 2011 College World Series Game 2 between last year’s champion South Carolina and challenger Florida could come end in a repeat championship after the Gamecocks won last night’s match-up and could finish off the Gators tonight in the best of 3 finale. Therefore, for today’s action on the betting lines at one of the top online sportsbooks reviewed here, it’s down to business starting with the College World Series first and foremost, and between the ability of South Carolina to close out important games and stand strong in the face of adversity and also the ‘Cocks putting ace Michael Roth on the mound looking to close it all out, I’ll have to start the betting with a wager on a repeat championship for the Crimson and White, and a record 10-0 in an NCAA tournament. A simple trip over to the sportsbook (read the review of finds all the best betting lines you can expect from a top sports betting website, and with few frills or gimmicks, you can count on this website as a great place to put down your hard-earned cash, and take advantage of easy wagering on one of the cleanest, easiest-to-use sports betting websites on the market.

After an opening wager taking South Carolina to prevail in the CWS, I’ll turn to today’s full boat of action in Major League Baseball, as 16 games get back on tap with all teams in play during the final week of Interleague play this season (and a fun doubleheader between the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs from the historic Wrigley Field). Heading towards the All-Star break, a number of trends stick out, and good match-ups are all-around making for great opportunities for betting on sports and cashing in today and throughout the week. Top picks on the day include the first game in the Giants vs. Cubs series, as Ryan Vogelsong continues to be one of the hottest pitchers in baseball, looking to go 6-1 with a win this afternoon against Doug Davis. Sporting a 1.86 ERA coming in, and dominating Chicago in his last meeting against the Cubs (a 3-0 win on 6 innings of work), look for Vogelsong to continue his winning ways on the road today. I’ll choose to stay away from the second match-up with Barry Zito coming off the DL and no sure what to expect, but the opening match-up certainly is worthy of a wager towards the Giants today. Next up, find another great pitching match-up in Seattle as the Atlanta Braves continue their road series with the Mariners, and young ace Michael Pineda duels Tommy Hanson in what should be a low scoring affair favoring the Seattle side for victory in a bounce back from yesterday’s loss. Check out a great series in Philadelphia as the Phillies host the Boston Red Sox, and a marquee match-up on the day features Cliff Lee vs. Josh Beckett, certain to make any wager on this game exciting, if not slight unpredictable (aside perhaps from some expected low run production).

With a few more games being eyed for potential bets, look for an exciting series in Texas as the Rangers visit the Houston Astros (regardless if whether Houston is one of the worst teams in baseball, a Texas series will always be well contested), the New York Yankees continue their home stand against the Milwaukee Brewers, and the Los Angeles Angels seek to stay hot at home against the Washington Nationals. With so many key match-ups like this in store for sports fans, check out the Betus Sportsbook, or any of the other sportsbooks reviewed here on our site. Stay tuned tomorrow for more sports betting updates on the best available match-ups for wagering and watching, and from all of us, thanks for checking out our website!

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Monday rolls around with fresh action for MLB sportsbook betting

Meh to Mondays. If there’s nothing I like less, it’s sporting a two-day hangover, and heading back to work feeling like a groggy sloth. Yes, it could be said I’m feeling the effects of getting older, and can’t handle my booze like I used to…but at least I’ve got the benefit of some added cash won over Sunday in my online sports betting adventures from the couch, and have a number of potential wagers for Major League Baseball and the College World Series to look forward to despite a return to the daily grind. For this Monday, it’s once again all about baseball, with continued action in Major League Baseball featuring Interleague play, as 8 games throughout the day have made for some good wagering chances thus far. In addition, the 2011 College World Series opens the final series of another great tournament as two top teams battle for the title including last year’s champions the South Carolina Gamecocks versus a formidable contender in the Florida Gators. For today’s bets, a few parlay wagers look to be in order for Major League Baseball, adding to the wager certain to be placed on the first of the final 3 games in this year’s CWS, all taking place at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here on our website. It’s over to the Bodog sportsbook today for online sports betting (read the review of Bodog Sportsbook) where you can always find a great website, all the latest betting lines, and great stats and updates in the wide world of sports.

With Interleague play switching series to a fresh set of match-ups this week, plenty of research should be underway today before betting on baseball, as once again teams begin to face pitchers they haven’t seen before, and the addition or subtraction of the designated hitter always makes match-ups all the more interesting for picking the right wagers on the betting lines. With a half-filled selection of games on tap today as many squads travel to their next series match-up today, I’ll seek out a handful of the best betting options this evening, hoping to take advantage of some streaking teams that should prevail regardless of where they play, and what their lineups look like. First on the list is the Atlanta Braves, who get a hot young pitcher in Brandon Beachy back from the DL, as the Braves head to Seattle to meet the Mariners for a three-game series. Expect a great opening match-up as Erik Bedard greets the Braves, with Atlanta looking to rebound after losing 2 of 3 at San Diego over the weekend. Speaking of San Diego, look for the Padres to have a bit of confidence at home against Kansas City today, with Mat Latos vs. Jeff Francis in a favorable draw for the home team. Down in Anaheim today, the Los Angeles Angels will host the Washington Nationals in a battle of .500 teams, with a good match-up between John Lannan and Ervin Santana, and I’ll spot a wager on the home team to prevail as Washington is likely to fall back into road struggles eventually after nabbing 2 of 3 at Chicago on the weekend.

These are just a few of the great games still on for online sports betting action today, but you can find even more including the Tampa Bay Rays vs. Cincinnati Reds series beginning in Florida today, as well as the Cleveland Indians vs. Arizona Diamondbacks and the Detroit Tigers vs. the Toronto Blue Jays. Make sure to put a wager in for the College World series final round starting today between two great teams in a best of three format, as the Florida Gators vs. South Carolina Gamecocks is certain to make for an exciting finish. No matter what time or what day, there is always some great online action to be had at a number of top online sportsbooks reviewed here, so check out today’s games, and all the betting available in the days to come, as you won’t want to miss out on all the great sports action throughout the week!

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Sportsbook betting continues to follow Major League Baseball Interleague Play

Well I certainly can’t say that while waking up this morning to the timely beating of a constant headache, the dry mouth and the puffy eyes, that last night’s escapade to the bars may have carried on a bit too long, and I’ll be paying for that for the rest of the day. Nonetheless, with a nice easy Sunday ahead, the confines of the living room couch will be just what the doctor ordered (perhaps with a nice, greasy breakfast, provided I can manage cooking in this state), and with a full plate of Sunday afternoon baseball, there’s plenty of opportunity for being productive at the best online sportsbooks reviewed here without to do much more than to get off the couch for restroom breaks every so often. Yeah, THAT hungover. For you sports fans, and baseball enthusiasts in particular, with Monday fast approaching there is still one more solid day of online sports betting to be had while getting to enjoy the games being played throughout the day, and you can always count on the MLB to deliver plenty of solid options for sportsbook betting fans on Sunday. Check out the top sports betting action of the day with 15 games scheduled in Major League Baseball’s continuing run of Interleague play, as well as soccer action across the pond as the Under-21 Championship resumes with solid action between Spain and Switzerland, as well as Belarus and the Czech Republic, not to mention Major League Soccer action with a full plate of top teams in play across the U.S. Take a venture to today’s featured top online sportsbook at Oddsmaker sportsbook (read the review of, and find all available wagers today and more to give an exciting end to another great weekend of online sportsbook betting.

Checking across the betting lines for Major League Baseball this afternoon, plenty of great contests once again take place for the online sports betting enthusiast with interleague play always providing great fanfare and rare match-ups. Current series begin wrapping up on Sunday with a number of great match-ups to pick for online sports betting, and we’ll take a look at the top options featured on the day to find some hopefully profitable picks at the Oddsmaker Sportsbook. Look for a good pitching match-up in Chicago today as the White Sox and Washington Nationals meet, and Phillip Humber duels with Livan Hernandez. Texas looks to bounce back after yesterday’s 14-5 slaughtering at the hands of the New York Mets, with Derek Holland trying to overcome the Mets’ top performer Dillon Gee (8-1 on the season) as the Mets shoot for .500 on the year with a victory. On the flipside of the New York card the Yankees try to continue their recent home dominance behind the league’s top rated run producing offense, and shoot for winning another home series against the visiting Rockies in what again should be a solid opportunity for choosing the over bet on total runs with two productive batting lineups in action. Down in Los Angeles in the Freeway Series, the Dodgers will try to avoid an embarrassing home sweep at the hands of the Angels, but with Clayton Kershaw getting the call as the ace in the rotation against the Angels top man in Jered Weaver, low scoring should be called for, and I’ll back the Dodgers to squeak out a victory to save a little face over the weekend.

With so many up and coming Major League Baseball contests ahead, there are always great games and great online sports betting options to get behind from day to day, and the top sportsbook at is a great place to continue wagering on baseball, or start off your sportsbook betting experience for the first time . Check out some great pitching, powerful offensive production, and all the other things that making betting on baseball such a fun and exciting experience, especially with a week remaining of interleague play heading into the All-Star break to come. Enjoy the final moments of the weekend, check out the top sports betting website at Oddsmaker today, and as always, we wish you the best of luck when wagering at the best sportsbooks reviewed on our site!

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Weekend sports betting action featuring Major League Baseball, CONCACAF Gold Cup Final

Saturdays are great day for betting on sports without a doubt, as there’s seemingly plenty of time to venture down to one of the top sportsbook betting websites, place your wagers at your leisure throughout the afternoon, and relax as the sporting events on the day unfold at a gradual, yet constant pace. Today is certainly no exception to that rule, as there is a whole host of betting chances spread out across MLB baseball, which has plenty of great match-ups in store for sports fans, as well as an exciting finale for this year’s CONCACAF Gold Cup in soccer action as border mates USA and Mexico duel for the Cup Final today from the storied Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Therefore, for today’s online sportsbook betting, I have ventured over to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed amongst the stable of top sports betting options and placed a few wagers on today’s MLB games at sportsbook (read the review of More great interleague baseball continues today, with great opportunities for wagering on streaking teams and those with good pitching and hitting match-ups today, so make sure to peruse the betting lines at and find the best options for cashing in on today’s exciting MLB action!

As mentioned, there are plenty of great potential wagers to be had for Saturday afternoon, and being the big fan of West Coast contests, nothing sounds better on a Saturday than taking out a couple of online bets, then relaxing while switching back and forth in between games. Starting off the day with a look at the San Francisco Giants versus the Cleveland Indians, two of the top teams in their respective divisions across the AL/NL divide, a great match-up featuring Matt Cain vs. Justin Masterson should be well worth a wager on the under total runs, with the Giants 27th in run production, and the Indians having struggles of late in road series, especially to top teams. Check out more action in the first leg of the Freeway Series as the Los Angeles Dodgers host the Los Angeles Angels (Hiroki Kuroda vs. Tyler Chatwood, and a rare game with a home team at an away ballpark as the Seattle Mariners take on the Florida Marlins once again with the M’s fans getting to watch their pitchers take to bats as the Marlins have been booted out of their own stadium for the weekend series. In these three West Coast games today, expect to see good pitching performances with solid match-ups on the mound (aside from a favorable Mariners match-up as Jason Vargas takes on Chris Volstad, though take into account pitcher-friendly Safeco Field), and good opportunities for siding with the home teams.

Find a few more solid match-ups to look out for when betting on sports at, as the New York Yankees host the Colorado Rockies as the Yankees’ C.C. Sabathia seeks a league-leading 10 wins today, the Chicago White Sox host the surging Washington Nationals, and a great pitching duel takes place in Detroit with Justin Verlander against Josh Collmenter in a critical game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Detroit Tigers (with 1st place in their respective division to the winner, depending on the outcome of the San Francisco v. Cleveland game). With summertime officially here and baseball action happening all day every day, sports fans have plenty to choose from in their favorite online sports betting sites. I highly recommend checking all of the great online sports betting sites here, as day in and day out has exciting action, making baseball a great sport to wager on. We at hope that you have a great weekend, with plenty of luck in your online wagers, and stay tuned for more sports betting updates each and every day.

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Major League Baseball features new series for online sportsbook bets, CWS marches on

Another weekend has finally come around, and I’m happy to say that it’s Friday already, and all there is to do on the evening is kick back, relax and enjoy some of the sports action available in Major League Baseball play and the College World Series, and jump into the online betting options on tap at one of the best sportsbooks reviewed right here on our website. For Friday’s foray into the world of betting on sports, we’ll jump down to one of the best sportsbooks in the business, found at the Sportsbetting sportsbook (read the review of Not only from our staff, but from others around the sports betting community, we constantly hear positive input about this sports betting website’s quality service, easy-to-use interface, and great bonus opportunities for initial deposits and continued play. With Friday’s action easing Major League Baseball back into full rotation with 15 games scheduled after a day of transition with only 5 games, there’s no doubt I’ll be heading to pick up a number of MLB bets with new series on the horizon to add to the two great games scheduled in the College World Series with eliminations coming. Starting with the CWS wagers, Virginia seeks to hold on to their place in the CWS needing a win against last year’s champions South Carolina, while the Gamecocks seek a record 14th straight victory en route to a repeat performance from last season. In the second match-up Vanderbilt also looks to hold strong to avoid elimination, facing a tournament favorite in the Florida Gators, also sure to be worth checking out the lines at for a potential wager.

Heading to Major League Baseball betting options, check out the action as series change over and plenty of new match-ups dot the sports betting landscape at Key weekend series to keep an eye on include the Cleveland Indians at San Francisco Giants, the Washington Nationals looking to stay on their surge against the Chicago White Sox, an LA showdown featuring the Angels and Dodgers and a battle of the birds as the Toronto Blue Jays visit the St. Louis Cardinals. For specific wagering on today’s action, I’ll start out with my ace fantasy pitcher to lead way to another win for my team, and for my online sports betting account at, as Tampa Bay’s James Shields looks to remain the hottest pitcher in June coming off two complete games and facing the Houston Astros tonight. With the Milwaukee Brewers at home, the best home squad in baseball, bank on Randy Wolf racking up another win against the Minnesota Twins, as he’s not lost at Miller Park since May 11th. Check out another great pitching match-up in Pittsburgh as the unlucky Charlie Maholm (3-8, 3.29 ERA) faces the stalwart Jon Lester (9-3, 3.70 ERA) of the Boston Red Sox, which should feature some low run production between these two strong hurlers. I’ll also back King Felix Hernandez to get his Mariners back on track after a series sweep by the Washington Nationals, playing a rare National League series in Seattle against the Marlins (apparently U2 is more important than the Marlins, heh).

Looking into a couple final wagers on the sports betting docket for Friday, check out the series between the Colorado Rockies and the New York Yankess which gets under way with an interesting match-up featuring Ubaldo Jimenez and A.J. Burnett tonight, Matt Harrison and the Texas Rangers host Mike Pelfrey and the New York Mets, and the San Diego Padres look for a 3-game winning streak as they host the Atlanta Braves. Either which way it goes, online sports book betting is always a great option any day of the week, even if it’s on Friday night! Have a great weekend, and thanks for checking out the best online sports betting sites here at We’ll catch up with you tomorrow for more sports betting updates and more MLB baseball action.

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Light day for online sportsbook betting with CWS, MLB Baseball featured

Though it’s one of the lightest days on the sports schedule this year, and Major League Baseball perhaps has its slowest day of the season aside from the All-Star break festivities, for sports fans and those looking for a taste of today’s baseball action at the top sportsbooks reviewed here, there’s certainly a little something to whet your appetite as we prepare for another well-deserved weekend ahead. Since it’s such a quiet day in the sports world, we’ll do our best to get some action placed on every major competition going on today, as just 5 games are slated for MLB’s interleague play, 1 College World Series elimination game takes place, and one solid Major League Soccer match-up is on tap as well. Starting off with what has been the sideshow of excitement this week, we stick to opening wagers on the NCAA Baseball College World Series, which once again has had plenty of exciting nights even for sports fans who don’t traditionally follow College Baseball throughout the year. Up on tap today at the sportsbook (read the review of, one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here and one of the oldest sports betting websites in the business, we find the Virginia Cavaliers vs. the California Golden Bears in a potential knock-out game for the upstart Cal team. It’s a tough call to see Cal advancing past the harder-hitting, more well-rounded pitching of the Hoos, especially when facing undefeated senior Tyler Wilson on the mound today, who goes for a perfect 10-0 on the season. With that said, the first wager is a conservative straight-up pick taking UVa to close out Cal’s CWS dreams.

Moving on to online sports betting for Major League Baseball, with only 5 games on tap we’ll touch ’em all on the betting lines at today. Starting off with the lone game in regular league play, a solid series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the St. Louis Cardinals closes out this evening, with a veteran pitching match-up featuring Roy Oswalt vs. Chris Carpenter. The Phillies have grabbed the first two games of the series, and could make it a sweep tonight, however with both pitchers featured tonight having their fair share of run production against them, we’ll bank on a higher scoring affair to trip up the over wager on total runs as both teams try to nab the last game of the series, and one of these two pitchers may be likely to give up some crooked numbers tonight during their start. Next up, we find the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. the Kansas City Royals, with Arizona’s Dan Hudson seeking his 9th win and 6 straight while the Dbacks look to complete a sweep of the Royals. Against Felipe Paulino, who has had 5 straight no decisions since being acquired from Colorado and converted to a starter, Hudson’s chances definitely look good tonight. Check out further action as the streaking Washington Nationals try to complete a home sweep of the Seattle Mariners with a good pitching duel between Jason Marquis and Michael Pineda, and interestingly enough the Nationals are undefeated at home against the Mariners since 2005, and have won the last 8 straight games. Judging by the confidence of the home team tonight and the solid pitching, shoot for an under wager on tonight’s game, or pick Washington to prevail with lady luck on their side in this series.

Rounding out the Major League Baseball options for betting on sports today, the San Francisco Giants and Minnesota Twins complete their series today as Tim Lincecum tries to rebound from a couple of less-than-typical starts while Brian Duensing attempts to get a bit of good luck on his side against the former Cy Young winner. Lincecum surprisingly has the league’s worst ERA in the month of June (7.59), and judging on how good a pitcher he is, look out for an improved performance, as you can’t hold down talent like this forever! Lastly, we’ll look to the final game in Oakland between the A’s and the New York Mets, and with both sides lacking in power hitting and a solid pitching match-up, we’ll spot an under wager for the last bet of the day for baseball. Rounding out the complete sportsbook betting package for today, 1 MLS game takes place tonight between arguably two of the most popular teams in the league, the Seattle Sounders and the New York Red Bulls. If you haven’t checked out a Sounders game at Qwest Field in Seattle, you’re in for a treat on the national stage tonight, and make sure to check out the betting lines on this featured match of the night with a light sports betting load available. For these games today and into the future, check out all the great sportsbook reviews on our site to find your best online sportsbook that suits your betting fancy, and the great sports betting advice, stats, and updates found across the top sportsbooks on the internet. Cheers to a quick and easy Friday of work, and as always good luck placing bets online!

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College World Series elimination game, MLB bets center stage at Betonline Sportsbook

Today’s baseball-filled action across the best online sportsbooks finds sports fans with plenty of options as the 2011 College World Series continues play with an exciting elimination game, as well as even more action in Major League Baseball as the exciting interleague session continues forward with 16 games slated this afternoon and evening. Heading to one of our best online sports betting sites at Betonline Sportsbook (read the review of Betonline Sportsbook) , which has been represented on our website as a top sportsbook for many years, we’ll dig into today’s betting lines, starting with the exciting game taking place in Omaha, Nebraska today, between the North Carolina Tarheels and the Vanderbilt Commodores, the latter team looking to hold on to its first visit to the CWS in the team’s history. Betonline offers up just a money line wager for the game today, which is all I’m interested in anyways, considering how volatile the run scoring has been, and how unpredictable it can be to determine a run differential between two teams. After breaking just about even yesterday, taking California to upset the Texas A&M Aggies, but losing out on the South Carolina vs. Virginia game (USC impressively securing a 7-1 victory over one of this year’s best pitchers, Will Roberts), I’ll trudge forward in the rematch between UNC and Vandy, and side with the Commodores with senior Taylor Hill (5-1, 2.84 ERA) facing newcomer Greg Holt on the mound, making just his second start of the season.

For the next wagers on the day, we turn attention to interleague play in Major League Baseball, which continues to provide a boost of excitement for betting on sports. First up, we’re turning to a solid pitching match-up between Kevin Correia (8-6, 3.60 ERA) and Zach Britton (6-4, 3.10 ERA, as Pittsburgh and Baltimore face off in the final game of their 3-game stand at PNC Park. With the Pirates finally getting some offensive production in yesterday’s 9-3 win to stymie a 4-game losing streak, Kevin Correia will be praying for similar run support, as he’s seen just one run for his team in his last two outings. I think it’s time for Correia to get some support, and improve his struggling home record (1-4, 5.54 ERA), and there’s no time better to do it than when the Pirates sport their lucky throwback uniforms. I’ll take Pittsburgh at +107 on the money line for the first online sports wager of the day. Next up, check out the doubleheader in Cincinnati today as the Reds host the Yankees for Games 2 and 3 of their series, featuring Freddy Garcia (3-0, 2.57 ERA against the Reds) against Mike Leake (first start against the Yankees, but pitching very well as of late) in the first game, and Brian Gordon vs. Johnny Cueto in the second piece. Garcia gets my backing for the first game, with his record against the Reds, and in interleague play on the road (13-4, 3.01 ERA), taking the +116 on the money, and for the second match-up, I’ll go with under 9 runs at +100, banking on a strong Cueto performance to keep the overall scoring in check.

Moving into other options for betting on sports today, check out a solid pitching duel between Tampa Bay and Milwaukee as David Price duels with Shaun Marcum (who may or may not make or complete the start due to a previously strained hip flexor) , another potentially low scoring affair as the Minnesota Twins and San Francisco Giants clash (Nick Blackburn vs. Ryan Vogelsong), and a game with a likely high run total in Texas as the Houston Astros battle the Texas Rangers (Colby Lewis v. Brett Myers = runs, runs runs!). Find plenty of other great games to wager on including the lone intraleague game between the Phillies and Cardinals (Cliff Lee vs. Kyle Lohse, should be a great ESPN-featured game tonight), Atlanta vs. Toronto featuring a returning Brandon Beachy against Jo-Jo Reyes, and Florida vs. the Los Angeles Angels as the Marlins try to build on a win after the appointment of Jack McKeon to manager. Stay tuned for more online sports betting updates this week, enjoy wagers today and this evening at the best online sportsbook at, and from all of us here, thanks for checking out our website, where you can find reviews on a host of the best online sportsbooks available across the globe!

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College World Series, Major League Baseball take center stage for sportsbook bets

It’s been an exciting couple of days to kick off the 2011 College World Series, with a couple of underdogs added into the usual mix of the nation’s most stand-out baseball programs, and for Tuesday’s online sports betting docket more of the same excitement can be expected as elimination play continues and 3 games are available for betting on sports today. Featured for today is the Oddsmaker sportsbook (read the review of, one of the best online sports betting websites reviewed over the past 5 years, offering a clean, simple website with easy access to the day’s betting lines, quick and easy methods of depositing and withdrawing your cash, and solid bonus options to be had throughout your experience. Dropping in a few wagers on the College World Series today featuring Florida vs. Vanderbilt (already finished in early afternoon play) and South Carolina in the winner’s bracket and California vs. Texas A&M in an elimination game, the afternoon of sports betting kicks off with plenty of action from Omaha, Nebraska. Starting the wagering on the do-or-die elimination game, California is up against the wall for the 4th time this year, facing the Aggies’ best pitcher in Michael Wacha, and will look to chase him out of the game as soon as possible to reach the skeptical A&M bullpen, which was on the hook for the 23-9 trouncing at the hands of Florida. With so much on the line, we’ll expect hitting to come at a premium, making the under 8 total runs a worthwhile wager, and with Cal’s tenacity for surviving elimination games I’ll take them as a +160 underdog to move forward to the next round of play.

With the Florida vs. Vanderbilt game now complete and the Gators moving on while Vandy is pushed to the elimination column, the big game of the evening features two of the best teams in the nation in last year’s national champion South Carolina, against this year’s #1-ranked Virginia Cavaliers. South Carolina is a +135 underdog on the money line at Oddsmaker Sportsbook, though the two teams are perhaps the most well-matched and evenly-balanced teams in the tournament this year. Both have prior tournament experience, solid pitching, and quality hitting to make this a tough call on the betting lines today, however with today’s pick I’m backing UVa to chase USC’s sophomore starter Colby Holmes early, based on their superior batting (.307 on the season), as well betting on the Cav’s starter Will Roberts (11-1, 1.58 ERA) to shutdown the bats of the Gamecocks. No doubt this will be a great contest in the winner’s bracket of the College World Series, and one certainly worthy of some action at Oddsmaker Sportsbook today.

Moving along to options for top sportsbook betting on the Major League Baseball’s interleague session, plenty of excitement is in store for rare match-ups between the American and National League teams. Check out solid pitching match-ups in games like Seattle vs. Washington (Doug Fister vs. Livan Hernandez), San Francisco hosting Minnesota (Madison Bumgarner vs. Carl Pavano) and Tampa Bay vs. Milwaukee (Jeremy Hellickson vs. Zach Grienke), which all should make for prime opportunities for low-scoring ballgames in National League parks where the designated will not be used. Standouts on the betting lines at include taking Boston on even money to cover -1.5 runs against Mat Latos and the San Diego Padres, especially after watching the Red Sox absolutely demolish the Padres’ pitching staff in a 14-5 rout. Cincinnati will try to get it’s big bats off their shoulders with ace Johnny Cueto on the hill, facing Brian Gordon who makes his second career start. Between the Reds slumping at the plate and Cueto on the hill, this should be a prime opportunity to go under 9 total runs on even money. I also like home games favoring the Chicago White Sox when veteran Mark Buehrle has the mound, and look for his leadership (5-2, 2.78 ERA in last 8 starts) to bounce back against the Cubs and Matt Garza count on the Sox to get even in the city series tonight. With plenty of other great options for betting on sports at the top sportsbook at, check into all the day’s 15 MLB games, the College World Series offerings and more future wagers to make for an exciting day of wagering on Tuesday.

Aaron G.