Sportsbook betting continues to follow Major League Baseball Interleague Play

Well I certainly can’t say that while waking up this morning to the timely beating of a constant headache, the dry mouth and the puffy eyes, that last night’s escapade to the bars may have carried on a bit too long, and I’ll be paying for that for the rest of the day. Nonetheless, with a nice easy Sunday ahead, the confines of the living room couch will be just what the doctor ordered (perhaps with a nice, greasy breakfast, provided I can manage cooking in this state), and with a full plate of Sunday afternoon baseball, there’s plenty of opportunity for being productive at the best online sportsbooks reviewed here without to do much more than to get off the couch for restroom breaks every so often. Yeah, THAT hungover. For you sports fans, and baseball enthusiasts in particular, with Monday fast approaching there is still one more solid day of online sports betting to be had while getting to enjoy the games being played throughout the day, and you can always count on the MLB to deliver plenty of solid options for sportsbook betting fans on Sunday. Check out the top sports betting action of the day with 15 games scheduled in Major League Baseball’s continuing run of Interleague play, as well as soccer action across the pond as the Under-21 Championship resumes with solid action between Spain and Switzerland, as well as Belarus and the Czech Republic, not to mention Major League Soccer action with a full plate of top teams in play across the U.S. Take a venture to today’s featured top online sportsbook at Oddsmaker sportsbook (read the review of, and find all available wagers today and more to give an exciting end to another great weekend of online sportsbook betting.

Checking across the betting lines for Major League Baseball this afternoon, plenty of great contests once again take place for the online sports betting enthusiast with interleague play always providing great fanfare and rare match-ups. Current series begin wrapping up on Sunday with a number of great match-ups to pick for online sports betting, and we’ll take a look at the top options featured on the day to find some hopefully profitable picks at the Oddsmaker Sportsbook. Look for a good pitching match-up in Chicago today as the White Sox and Washington Nationals meet, and Phillip Humber duels with Livan Hernandez. Texas looks to bounce back after yesterday’s 14-5 slaughtering at the hands of the New York Mets, with Derek Holland trying to overcome the Mets’ top performer Dillon Gee (8-1 on the season) as the Mets shoot for .500 on the year with a victory. On the flipside of the New York card the Yankees try to continue their recent home dominance behind the league’s top rated run producing offense, and shoot for winning another home series against the visiting Rockies in what again should be a solid opportunity for choosing the over bet on total runs with two productive batting lineups in action. Down in Los Angeles in the Freeway Series, the Dodgers will try to avoid an embarrassing home sweep at the hands of the Angels, but with Clayton Kershaw getting the call as the ace in the rotation against the Angels top man in Jered Weaver, low scoring should be called for, and I’ll back the Dodgers to squeak out a victory to save a little face over the weekend.

With so many up and coming Major League Baseball contests ahead, there are always great games and great online sports betting options to get behind from day to day, and the top sportsbook at is a great place to continue wagering on baseball, or start off your sportsbook betting experience for the first time . Check out some great pitching, powerful offensive production, and all the other things that making betting on baseball such a fun and exciting experience, especially with a week remaining of interleague play heading into the All-Star break to come. Enjoy the final moments of the weekend, check out the top sports betting website at Oddsmaker today, and as always, we wish you the best of luck when wagering at the best sportsbooks reviewed on our site!

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