NCAA, NFL Football, Major League Baseball Scheduled for Top Sportsbook Betting

Without a doubt, the end of another work week comes with a great dose of excitement for sports and sports betting fans, and after a long, dreary spell at the office just knowing that there are NFL and NCAA Football games, as well as Major League Baseball contests in store for online sportsbook betting makes wrapping up today’s work requirements all the better! With the NFL season now just 6 days off from next Thursday’s official 2011-12 kick off, College Football getting prepared for the first big Saturday chalk full of games across the U.S., and with Major League Baseball building up steam towards the post-season, what better way to spend a little bit of time and money than by trying to cash in on some Friday sportsbook betting, in preparation for a slew of sportsbook betting options to come in the days ahead? For this Friday of sports bets in particular, it’s back to one of the staples of online sports betting here at the Sportsbook (read the review of, which features plenty of Major League Baseball on tap, College Football games for wagering on this evening, and even one last preseason NFL game featuring the Oakland Raiders at Seattle Seahawks. No doubt you’d be hard pressed to find a better online sportsbook to wager on than right here at, so take a look at this great sports betting website, and get into the action in minutes at one of the best in the business.

To start a day of online sportsbook betting on Friday, check out the options in Major League Baseball first, which as usual features a number of quality match-ups that are primed to net you a couple of wagering wins before the weekend. In particular, look for the New York Yankees to continue to duel with Boston for the AL East lead, as they head into a weekend home series with the Toronto Blue Jays and put up Ivan Nova for Game 1, who hasn’t been involved in a Yankees’ loss since June 3rd (10-0 in last 11 games). In a series with big connotations for both teams, the AL West-leading Texas Rangers head to face the Boston Red Sox for a 3-game series at Fenway Park, which should feature some batting fireworks, as well as some good pitching match-ups into the weekend. Check out another American League duel as the Detroit Tigers host the Chicago White Sox in an AL Central battle, which the White Sox badly needing to pick up wins in this series if they are to have any chance at catching Detroit for the AL Central pennant this season. Shifting gears to some interesting National League games, it’s do-or-die time for the San Francisco Giants to gain back ground against the NL West-leading Arizona Diamondbacks, and with the start of the 3-game series at AT&T park tonight, there’s no question this will be a fun game to watch and wager on today. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Braves continue their chase of the Philadelphia Phillies in the AL East as they host the Los Angeles Dodgers, while the Phillies try to take advantage of a good road match-up against the Marlins to stay firmly in control at the top of the NL.

Breaking into the surge of NCAA College Football set for Friday, plenty of good wagers are on the table, as the top teams in the nation take on the first round of upstart opponents, who try to take on the best in the league to boost their schools’ presence in College Football. Check out games including #14 TCU at Baylor (curious to see how TCU’s offense stands without QB Andy Dalton), and #17 Michigan State who hosts Youngstown State in what likely will be a major blowout at the Spartan’s home. With a weekend full of sports betting action like this, it’s a good time to get down to one of your favorite online sports betting sites, and get your wagers placed. Have a great weekend, and thanks as always for using the featured online sportsbooks and casinos for your online betting excitement!

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