NFL Regular Season opener, NCAA Football and MLB Baseball for Sportsbook Betting

It’s that time once again to crack into the NFL Football regular season, and needless to say every online sports betting fan should be jumping for joy today as the first game of the 2011-12 campaign starts it all off with a bang! Even as the Major League Baseball season quickly approaches the playoffs and each game down the home stretch is more exciting than the last, there is simply nothing quite like getting back into NFL Football action for betting on sports, as 16 games decide each team’s season, and every single one of those games is a must win situation for each team in the league. With the excitement and anticipation finally reaching a precipice as we edge closer towards kick off of the New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers game, I wait like any other faithful sports fan; online sportsbook bets placed, and slowly dragging out the work day before kick-off time tonight at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. Although having already placed a wager taking Green Bay to cover the 4.5 points spread at -110 odds at the TopBet Sportsbook (read the review of being as though this is the first game of the NFL season, just one more bet has to be squeezed in today, this time at the Bodog Sportsbook (read the review of Bodog Sportsbook). There’s a fair amount of difference on the betting lines at today, with the points spread at 5 in favor of Green Bay, and the Pack getting the money line at -225 (versus -210 at TopBet), however with Bodog giving an extra point and a half on the over/under, I’ll fire up one more wager taking the under bet, as yesterday’s prediction of a 27-20 game has me bound to back up my stance with some money on the line.

Turning over to Major League Baseball on Thursday night, it’s a little bit quiet on the evening with the NFL taking center stage on nationally televised coverage, however, there are a couple of contests worth checking into, as playoff implications still run high for a couple of teams in the league. The New York Yankees look to take advantage of the Baltimore Orioles and put some distance between them and Boston in the AL East race, as Ivan Nova seeks an impressive 12th straight victory in his last 13 outings. Boston meanwhile gets a handful with the Toronto Blue Jays and Ricky Romero, who looks to bounce back after his first loss in 7 outings. Meanwhile in the AL East, the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians both try to hang on to their pipe dreams of making the playoffs, as they open a critical 4-game series between each other today in Chicago. Over in the National League, catch a handful of potentially prosperous match-ups as the Milwaukee Brewers host the Philadelphia Phillies (Cole Hamels vs. Chris Narveson), Ian Kennedy (18-4, 2.96 ERA) and the Arizona Diamondbacks host the San Diego Padres, and the Dodgers and Nationals and Braves and Mets both play out double headers today worth a peek at.

Make sure to check out the NCAA College Football game of the night between #9 Oklahoma State and Arizona, as it’s sure to be a high-scoring, intense game between two offenses led by veteran QBs. In a rematch of last season’s Alamo Bowl, Nick Foles and Brandon Weeden should be both ready to continue their passing game-heavy offenses, which went for a combined 800 yards in Week 1 against their opponents, behind offenses that combined for 1,153 total yards in their opening week routs. Not surprisingly the over/under for this shootout stands at 67 points, and the Cowboys at home are 14 1/2 point favorites to win at -105 odds. Definitely make sure to add in a wager today on this fine NCAA Football match-up for Thursday night, and any way you wager today, check into the Bodog Sportsbook for the best action available, enjoy the start of the new NFL season, continued MLB Baseball action and more, and as always thanks for stopping by for reviews on the best online sports betting sites found on the internet.

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