Major League Baseball Playoff Races Top Sportsbook Betting on Tuesday

It’s a great day for online sportsbook betting, as this Tuesday cracks off with even more great opportunities for betting on sports for MLB baseball. Although Tuesday is not normally a favorite day for online sportsbook betting, as there is rarely much more than MLB baseball in action, I can’t help but get back on the saddle at Oddsmaker sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>)) and press on with the playoff-implicating games that are in store today, as there are a number of interesting match-ups, double headers and divisional series that should help to make today’s betting on sports just that much more exciting. Check out first today the double headers set for this afternoon and evening as the Philadelphia Phillies, who have already clinched the NL East and home field advantage in the playoffs, strive towards the century mark in wins and could get it with two consecutive victories at home today against the Washington Nationals. In the other double header taking place in the American League, while the fates of both the Chicago White Sox and the Cleveland Indians are doomed this season, there is still some saving face left to be done in the AL Central, so expect a solid set of games at Progressive Field in Cleveland today.

For today’s further run into online sportsbook betting, I’m swinging from the hip with a few gut check bets at’s Sportsbook, which is certainly one of the easiest, cleanest, and most rewarding online sportsbooks I’ve played on to date. With 11 more games in store for betting on sports for Major League Baseball after the double headers are looked over, check out a few key meaningful games to anchor your sportsbook betting chances on Tuesday, starting with the showdown between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. The Yankees sit 5 games ahead of Boston in the AL East division, and look secure to hold on to that spot the way the Red Sox have played down the stretch, so the focus is firmly on the Rays, who sit just 2 games out in the Wild Card chase and are on a tear to catch Boston before the season ends. Playing 7 of their last 10 contests against the Yankees, it’s do or die time for Tampa Bay, and it starts tonight with Wade Davis looking to beat Ivan Nova for his first loss since June 3rd (11-0 in 14 starts).

Catching other games on the docket for MLB betting at one of the best online sportsbooks here, the race in the NL West pennant is still alive and well after San Francisco secure its 8th win in a row to pull within 5.5 games of first place Arizona, and tonight the Giants have a pitching rematch from a few days ago as Tim Lincecum faces the Los Angeles Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw. Meanwhile, Arizona gets a favorable match-up against the Pittsburgh Pirates, as Daniel Hudson looks to stand firm at home against the Pirates Charlie Morton.  Also in the NL, with Atlanta’s loss last night, the St. Louis Cardinals are just 2.5 games out in the NL Wild Card chase, and play today at home against the New York Mets. They still even have a shot at the NL Central, now just 5.5 games back of the Milwaukee Brewers, so make sure to catch the action on the Braves, Brewers and Cardinals today for great sports betting options on playoff hopeful teams in the NL. Lastly, tune into the race in the AL West between the Texas Rangers and the Los Angeles Angels, as the Rangers sit 5 games up on the Angels and will play Oakland this evening while LA once again takes on the Toronto Blue Jays up north.

It hopefully will be another fortunate night for online sports betting, and hopefully you might just fare as well at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here at You can feel the excitement brewing for betting on sports as both the MLB playoffs are just around the corner, as well as more football games coming soon this weekend. Start getting your football know-how together using all the great sports betting advice, and statistical information offered on the featured websites found here, as there is plenty of money to be made this fall, by figuring out who will be tops this year in the NFL and NCAA football leagues!


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