Monday Night Football: AFC East Foes San Diego and Kansas City Clash at Arrowhead

The San Diego Chargers (4-2), despite sitting atop the AFC West this season, have yet to play their best football this season but will face a tough challenge tonight for Monday Night Football as they head to the unfriendly confines of Arrowhead Stadium to battle the resurgent Kansas City Chiefs (3-3). After being cast off early due to a string of 3 straight losses, the Chiefs have found new hope for their season by running off 3 victories in a row, including coming off their Week 6 bye with a crushing 28-0 defeat of division-rival Oakland in Week 7 action. Kansas City will now try to parlay their success and confidence into tonight’s game against the San Diego Chargers, who will look to recoup from a tough road loss at the New York Jets last week in which starting quarterback Phillip Rivers seemed more uncomfortable in the pocket than at any time in a Chargers uniform.

San Diego’s Phillip Rivers may perhaps be the biggest question for tonight’s game, with many sports analysts trying to pinpoint what has changed, or what is affecting the 3-time Pro Bowler. After throwing two late picks last week which directly contributed to the Jets’ 4th quarter 27-21 comeback win, Rivers now sits at a 7:9 touchdown to interception ratio for the season, and a QB rating that is 13 points under his career average (82.3 vs. 95.9). Throwing multiple INTs in 4 of the 6 games so far this year, the leader of the #8 offense in football has quickly gone from being the focal point of that offense to a hindrance in less than half a season, and tonight’s game against Kansas City will be extremely important for Rivers to find a groove once again with his potent offense, and keep the ball with the Chargers against a Chiefs defense that is keen to exploit errors (as noted by the 6 INTs generated last week against the QB-unsure Oakland Raiders). Bolstered by some of the most talented names in the business, including tight end Antonio Gates, WR Vincent Jackson and a one-two punch backfield consisting of Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert, there is no reason why San Diego shouldn’t be a clear favorite for this game up against a Chiefs D that ranks 24th against the run and 18th against the pass (18th overall), however with the inconsistent play of Rivers being at the forefront of weakness in the Chargers game, there’s no doubt that tonight’s Monday Night Football showdown will hinge on the success or struggles of Phillip Rivers.

The Kansas City Chiefs meanwhile really haven’t put on a great showing this season, despite building a solid 3-game winning streak. After dropping a close game to the Chargers back in Week 3 20-17, Kansas City has faced sub-par opponents, including the Minnesota Vikings (2-6), the winless and punch less Indianapolis Colts (0-8), and a solid Oakland team that had to deal with losing a starting quarterback and juggling the previously-retired Carson Palmer into the line-up with back-up QB Kyle Boller. Nonetheless, winning games does wonders for building confidence, and at home tonight we can all expect the Chiefs to be looking to even the season series with the Chargers by exploiting any weaknesses they possess. That starts with getting the K.C. defense going against Phillip Rivers, who has shown a rare streak of instability when pressured this season, and seems to have lost his calm, casual demeanor in the pocket. The Chiefs also must do better at protecting against the run, allowing 125.5 yards/game so far this season, including giving up 2 TDs to Ryan Mathews in Week 3, but as they’re also putting up 129.3 yards/game (including 145 yards/game during their win streak), however this aspect of the game may not be as critical for the Chiefs as protecting against the passing game, especially if Rivers decides to come out of his funk and have a break-out game on Monday Night.

Kansas City has been owned by the San Diego Chargers over the past years, losing 7 times out of 8, though interestingly enough the last victory for the Chiefs came in last season’s Monday Night match-up at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs perennially have played their best football at home, racking up an 8-2 record in their last 10 games there, and after showing that they have no trouble hanging with San Diego this season (as was evident in a 20-17 close road loss), tonight’s match-up could have the makings of a pivotal turning point in both teams’ seasons. With a victory, K.C. will move into the top spot in the AFC West, while at the same time putting the Chargers down for two straight losses ahead of a tough string of games against Green Bay, Oakland and Chicago. The Chiefs could theoretically rip off a string of six straight wins ahead, with games against the winless Miami Dolphins and the challenged Denver Broncos to come, thus making tonight’s game at home just that much more important to win. After those favorable games, the Chiefs likely face one of the toughest schedules for the remainder of the year, having to play at New England, Chicago and the New York Jets, and also bringing in Pittsburgh and Green Bay before divisional play closes the season with games against Oakland and Denver again. The time is certainly now for Kansas City, but the big questions for them remain whether or not quarterback Matt Cassel can step up and lead his Chiefs against a San Diego team looking to right its ship, and whether or not the Arrowhead faithful can help support a defense that is truly susceptible against one of the best offenses in the NFL.

Betting Lines for the San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs Sportsbook is our go-to online sports betting destination to kick off another Monday Night Football game, and checking out the lines at this top sportsbook finds a close game expected with the incoming Chargers just a slight favorite on the money line at -160 odds. Kansas City looks to be a good underdog pick at +140 odds at home, while the spread leans to give K.C. +3 points to work with at -110 odds while San Diego gives up 3 points at the same odds. The over/under for tonight’s MNF showdown sits at 44 1/2 points, which could be very easily tested given the weakness against the run for both teams as of late, as well as a good possibility of seeing a breakout from San Diego’s high-powered offense on the road.

Our Pick to Win:

While San Diego has the better all-around team by the numbers, and certainly has more talented names dotting their line-up, there’s something to be said for a scrappy team playing with home field advantage on a big national stage. If you want an example, just look to last week’s ho-hum Monday Night Football affair where the Jacksonville Jaguars frustrated the Baltimore Ravens in a 12-7 home win, despite being vastly overmatched by both the Ravens offense and defense. Of concern in this match-up however is whether or not Kansas City can hold back the tide of Phillip Rivers and his offensive assets, should the Chargers pick a Monday Night Football game to get their wheels churning again. Expecting the running game to be basically equal between the two teams, it really comes down to who makes the fewest mistakes, and which QB keeps the ball moving the best while commanding a full 4 quarter game. We’re reluctant to hedge a bet on Rivers coming back into form tonight, and thus we’ll shoot for a lower scoring game than expected to settle under the 44 point over/under mark at, but with so many ways to score for the Chargers, we’ll put our mark down on San Diego to win on the road at Kansas City tonight, 24-17.

Monday Night Football Closes out a Great October of Online Sports Betting

An exciting match-up for Monday Night Football is in store for NFL Football fans once again tonight, as the month of October comes to a close on this Halloween day, after one of the most exciting months of sports we’ve experienced all year long. After what was another great day of NHL Football on Sunday, the hangover isn’t quite finished as tonight sports fans are treated to an exciting AFC West showdown between the San Diego Chargers (4-2) and the improving Kansas City Chiefs (3-3) at the rowdy and loud Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. This game could have easily been a bust at the onset given the dismal 0-3 start the Chiefs put together at the beginning of the year, but now on the verge of their fourth straight win, including a chance to take the helm of the AFC West with a win over the division-leading Chargers, there’s plenty of excitement building up to this game, and all the better reasoning to put down your wagers on the game today at one of the top online sportsbooks reviewed here.

While San Diego has yet to really explode on offense the way many were expecting them to early in the season, there’s nothing like a game on a national stage to bring out the stars, and with offensive weapons like quarterback Phillip Rivers, wide out Vincent Jackson, and running back Ryan Mathews all in play tonight, there’s no question that we should be seeing some fireworks on the Chargers side of the ball, despite them playing in one of the most hostile environments in NFL Football. For the Chiefs, they’ll look to find a way to balance out their offense, 30th in passing behind Matt Cassel but 8th in the run led by the tandem of Jackie Battle and Dexter McCluster, and see if they can gain a quality win on the big Monday Night Football stage at home. For the first wager of the day, I’m headed to one of the best online sports betting sites at, and make sure to join me sometime today in doing the same, as WagerWeb Sportsbook is certain to impress with the easiest access to betting lines, great customer service, and a reputation for being a leader in the field of online sportsbooks today.

Though the NFL Monday Night Football game will dominate online sports betting to start the week, make sure to check out other great sportsbook betting opportunities taking place today in NHL Hockey, with a small dose of games as the season continues to blossom with plenty of exciting and surprising teams making their marks early. With three games available for betting on sports for NHL Hockey, there’s prime pickings for parlay wagers today, including two solid match-ups as the San Jose Sharks continue their ascension after a slow start and face the New York Rangers on the road today, and the Chicago Blackhawks host the Nashville Predators in what should be a very exciting and defensive match-up this evening. Add in a good home match-up for the much-improved Florida Panthers tonight against the Winnipeg Jets, and you’ve got a few good options for betting on sports on a relatively quiet end to the month of October. Make sure to head down to the best online sportsbook at today, where you can find these games and more to make a boring return to the work week just a little bit more exciting and enjoyable!


Educational Sports Betting Tip Clips from the Pros

Your neighbor, your best friend, your bartender, and your spouse all believe they know the most important factor that will undoubtedly decide the outcome of the next big game. And when you’re betting on sports, it’s hard not to fall under the influence of so many diverging opinions.

However, do you really want to trust your money to a group of people that really know nothing about sports, or sports betting? Of course not; you would rather hear what the pros of the game have to say. It turns out, many pros are more than happy to pass along their secrets. Below are a collection of clips from sports betting pros with their best tips to help you win big:

PRO: Rich Allen

Rich Allen, known as the Sports Betting Professor, offers an example of finding trends that consistently win over the course of a season. In this case, he discusses NBA basketball. Based on his statistics: bets on underdog NBA teams that are given 11 1/2-13 1/2 points were winning at a whopping 82% rate last season.

The tip is an excellent reminder that sports bettors need to pay attention to trends that develop throughout a season and to take advantage by betting accordingly.

PRO: Bob Akmens

If you’re betting from across the pond, then this is probably the clip for you. The tip from sports-betting pro Bob Akmens is simple: Soccer–football to the rest of the English-speaking world–is, by far, the best sport to wager your money on.

The reason? Soccer is played on every single continent in the world, except Antarctica, of course. That means, throughout the year, on any given day, there are matches being played somewhere in the world. This gives bettors hundreds to thousands of chances to choose a winner.

PRO(s): Mark Winstanley, James Willoughby, Tom Segal, Matt Williams, Dave Nevison, Andrew Barr, and Ben Hutton

This clip provides a comprehensive overview of major principles to consider when betting on horse racing, offered by myriad pros. There are the philosophical tips, such as trusting and standing by your instinct over the urgings of others and having the courage to put all your money down on the race’s big-price horse.

Other tips are more practical like disregarding trends, which are really unscientific; concentrating on what the horse can do and not the jockey or trainer; not betting the favorites; and always considering the conditions of the track. Best of all, you’ll learn that betting with a major hangover is never a good idea.

PRO: Hollis “Harvard” Barnhart

Most people don’t start betting on college basketball until March Madness arrives along with the customary office pools, but in this clip, pro Hollis “Harvard” Barnhart explains why you should start months sooner.

Barhart makes the case that in few sports is home-court advantage more important than in college basketball, especially in January when students return from break. This puts visitors at a major disadvantage, which means that you should bet on the favorites at home. Also, by January, teams have their lineups set, and the hoops pretenders have been weeded from the pack.

PRO: Robert, from

This sports betting tip clip comes from Robert in the land down under and is about betting on the sweet science: boxing. The fact is most bouts feature mismatches, with a heavy favorite. Thus, there is very little money to be won by betting the favorite since the odds are so poor.

Instead of betting on the winner, place bets from round to round to make money throughout the match. This betting style is perfect for matches featuring a big-time favorite where a knockout is likely. Just simply bet on which round it will take place. And if it doesn’t happen then, there is always the next round in which you can double up and win your money back.

PRO: Bettor University

Coming from a professor at Bettor University, this lecture is comprised of numerous tips to educate students eager to learn the finer points of betting on tennis. Tournaments dominate the world of tennis which means you have more elements to consider than just the players.

When reviewing the seedings, keep an eye on top players that have low seeds simply due to an injury or personal hiatus that’s kept them from playing and has moved them down in the rankings. Take into account the surface of the court as some players thrive on some surfaces better than others.

For example, Rafael Nadal has dominated clay courts in his career. When betting on head-to-head matches, research the past encounters between each player and pay close attention to the length of their previous matches; fatigue plays a major role in tournaments.


Sporting matches and competitions are full of many different factors that can greatly affect the outcome. They range from the location of the event to the contestant’s psyche to the weather–plenty of things to consider when sports betting. It’s up to the bettor to decide which factors hold the most weight and bet accordingly. But if they need help deciding, they should always seek the advice of the real sports betting pros.

Sunday Night Football: Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles

It’s a battle of underachievers for the 2011-12 season as the Dallas Cowboys (3-3) head to Lincoln Financial Field to face the Philadelphia Eagles (2-4) in a critical NFC East match-up. Although prior to the season the Eagles had been deemed a strong bet for the Super Bowl this year, based on free-agent talent brought in on both sides of the football and an outstanding set of offensive weaponry led by Michael Vick, head coach Andy Reid has now come under the microscope as to whether or not he should be replaced, and the Eagles face must-win games each week going forward in order to stay in the hunt for what will be a tightly contested NFC East playoff race. Though record-wise Dallas hasn’t been much better at 3-3 overall, their increasingly strong defense, ranked 7th in the league, combined with their 6th ranked offense tells a story that better things are to come, especially as quarterback Tony Romo continues to heal and rookie running back DeMarco Murray steps out of the convoluted shadows of the Cowboys backfield to take his spot in the bright lights. With Philadelphia coming into this match-up as the top rushing offense, 3rd in the league in total offense, but struggling against opponents’ rushing attacks this season, no doubt this battle of under-performing teams could end up being one of the most exciting games to watch tonight, and certainly is one of the best options for online sports betting today at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here.

Starting off with a look at the Dallas Cowboys, who have won the last 4 out of 5 meetings between these two teams, the focus will be on the aforementioned rookie running back DeMarco Murray, who has his way cleared to be the lead back after the high-ankle sprain of the otherwise ineffective Felix Jones, and the release of back-up Tashard Choice. Rushing for an incredible 253 yards last week, setting the franchise single-game rushing record (also 9th best in NFL history), Dallas will hopefully look to feature Murray in this match-up as well, as he stands against an exploitable weakness in the Eagles’ 23rd-ranked rush defense. Giving up 123.8 yards/game on the ground this year, Philadelphia no doubt is preparing for a more balanced attack from Dallas this week as they now finally appear to have a suitable option at running back, however overlooking Tony Romo and his bevy of options in the Cowboys’ passing game could prove just as troubling, with big receivers all around including Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and tight end Jason Witten. While the offense of Big D looks to be a stout contender against Philadelphia today, the Cowboys may actually be putting more focus on defense in this showdown, and specifically how to contain the scrambling Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy, who lead the 3rd-ranked Eagles offense in a critical home game. The pass rush is certainly key for head coach Jason Garrett to establish early, as Vick has been able to be held reasonably in check when flushed from the pocket, and controlling time-of-game while keeping Vick and his offensive weapons off the field as much as possible could net Dallas a road win in tonight’s featured NFL match-up.

The Eagles on the other hand look to be in a good position to pick up a win at home today, should history factor in to this contest. Coming off a bye week has been good for Philadelphia, which has a current 12-game winning streak after a week off, and getting the defense geared up for a potent Dallas offense with a new featured back, while giving rest to his top-3 offense could do wonders to help boost the confidence of a team that already has a four-game losing streak under its belt this season. Head Coach Andy Reid certainly has been good historically at making corrections and improvements with the extra time off, and more so than ever will he seek to prove that the Eagles require just minor tweaks and adjustments, rather than having to admit that he’s got a team that just simply can’t pull together 4 quarters of football despite being one of the most well-balanced teams in the league.

Keys for the Eagles today will be finding a way to keep a balanced rush-pass attack, as despite having the talented LeSean McCoy in the backfield helming the top rushing attack in the league (170 yards/game), Philadelphia will be facing a shut-down rush Dallas defense that ranks 1st in the league while allowing just 69.7 yards/game. Getting McCoy active early in both the rushing and passing game is essential for the Eagles today to keep Big D guessing, but despite the fact that McCoy has had a touchdown in every game this season, perhaps more importantly for Philadelphia in this contest will be finding ways to exploit Dallas where they wouldn’t otherwise expect it. For example, Dallas comes into this game ranking 31st against opposing tight ends, and while Philadelphia hasn’t put TE Brent Celek to very good use this season, they would do well taking advantage of a smaller group of linebackers by putting the ball in the hands of a receiver that typically doesn’t see a lot of looks from Michael Vick. Also important for Philly will be spreading the ball around to the host of wide-out threats, which includes RB LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, DeSean Jackson and Jason Avant. On the defensive side of the ball, the passing game simply has to be held in check by standouts Nnamdi Asomugha and Assante Samuel, so that the Eagles can focus on containing and shutting down Vick and McCoy in the backfield. Once again, with a big offense marching onto the field, the onus for this game rests with solid defense, as we all know both teams can score at will.

Betting lines for the Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys

Bodog Sportsbook is the featured online sports betting website we’re turning to for wagers on the Philadelphia vs. Dallas match-up, and as expected the betting lines show that this game is very well balanced, and should be a tight contest from start to finish. At home, the Eagles have just a slight -3 point advantage on the spread today against the Cowboys, given their history of wins after the bye week, and also pick up the favorite on the money line at -155 odds to win, versus the Cowboys getting the underdog nod at +135 odds. We’re expecting plenty of offense in this match-up, as is indicate by the lofty 49 points on the over/under with -110 odds going either way in that category.

Our Pick To Win:

With both teams having a hard time putting 4 quarters of play together to make a complete game, this game will come down to which team had better preparation in the week leading up to the showdown. With Philadelphia getting two weeks to gear up for this critical NFC East battle I like the Eagles to come out with a chip on their shoulder against Dallas, having lost 4 of the last 5 meetings in this pairing, and get their top-rated offense churning at home. Though defense will be highly touted in this match-up, on the national stage on Sunday night, the over bet gets busted as Philadelphia overcomes a tight game to win 35-30.

Weekend Closes with Top Sports Betting Action Featuring NFL Football

It’s a great conclusion of the weekend for sports fans, as the top online sportsbooks reviewed here are jam-packed with plenty of NFL Football action on the schedule, as Week 8 cruises into play and a number of quality match-ups will be available for online sports betting today! With so much excitement on the football field, Sunday is a day for sportsbook betting like no other, and it’s a great opportunity for hopping online, checking out the best wagers of the day, and placing a few bets before the action gets underway. Having one more day to mosey around at home before the dreaded Monday return to work, and a great excuse not to leave the couch today, I for one have parked myself firmly at 8 am in front of the TV, catching some early football (soccer) action in Europe, ahead of the day’s non-stop action of NFL Football. Aside from my personal aspirations of reaching the title of ‘laziest man alive’ today, I’ll have to spend at least a little effort in taking time to review the sportsbook betting action today, which also will include a challenging race in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series as racing action heads to Martinsville Speedway, as well as a couple of games set up for NHL Hockey tonight. Though there is certainly something missing this weekend without the presence of Major League Baseball for online sportsbook betting, you can find tons of great football, racing, and hockey wagers to easily fill the void left by the exciting 2011 World Series’ finale.

In sports betting today at the best online sportsbook at, there are a couple of good match-ups worth checking out, including our featured match-up of the day pitting the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Philadelphia Eagles in an NFC East showdown. Without a doubt this is a must-win scenario for both teams, who have not yet met expectations this year, despite having outstanding talent across the board. At 2-4, Philadelphia has by far been the most disappointing team in the league, based on preseason expectations which had them as one of the top three favorites to make the Super Bowl this year. Now Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson will look to solve the Dallas defense, which has played well, and earn their 13th straight win after a bye week at home today. Dallas on the other hand puts out a new talent in the backfield in DeMarco Murray, who went stupid last week for 253 yards rushing, 9th best in league history. Move over, Felix Jones. Tony Romo will seek to guide his team to another strong offensive week against a bitter rival, so make sure to add this game at the top of the list for online sports betting, as its sure to be a good one on Sunday evening.

Next up in NFL action, the second game of the day I’m looking out for is the clash between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots, with two very different team strategies squaring off in this great afternoon game. Tom Brady leads his top-ranked Patriots offense against the Troy Polamalu-led Steeler D, but with New England having comfortably won 5 of the last 6 visits to Heinz Field, expect plenty of offense all-around as both sides push the passing game, with the Pats the favorites at -170 odds at Bodog Sportsbook today. Though there isn’t too many other contests featuring two teams with winning records in play today (Washington vs. Buffalo and Cleveland vs. San Francisco are the only other set-ups available), there’s great opportunity to ride a favored team to victory today, with a few stand-out lopsided games on the docket at For example, check out the spread on the New Orleans vs. St. Louis game, which stands at 14 1/2 points in favor of the Saints, but despite the huge margin given there, the Saints are one of the hottest offensive teams in the league coming of a 62 point performance last week, and once again will be playing in a dome environment against an awful Rams defense. Watch for QB Drew Brees to go nuts in back-to-back weeks, and torch St. Louis big on Sunday.

For a few added online sportsbook bets today, look to some NASCAR and NHL action to provide some further excitement, if you haven’t gotten your fill from the smattering of NFL action. 4 games in the NHL make for a nice opportunity for a parlay wager especially, and for today, I’m looking to the Ottawa Senators at home in a great match-up against the Toronto Maple Leafs, where they’ll seek a sixth straight win in a row in a tough contest against hot-starting Toronto. Out West, the Los Angeles Kings and the Colorado Avalanche square off, while the young and improving Edmonton Oilers seek to stay hot at home against the St. Louis Blues. Make sure to get a taste of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Martinsville today, as after a rained out qualifying session, the top drivers by points line up in order, giving race fans an exciting look at the very best in the business going bumper-to-bumper against one another this afternoon.  Any which way you look at it, or how you chose to do your betting on sports, it is another great day for sports, and for betting on sports at the best online sportsbooks reviewed here on our site.  Enjoy the games throughout the day, and good luck in all your sportsbook betting for the week to come!


NCAA Football Featured Match-up: #8 Kansas State hosts #9 Oklahoma

The #9 Oklahoma Sooners (6-1, 3-1 Big 12) head into a tough road battle in Big 12 action as they take on the undefeated #8 Kansas State Wildcats this afternoon, with their hopes of having a perfect season dashed last weekend at home against Texas Tech and the prospects for a BCS title this season fading for the preseason #1 team in the nation. Falling for the first time at home in 39 games dating back to 2005, the Oklahoma Sooners will seek to continue their 8-year winning streak against Kansas State alive, while at the same time preventing the Wildcats from chasing their best start to the season since 1999, when they won their first 9 games of the season. No doubt the Wildcats will themselves look to change a little history in this match-up by becoming the first team to hand Oklahoma back-to-back conference losses for the first time since 1998. In order to do so however, Kansas State will have to find a way to keep up with the scoring juggernaut of the Sooners, led by quarterback Landry Jones, who has OU at 4th in the nation and total yards and 7th overall in team scoring.

Keys for the Kansas State Wildcats will be finding a way to keep a check on the Sooners offense, which has been averaging a massive 545.6 yards per game through 7 contests. Averaging 10 points per game more than the Wildcats, the Sooner offense has thrived on poor pass protection, and if their last meeting two years ago is any indication of how this game will play out (Landry Jones threw for 294 yards, 4 TDs, no INTs), the K-State defense could be in for a long day trying to stop this offensive monster. However, ranked 23rd in the nation this season allowing just 19.7 points a game, if the KSU defense can keep star Sooners wide receiver Ryan Broyles (67 catches, 899 yards, 9 TDs) in check and plug the gaps to limit running back Dominique Whaley’s production (113 carries, 627 yards, 9 TDs), Kansas State could find themselves in a tight game so long as the offense finds similar success on the ground against Oklahoma as did Texas Tech and Kansas. The Wildcats start to look like a great underdog pick this afternoon, especially with the betting lines showing them at a 13 point disadvantage in this match-up, but all Kansas State eyes (and those wagering on an upset here) will be on their total package quarterback Collin Klein, who while not horribly impressive in the passing game this season (934 yards, 8 TDs, 3 INTs), has been a force on the ground leading the Wildcats in the rushing attack to the tune of 670 yards on 151 carries with an amazing 14 touchdowns.

Oklahoma is without question a more potent offensive team, and will have to take control of this game early on to get the rowdy home KSU crowd out of contention. Where the battle will truly lie this afternoon however is in the defensive game, which for the Sooners completely collapsed last week in their 41-38 loss at home, due to the surrender of 572 total yards to Texas Tech (who coincidently KSU beat, on the road 41-34). While both the Sooners and the Wildcats come into this match-up having two of the best defenses in the conference (K-State actually ranks #1 in total defense in the Big 12), each has had defensive vulnerabilities in areas where the other side excels offensively. KSU has shown telling signs of weakness in this match-up to come by giving up an average of 335.5 yards passing in the last two weeks, while the Sooners have surrendered an average of 132 yards rushing over their last two weeks, and their once stout defense certainly has to have some questions and a loss of confidence dropping a game at home last week. That said, this rebound match-up for the Sooners is theirs to either win or lose, having equal footing on defense with the Wildcats, and one of the most potent offensive attacks in the country led by undoubtedly one of the best Sooners’ quarterbacks to ever play for Oklahoma.

Betting Lines for #9 Oklahoma vs. #8 Kansas State

Though the Sooners are on the road, their superb offensive power combined with their record of success against K-State finds them as 13 point favorites to win this match-up today on the betting lines at However, those looking for an underdog to pick up today could do a lot worse than Kansas State, who have come to thrive in the role of the lesser team, and the Wildcats look strong to at least cover the spread today, keeping this game within 2 touchdowns at home. Kansas State is a large +400 underdog on the money line, while the Sooners come in at -500 odds to win, and to expectations the over/under on this game between two very good defenses sits at 57.5 points, with expectations that neither team may clip through the 30 point barrier today in a war of attrition.

Our Pick to Win:

We’re very tempted to take Kansas State to upset at home in this match-up, but with the Sooners being a perennial Top-10 and knowing exactly what is needed to recover from a tough loss, Oklahoma looks strong as the eventual winner of this game. That said, Kansas State looks to put up a serious fight for their undefeated record, and smelling blood in this match-up look for the Wildcats to be jacked up to take on the Sooners this afternoon. While Oklahoma has just a little too much offense for K-State to overcome, and the Wildcats will hedge too much on the running game behind QB Collin Klein, a valiant effort should lead KSU to cover the points spread, giving NCAA Football fans a great afternoon game to watch and wager on at Oklahoma pulls through by a touchdown and a field goal, 30-20.

Saturday Resumes Great NCAA College Football Action at

The NCAA Football schedule is primed and ready to go for Saturday morning, and as a sports fan, undoubtedly you’ll want to check out the online sportsbook betting options before the games start, as plenty of great action in the Top 25 will be enough reasoning to place a few bets to make the best games even that much more exciting today! Moving quickly into Week 9 already, we’re rapidly approaching a critical time in the BCS standings for the top teams in the nation, and with more and more Top 25 teams doing battle in the weeks to come, along with a few remaining undefeated teams still looking to remain perfect on the season today, no doubt there are bound to be some upsets, changing of the guard in the Top 25 rankings, and all the wild and crazy action that can be expected on any given Saturday of College Football. For today’s online sports betting picks on College Football, we’re hitting up the Sportsbook, one of the longest standing online sports betting sites reviewed here, based on its great customer service, solid bonus opportunities and easy methods for depositing and withdrawing funds, and of course a staple of the best online sportsbooks, a simple, clean and easy-to-use sports betting website. After a great cap to the 2011 World Series last night saw the St. Louis Cardinals prevail on the last day of the baseball season in Game 7 to win their 11th World Series  title, we’ll fully switch gears over to football, by taking look at the top College Football offerings, along with a number of great NFL Football wagers set for this Sunday, but also get ready for some UFC 137 action tonight, NASCAR racing to come, and much, much more for betting on sports.

Starting with the top picks of the day for College Football, the big game with the most upset potential has to be undefeated #5 Clemson on the road trying to shut down the high-powered offense of ACC rival Georgia Tech. Both teams are very well balanced in the offensive and defensive games, averaging around 40 points per game while giving up 24 points per contest. Georgia Tech is also unbeaten at home this year, and coming of two tough road losses in a row, watch out for a great clash as the 5th-ranked Yellow Jackets running game tries to bowl through a confident, well-coached Tigers defensive unit. Moving on to other big action in College Football for online sports betting, watch out for #3 Oklahoma State at home against Baylor, where the 7-0 Cowboys take on the high-scoring Bears in what should be a great run-and-gun game to watch, and look for a breakthrough of the over wager even with a whopping 82 points setting that line. Catch a huge Big 12 match-up at Kansas State as the #8 Wildcats try to stop the #9-ranked Oklahoma Sooners, who seek to bounce back quickly from their first home loss in 6 years, and hope for some other losses from the Top 5 teams to keep their national title hopes alive. Make sure to also look over the betting lines for #11 Michigan State ad #14 Nebraska, in what will be the biggest game left on the schedule for the Big Ten opponents.

With more action in store for betting on sports including 13 NHL Hockey games, find great contests to look over, with exciting match-ups featuring the Washington Capitals and the Vancouver Canucks in a possible Stanley Cup preview(yeah, I’m calling it early!), the surging San Jose Sharks looking to stay hot on the road facing the New York Islanders, and the Pittsburgh Penguins powering forward without their top offensive producers against the Toronto Maple Leafs. With so many hockey teams coming out of the gates strong and starting early season winning streaks, take advantage of riding some coattails of success by placing wagers on hot teams out of the gate, as you can always pick up some good money, even if you’re not completely in tune to NHL Hockey, by simply following team trends, potent scorers, and stingy goalies. Add in to your online sports betting repertoire today the action in Las Vegas with UFC 137 on tap and take a look over the fight cards for the best picks in the Octagon for what should be another exciting MMA showdown from Mandalay Bay. As always, expect a bevy of even more excellent options for online sports betting at, and a great Saturday of watching and betting on sports to come!


Last Stand for the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals, World Series Game 7

It was a thrilling evening to behold for baseball fans last night as the St. Louis Cardinals refused to say die and wound up coming back twice against the Texas Rangers before winning 10-9 in 11 innings and sending the 2011 World Series to a final Game 7 Friday Night at Busch Stadium. After one of the most clutch performances in recent postseason memory by the Cardinals’ David Freese, who not only delivered a game-saving triple in the 9th inning with two strikes on him but also hit the game-winning home run in the 11th, the Cardinals look to continue to overcome all odds at home tonight in what is certain to be the biggest event for Major League Baseball in the last few years. Make sure to not miss out on the grand finale to one of the best seasons for online sports betting, as the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals finish out what is sure to be a another history-making series for the record books.

Tonight’s match-up on the pitching mound is an intriguing one, especially considering that Cardinals’ starter Chris Carpenter will make his third start of the series and comes into tonight’s contest on just three days’ rest. Facing the Rangers’ Matt Harrison, who was knocked out early in the 16-7 St. Louis rout of the Rangers, Carpenter’s success will hinge on how well he can work his usual array of pitches, something that has been historically difficult for veteran pitchers pitching on just 3 days’ rest. History has been good for Carpenter in the postseason (3-0, 3.33 ERA this year, 8-2, 3.06 ERA lifetime in October), but with his only 3 days’ rest start of the postseason showing Carpenter getting tagged for 4 runs on 5 hits in 3 innings in the 2005 NLDS, that positive history starts to fade a little bit in this match-up.

Matt Harrison on the other hand gets the full confidence of manager Ron Washington today, as was evidenced by the fact that Texas threw starter Derek Holland on full rest last night in the 6th inning to help squash a St. Louis rally. Despite giving up 5 runs (3 earned) in just 3 innings of work in a blowout Game 3 (a blown call certainly didn’t help his cause), and posting a pedestrian 5.02 ERA with a 1-1 record this postseason, the left handed Harrison has pitched very well for Texas this season and will likely have the full support from his bullpen early on should anything go awry. I don’t expect either pitcher to last further than the 5th inning in this do-or-die showdown (unless Harrison is completely dominant), so factoring in both St. Louis and Texas bullpen’s into tonight’s outcome is crucial to getting the right online sports bet placed. That inclusion to the betting lines has certainly swung the tide in favor of the St. Louis Cardinals, given the meltdown that the Texas pitching staff experienced all night, and could be a big factor in weighing your wager for either the Cardinals or the Rangers.

Betting Lines for St. Louis vs. Texas, Game 7

There is glaring history for the St. Louis Cardinals tonight, who make their MLB record 11th appearance in a Game 7, with a 7-3 mark in those games to date. Despite losing its last two Game 7’s in 1985 and 87, this Cardinals team has shown it will never give up, having come back from two separate 2-out, 2 strike at-bats to even the game last night. Clutch is what the World Series is all about, and that certainly factors into St. Louis getting the favorite on the money line at Sportsbook today, and take special consideration to the fact that the home team has won 8 consecutive times in the World Series when a Game 7 is forced. The lines have moved just slightly to -134 odds for Chris Carpenter and the Cards, while Matt Harrison and the Rangers come in at underdogs with +124 odds to win. Texas gets -180 odds to cover the spread at +1.5 runs, while St. Louis gets +160 odds at -1.5 runs, and the over/under for tonight’s game stands at 8, which could be vulnerable with pitchers on short rest, starters making appearances in later innings, and with both bullpens showing susceptibility to late rallies.

Our Pick to Win:

For the final game of the 2011 Major League Baseball season, Game 7 is certainly going to be one of the harder games to pick the outcome in, with so many factors coming into this match-up, and a bevy of possibilities on the mound and at the plate to consider. While I have serious reservations about a 36 year-old Chris Carpenter making a start on 3 days’ rest after already being seen twice by the Rangers line-up, he’s no doubt the best option St. Louis has tonight, with the otherwise available starters Kyle Lohse and Edwin Jackson each getting dinged in their previous starts, and no one on the Cardinals roster more experienced in big-game situations. On the other hand, the Texas Rangers haven’t lost consecutive games since August 25th during the regular season, have Matt Harrison on full rest for the start, and will no doubt be eager to come back and erase a meltdown loss last night to force Game 7. Without further tip-toeing around it, the Texas Rangers find a way to win tonight, despite potentially being without slugger Nelson Cruz in the line-up, and win a tough one on the road for their first World Series Championship, 5-4.

Players to Watch, Texas:

Josh Hamilton, LF – With Nelson Cruz looking likely to be out of the line-up with a strained groin, even more pressure is placed on Hamilton, who homered for the first time in the postseason last night, to provide the offensive punch for the Rangers. He’s hit in his last 4 games against St. Louis, and needs to lead the Rangers bats against Chris Carpenter tonight.

Adrian Beltre, 3B – Beltre has been cruising along in October, batting .292 with 5 homers and 9 RBIs in the heart of the Texas line-up. With home runs in the last two games, Beltre’s bat needs to stay active for that big swing that could come his way in a crucial Game 7.

Players to Watch, St. Louis:

David Freese, 3B – Freese could end up being the player that goes down in history for the Cards in the 2011 World Series. Hitting .393 for October with 5 homers and whopping 19 RBIs, Freese can’t be expected to come up with another game-saving triple with two strikes in the 9th AND hit the game-winning home run in the 11th inning, but you can count on his clutch hitting and opposite field power to make for a hit or two, and perhaps for him to drive in some runs. Note that Freese has only 2 games this postseason without a hit, so expect to see him on the base paths once more tonight, contributing as he has all throughout the playoffs.

World Series Finale Tops Online Sports Betting Options at

Without a doubt it can be said that the 2011 World Series has been one enjoyable ride, with momentum swinging back and forth between the Texas Rangers and the St. Louis Cardinals and all the excitement building up for Game 7, which gets underway tonight from Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri with all of Major League Baseball glory on the line for these two teams. After what was a thrilling extra innings victory for the St. Louis Cardinals 10-9 last night on a walk-off home run in the 11th inning by twice-hero David Freese, the Cardinals will put their best playoff foot forward on the mound at home with Chris Carpenter getting the start, who will make his third appearance of the series due in part to the rain delay that forced Games 6 and 7 back a day. Up against the Rangers’ Matt Harrison, and a Texas Rangers squad that has not lost back-to-back games in this postseason, there’s no doubt that plenty of pressure lies on the season veteran Carpenter, who will pitch on just 3 days’ rest but has the strength of a city pushing behind him. Expecting lots of action in both bullpens tonight with both sides throwing all pitchers available out on the mound if needed, this game should be one for the history books, and definitely one for starting off Friday’s online sports betting at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here.

For the precursor of games heading into another sports-packed weekend, I’m jumping on to the Sportsbook, for the best array of sport betting lines found anywhere on the web. Starting with wagers on the Texas vs. St. Louis World Series Game 7, puts the money line in favor of Chris Carpenter and the St. Louis Cardinals at -135 odds, betting on the fact that the home team has won the last 8 World Series Game 7’s at home. However, at +125 odds on Matt Harrison, who will have starter Derek Holland on full rest behind him if needed not to mention a bullpen flush with fireballer pitches, for those looking to go the underdog route today betting on the Rangers there is a great chance you can capitalize on the team that breaks the Game 7 trend on the road to clinch their first ever World Series title. I for starters never like seeing a starting veteran pitcher put out on the mound on 3 days’ rest, and for my first pick on the day for online sports betting I’m going with the Texas Rangers to pull out a tough win and secure their first title to the dismay of the Cardinal faithful at Busch Stadium. No matter which way you wager on this game, be it the spread the money line or the over/under, you certainly won’t want to miss out on what is the absolute finale to another exciting season of Major League Baseball.

Moving ahead to more action set for Friday at, we’ve got a small grip of NHL Hockey games lined up as 4 contests hit the ice tonight, with a couple of good set-ups for betting on sports. First up the San Jose Sharks continue to pull out of their season-opening funk, winning three straight but having to head to Joe Louis Arena to face the Detroit Red Wings who themselves are trying to stop a 2-game losing streak. In a twist of times from last season the Colorado Avalanche and the Edmonton Oilers, teams finishing at the bottom of the Northwest Division last year, have started out at the top of the division this season and will break an early tie with a showdown tonight at the Pepsi Center in Denver. With Edmonton hot on 3 straight wins and showing that their last few years of rebuilding and picking up prospects may finally be paying off, look for the Oilers to nab their first road win of the season while handing Colorado their third loss on home ice. Make sure that you also check out the top match-ups for UFC 137 set for tomorrow in Las Vegas, as a full fight card offers plenty of options for online sports betting at or any one of the best sports betting sites reviewed here, and also take a look at the featured NCAA Football match-up tonight between BYU and TCU, which should be one of the better Friday Night match-ups during the College Football season. With plenty more on the sports betting lines for Saturday’s NCAA Football as well, you’ll certainly want to sneak a peek at the biggest games of the week, which are certain to provide plenty of excitement for betting on sports. Until tomorrow, enjoy all the excitement of a World Series Game 7 tonight, good luck in all your wagers placed, and thanks for checking out the news and reviews of the best online sports betting sites found anywhere on the web!

Critical Game 6 on Tap for Online Sports Betting on the World Series

The Texas Rangers seek their first-ever World Series Championship tonight, as play finally gets set to get underway for Game 6 in St. Louis. The Cardinals hope to avoid another blunder in the bullpen as happened in Game 5, however with everything on the line tonight at home, there’s no doubt that skipper Tony LaRussa will be double-checking any pitching call-ups, conferring with his staff and players and will be fully prepared to take on a must-win scenario for St. Louis tonight. Even with all the preparation and an extra day of rest after yesterday’s call-off of Game 6 due to inclement weather, the Cardinals will still have to contend with one of the Rangers most successful postseason pitchers, Colby Lewis (4-1, 2.22 ERA lifetime in the playoffs), who gets set to take on another valiant effort at home by the young Jaime Garcia (0-2, 3.97 ERA in the playoffs).

While Garcia has been somewhat a victim of a lack of run production for him this postseason, once again he’ll need to keep the scoring to a minimum while in opposition to the very steady Colby Lewis, in order to give the Cardinals a chance in this ballgame. With the heart of the St. Louis line-up faltering in the last few games and the team going 1-for-12 with runners in scoring position in Game 5, they’ll no doubt have the challenge of expecting to have to do well while one of the best young pitchers continues to put in good innings. Coming off an outstanding but unrewarding performance in Game 2 (7 innings, 7 K’s, no earned runs, no decision), Garcia simply needs to continue his use of the bottom half of the strike zone, utilizing his very good off-speed pitches to keep the heart of the Texas line-up off the base paths and hitting ground ball outs. On the flipside, Colby Lewis will continue to try and tip-toe around Albert Pujols in the heart of the order, while maintaining his strong strikeout-to-walk ratio of 16:6 for this postseason. Both pitchers have been placed in big-game scenarios like this in the 2011 playoffs, so by all means expect both of them to be in top form heading into this crucial Game 6 tonight.

Betting lines for St. Louis vs. Texas, Game 6: Sportsbook has the host tame Cardinals as a slight favorite to win at home on the money line, getting -115 odds behind Jaime Garcia. Colby Lewis and the Texas Rangers are a +105 underdog, while the spread is at 1.5 runs given to Texas (-210 odds) and taken from St. Louis (+180 odds). The over/under with two good pitchers on the mound stands at 7 runs, and with St. Louis’ bullpen likely to be on their best tonight for Garcia, we could see very minimal scoring in the late innings, making this match-up a good option for going under on the total runs line.

Our Pick to Win:

Maybe it’s a bit of sentiment playing a part tonight, but I want to see St. Louis knot the series up at 3 games apiece in order to push a final Game 7 at Busch Stadium on Friday Night. It’s high time that the Cardinals bats earned their paycheck in this series, as outside of a flood of offense in Game 3, St. Louis has only generated 6 runs over 4 Games including just 2 runs in the last two games combined. Behind a raucous crowd at home, look for St. Louis to employ more small-ball against Lewis, who simply owned the Cardinals lineup giving up just 1 run and 4 hits in 6 1/3 innings of work on October 20th, and pull out a clutch victory to push Game 7, 3-2.

Players to Watch, St. Louis:

Albert Pujols, 1B – After being shut down in the last two games in Texas going 0-for-6 with 3 walks, the Rangers seem to have found the right way to pitch to Prince Albert….simply avoid him. Therefore it’s going to be especially important for both Rafael Furcal and John Jay hitting before Pujols in the lineup to be on base as often as possible, to make walking the big slugger all the more difficult. One swing from this guy could be the difference tonight.

Matt Holliday, LF – Batting just behind Pujols, there’s a high likelihood that Holliday will see a couple of situations with runners on base. Hitting just 3-for-18 in this series, there’s no doubt that Holliday has to be a better contributor in a pivotal Game 6 if St. Louis is to push a final Game 7.

Players to Watch, Texas:

Nelson Cruz, RF – Cruz has been chugging along getting a hit and a run scored in each of the last three games of this series while drawing 4 walks. As Garcia looks to pitch around Cruz tonight his presence on the base path is likely to be quite frequent, and hopefully for the Rangers he can return an errant 2-1 pitch to the left field bleachers.

Elvis Andrus, SS – Having hit safely in 4 straight games, Andrus along with Ian Kinsler will need to show some speed and aggressive base running tonight with runs likely to come at a premium. The 23 year-old could make life difficult for Jaime Garcia if he can get on in the early innings and force the pitcher out of his rhythm while trying to keep Andrus honest.