Monday Night Football, 2011 NCAA Basketball Tip-Off for Online Sports Betting

It’s a solid night of online sportsbook betting opportunities to kick off another week of sports and sportsbook betting, and starting out with NFL football on a Monday night after work seems like just the right thing to help get back into the swing of things after a wild roller coaster ride of sports action throughout the weekend. Coming off a relatively successful run on NFL picks on the games taking place throughout Sunday, Monday Night Football remains as the starting sports betting option to another great week of exciting sports action, and with a great showdown on tap between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears due up there’s no doubt the football action is well worth a trip to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. For the first wager on the day, I’m looking to the Sportsbook with one of the cleanest, simplest platforms for betting on sports found across any of the top sportsbooks we’ve ever reviewed.  Hedging my fantasy football weekend on tonight’s game with Michael Vick as my last player to play and down 20 points in this week’s match-up, I’ll also side with the Eagles at home hoping for another stand-out offensive effort from the Eagles as they continue to regain their stature as a playoff contender this season. Make sure to definitely set your sights on the betting lines for the Eagles vs. Bears at, as its no doubt going to be a great game to get involved with to start off online sportsbook betting this week.

With the NBA season hanging in the balance at the beginning of this week and waiting for a possible decision by Wednesday of whether or not a season will even exist this year, we turn happily over to the first regular season night of NCAA Basketball, as the 2K Sports Classic tips off with a Top 25 team in action as the #16-ranked Arizona Wildcats take on the Valparaiso Crusaders in Tuscon, AZ tonight. Glad to have at least some basketball in the mix, with the 2011-12 NBA season possibly out of the picture for us sports betting fans, NCAA hoops will become all the much more exciting as a go-to wager on daily sports action. For the competition breakdown today the Arizona Wildcats get a pre-season ranking for the first time in 4 years, despite the fact that Derrick Williams, last year’s leading scorer (and only player to average in double-digit points), is shipped off to the Minnesota Timberwolves, and a big crop of freshmen will have to pick up the slack for AZ this season. Despite some question marks however, the Wildcats shouldn’t have any trouble at home against Valpo, who hasn’t beaten a ranked team in 33 attempts, and is missing 3 of their 4 top scorers from last season. Interestingly enough though, first year head coach and former Valpo player Bryce Drew hit the three pointer to win against Mississippi in 1998’s NCAA tournament, which was the last time the Crusaders beat a ranked team…

To round out the day of sportsbook betting at the sportsbook, naturally I’ll have to throw a wager on the only two NHL Hockey contests of the day, featuring games between the Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks, as well as the New York Islanders vs. the Boston Bruins. The Los Angeles Kings face a tough task of pulling out of a 4-game losing skid against San Jose tonight, and have to get more production out of their talented scoring lines in order to take down the Sharks at home. In the second match-up of the evening for NHL Hockey, the Boston Bruins continue to try and avoid panic mode by building on a 7-0 rout of Toronto on Saturday, and parlay that win to today’s contest with the New York Islanders. With the Bruins showing signs of offensive life against a struggling team, now might be a great chance to jump on the Stanley Cup Champion bandwagon, and ride Boston to a win tonight at home, covering the spread at 1.5 goals. With a solid day of online sports betting action today, make sure to look forward to plenty more games in the NHL tomorrow, as well continuing NCAA Basketball action to light up the boards on the top sportsbooks, enjoy wagering at the top sportsbook at, and we’ll catch you again tomorrow with more updates and picks on the best sporting contests available!

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