NCAA Basketball Takes Center Stage for Friday’s Online Sportsbook Bets

After an exciting conclusion to the late NCAA and NFL football games playing out last night, Friday’s online sports betting options continue in the same exciting trend, with the full opening of the NCAA Men’s Basketball season, chalk full of 131 games on tap for betting on sports at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here. Complete with betting options for this weekend’s upcoming NCAA and NFL Football action, as well as one of the biggest cable offerings for the Ultimate Fighting Championship ever seen, today is a rare Friday stuffed with tons of sports action and so many online sports betting choices that we simply don’t know where to begin. Adding in an additional slew of games in NHL Hockey tonight with 7 contests in play along with NHL games in store for this evening, it’s without a doubt one of the best days of the year for getting into the sports betting action, and setting up some wagers either for today’s competition, the games taking place tomorrow, or even a bit of both. Getting stoked for another great sports season to hit the online sportsbook betting scene, we’ll focus on some of the top games for College Hoops today, and add in some wagers on tonight’s games, along with the upcoming action in Week 11 of College Football. For betting on sports today, we’re visiting one of the finest and best online sportsbooks in the business, at the Bodog Sportsbook. With a well-established history of being a solid, safe and secure way to wager online, as well as getting plenty of backing from major sports portals such as ESPN (which host odds on many of the world’s games each day), count on the Bodog sportsbook to be one of the best ways to get into the exciting world of online sports betting in just a few simple clicks!

Dropping into the sea of wagering options for NCAA College Basketball today, as expected there are plenty of lopsided picks to be made, perfect for lumping into a couple of parlay wagers. With most of the Top 25 at home facing serious underdogs, most of the action lies with the point spread, as few sportsbooks will be taking bets on the money line or total points today for games with big-name teams involved, if taking any wagers at all. However, without a doubt the biggest game of the evening features the #1 North Carolina Tar Heels against the Michigan State Spartans in the 2011 Carrier Classic, which as you might or might not have guessed…takes place on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier! To be honest, I really don’t know if a sports setting gets much cooler, or more unique than this, folks. Therefore, we’ll have to drop a wager on the heavy favorite Tar Heels to emerge victorious by a wide margin in our featured NCAA Basketball match-up for Friday, and move onward with a few other picks on Top 25 teams in action to round out the wagering on basketball today. Catch big name teams like #2 Kentucky, #3 Ohio State, #4 UConn and #6 Duke all on the court tonight, and despite heavy favorites for all these teams, blowout games for online sports betting on NCAA Hoops can always be a fun and profitable experience, especially when hedging wagers on top teams that are returning many key players. With so much on tap in NCAA Hoops, regardless of whether there is little data to go on for betting on basketball, tonight’s match-ups will be a fun introduction to the wild and crazy world for NCAA basketball this season.

With the last wagering options for Friday resting with NHL Hockey, check into the seven games posted at the Bodog sportsbook, and look for a couple of key match-ups worth placing a wager on today. I continue to ride the Buffalo Sabres after their recent 3-game winning streak, as they host the Ottawa Senators tonight and will also turn to the Dallas Stars on the road vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins, in what will be an exciting match-up between the league’s top two teams by points. Also in play tonight are the red-hot New York Rangers, who have stormed out of a slow start to win 5 straight games, and look very good to pick up a 6th win in a row at home tonight against the visiting Carolina Hurricanes, who are struggling on 3 straight losses and are ranking close to last in the league in opponents’ scoring. Aside from this great hockey action tonight, don’t forget to draw your line in the sports betting sand for the huge UFC on FOX showdown set for tomorrow, with Cain Velasquez defending his heavyweight title against Junior Dos Santos in the ┬ámain event on one of the biggest UFC nights in history. The network TV debut on Saturday, November 12th will be a sports spectacle well worth watching, and no doubt you’ll want to catch some early lines on the fights lined up, as you’ll be able to actually watch the action on live TV without throwing down rent money to do so! Add in another big fight in boxing for Saturday with Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez for the third bout between the two exciting fighters, and MMA/Boxing fans should be elated to have two of the best offerings of the year taking place on the same weekend. With tons of options for online sports betting tonight at Bodog sportsbook, check out all your choices, make sure to pull in as much research on the match-ups, and place your bets for the exciting games starting later tonight. Until next time, have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by for reviews and updates on the best sports betting sites on the web, and we hope to see you again soon!

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