Monday Night Football Leads Charge for Sports Betting on Monday

With a slow start to the sports calendar for the new week, online sportsbook bets on Monday will be limited to just a few competitions taking place across a couple of sporting leagues, with Monday Night Football’s match-up between the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams being the highlighted option for betting on sports today. Though certainly not the most exciting match-up for MNF this year, as both teams are in arguably the worst division in football and don’t stand a chance of making the playoffs, nonetheless every NFL game in action can be a great opportunity to dive into the betting lines at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and hopefully grab some winnings for putting to use on a day with many more options available at your fingertips. For today’s online sports betting endeavors, we’re headed back to, one of the newest members amongst our ranks of the best reviewed sportsbooks on the web. Starting off with a taste of the action in NFL Football, and being a life-long Seattle Seahawks fan, I’ve got to chase after a ‘Hawks victory at home in front of one of the loudest, rowdiest fan bases in all the NFL. With the Seahawks dominating the St. Louis Rams by winning 12 of the last 13 match-ups, and with the Rams ranking in the bottom of the league in everything except passing defense, expectations should be high that Seattle running back Marshawn Lynch goes nuts again against the 32nd-ranked run defense, and could clip the 1,000 yard mark in a game that should see the Hawks lead from start to finish. Compound the home field atmosphere, and the much-improved all-around play of the Seahawks with the fact that St. Louis looks to their third string QB A.J. Feeley for the start tonight, and you’ve got the makings of Seattle covering the spread at 9.5 points, and a good chance that the Rams struggle to score anything more than a few field goals to keep the under 38 points on the over/under intact.

Next up for online sports betting, with a relatively slow day we have to turn to sportsbook bets on the highlighted English Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester City, which should be a fantastic showdown for fans of action on the pitch. With two of the top teams in the league clashing tonight at Stamford Bridge in London, it’ll be interesting to see how Man City bounces back after their stunning exit from Champions League play, and focuses in on securing their hold at the top of the EPL, while home side Chelsea faces a must-win scenario to stay relevant in the title chase this season. Currency sitting 10 points back of Manchester City, a win today would boost Chelsea into a tie for third with Tottenham Hotspur, while a loss would be a devastating blow for the Andre Villas-Boas-led, Russian-billionaire-backed organization, putting them likely out of reach of silverware even with well over half the EPL campaign left. While Chelsea has played very well on home pitch, they are up against one of the best defending sides in the league in Man City, who while not issuing a clean sheet in 7 matches, have more than made up for it by posting a +35 goal differential in 14 matches played, and a host of talented scorers. Expect City to pull through especially with Chelsea’s David Luiz out of the match on 5 yellow cards accrued, with a relatively low-scoring mark of 2-1 in today’s match.

It’s a one-game per league day apparently for online sportsbook bets, as NHL Hockey only presents one option for betting on sports today as well, with an intriguing match-up between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the hosting New Jersey Devils. With both sides slumping in form lately and struggling near the bottom of their respective divisions, tonight’s game is a crucial pick-me-up for either team, but with Tampa Bay playing some of the worst road hockey in the NHL (5-11-2), New Jersey looks to be in good position to nab a win on home ice, with the league’s top penalty kill likely to be the difference against a Tampa Bay Lightning team that hasn’t been able to score like they did last year with the man advantage. While the pickings for online sports betting may be relatively slim to start off another new week, Monday is a great day to catch a couple looks across a few sports, and enjoy a hopefully quiet December evening at home watching Monday Night Football. With more great opportunities to cash in on good-looking betting lines in the days ahead, stay tuned for more updates on the best sports betting opportunities listed each day here at, with sportsbook betting at the best online sportsbooks found anywhere.


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