NHL Returns to Action, NBA, NCAA Basketball Add Excitement to Sports Betting

As we grow ever nearer to the final game of the NFL’s 2011-12 season, sports fans get treated to the always interesting spectacle known as Media Day, where the players, coaches, and various staff from both teams get inundated with questions and share plenty of humorous and playful moments with the public before the seriousness of the game really begins to take hold. I for one always love a good Media Day leading up to the biggest football game of the year, as although it’s all about bringing hype to the game taking place on Sunday, there’s always a good laugh to be had, and interesting side stories all around. With just a few days left before the Super Bowl gets underway between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, and all the analysts, amateurs and the like have thrown their calls for who will win the game, now is as good a time as any to head down to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and place your wager ahead of the weekend. With two great quarterbacks leading the interest of the press corps, undoubtedly the actual game will also focus on Eli Manning and Tom Brady as they attempt to lead their respective teams to the promised land this year. Though we’ll be breaking down this match-up later on in the week, looking for more of the best betting lines and interesting props bets to come, I’ll stand firm on my position taking the New York Giants to win the big game, as their powerful offense combined with a resurgent defense will be the balance needed to take home the trophy over Tom Brady and the defense-less Patriots.

However, with the action for today alive and well in the NBA and NCAA for basketball, a host of games in the NHL as the season cranks back up after the All-Star break, and a touch of English Premier League matches to throw in the mix, sports fans can head to one of the top sports betting sites, and find a ton of great games to watch and wager on today. For starters, I’m heading today to one of the best online sportsbooks, at Sportsbetting Sportsbook for the top sportsbook betting options on the day, with a few basketball games between the NBA and NCAA taking a center stage, as well as a couple interesting matches in the EPL and NHL to go over as well. For the first look to the NBA tonight, 7 games get underway with a couple decent games worth looking into as the Boston Celtics look to regain a .500 record on the year if they can pull out a win against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the road, and the Los Angeles Lakers try to shake their road woes off with a game at home against the punch-less Charlotte Bobcats. Check out the Indiana Pacers as they seek to stay hot at home with a victory over the visiting New Jersey Nets, and expect the high-scoring Denver Nuggets to keep the Memphis Grizzlies’ woes alive as their talented offense becomes simply too much for the home side Griz tonight.

NCAA Basketball also has a few fun match-ups for betting on sports, including #1 Kentucky trying to defend their 47-game home winning streak against visiting Tennessee, while #6 North Carolina heads into a tricky road match-up against ACC foes Wake Forest, and a great match-up takes place with #15 Marquette hosting the slumping but still threatening Seton Hall. For the final few wagers of the day, check into NHL Hockey with 13 games coming back on tap at the Sportsbetting sportsbook, featuring great games such as the Chicago Blackhawks at Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa on the road at the Boston Bruins, New Jersey hosting the New York Rangers, as well as Toronto battling the Pittsburgh Penguins. As we enter the home stretch in the NHL season, definitely take your time to squeeze in a wager or two on all this exciting Hockey action as all the top teams in the league should come out swinging after a nice week-long break. Make sure to also catch the English Premier League action available early on as Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Liverpool are all gearing up for important matches today, which should make for some great additional bets for all you soccer fans out there. With sports action like this every day at one of the best online sportsbooks like the one at the Sportsbetting sportsbook, add a dose of excitement to your daily routine, and hopefully come out a winner today!

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