Week Closes with Top Sports Bets on NBA Hoops, NHL Hockey, Super Bowl XLVI

For a glimpse into today’s best online sportsbook betting action at one of the top online sportsbooks reviewed here on our site, it’s going to be all about the 10 games in NBA Basketball being played, combined with a smattering of 5 NHL Hockey contests to provide the basis for betting on sports as the week wraps up before the most anticipated game of the year takes place on Sunday with Super Bowl XLVI. Betonline Sportsbook) is our tried and true destination for sports betting on this glorious end of the work week, and although we only have two sports in play for real wagers worth risking a bit of money on today, we also have an opportunity later in the evening for placing wagers at Betonline Sportsbook for the 150+ games in NCAA Basketball set-up tomorrow, as well as plenty of options on the Super Bowl, as tons of props are up for the taking, and no doubt you’ll be wanting to take more than just one wager for the final NFL Football contest between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, two of the most storied teams with some of the most rabid fans in football history. Though we’re waiting just one more day to finalize the last bets on the Super Bowl this year, today’s wagering finds us looking into a couple parlay wagers on the NBA, as well as a handful of picks for the best match-ups available with the best odds for NHL Hockey tonight.

Starting off the sports betting ticket today at Betonline sportsbook, we’ll turn to the NBA which offers a full plate of games to close out another week, as the season nears ever closer to the All-Star break, meaning there is really only a few more months of basketball on tap in the shortened season before we get into yet another playoff run. It seems that we’ve rolled through both the NBA and NCAA basketball seasons so quickly, yet as they say, time flies by when you’re having fun! Speaking of having fun, check out a few of the best games on tap tonight for online sports betting, including options like the Philadelphia 76ers hosting the Miami Heat, Dallas hosting Indiana, Denver bringing in the Los Angeles Lakers, Oklahoma City taking on Memphis and Boston getting prepared to face off with the New York Knicks at home at the Garden. Our picks for this fine evening of hoops action includes rolling with the Heat in a close match-up with the Sixers on the road as they continue their strong play with the Big Three healthy and active for the game tonight, and expect Denver to outscore the Lakers towards a victory at home as Los Angeles has struggled mightily to find good form and enough points to compete while away from Staples Center. I also like riding the Boston Celtics at home, as they continue to improve after a rough start to the 2011-12 NBA campaign, as defense should prevail against Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks tonight.

Checking out today’s options for sports betting on NHL Hockey at Betonline Sportsbook, we’re looking to amass a couple of parlay bets for the 5 games available on the betting ticket, starting off with the best match-ups between the hottest teams in the league right now. First and foremost, I have to start with a wager on the Calgary Flames, who bring in the Chicago Blackhawks for a great match-up at the Saddledome, where the Flames have played their best hockey of the year. Moving on to the second pick of the NHL day, look for a great match-up as the St. Louis Blues welcome the Los Angeles Kings into their house, with a playoff-like atmosphere sure to present between these two Western Conference foes. Featuring stingy defense and a pair of exceptional goaltenders, I’m opting for a low scoring game to come underneath the over/under, as the Kings struggle to score against the top-rated defense of the Blues, and St Louis also looks to fail to reach more than a couple goals with L.A. playing equally well on defense as of late. No matter which wagers you take today, enjoy all the options for betting on sports, keep your eyes out for great bets ahead this weekend, and don’t forget to lock in those Super Bowl wagers ahead of the big game on Sunday!!!

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