Friday Online Sports Betting Features NBA Hoops Action, NHL Hockey

As we move forward towards another weekend, once more we pick another of the best online sportsbooks we’ve reviewed for a couple of the best wagers available, in the hopes that a profitable day today will make for a bit of cushioning towards future weekend wagers, as well as the inevitable money spent on overpriced bar drinks and the likely late night food rendezvous on Friday and Saturday night. For Thursday’s best bets, a nice little scattering of online sports betting options will be available across a few different sporting leagues, including NBA and NCAA basketball which features a handful of games apiece, as well as NHL Hockey picks for those who are fans of the fastest game around. For our featured sports betting picks, today’s action starts with wagers on basketball, and those wagers will be placed at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed, at the Intertops Sportsbook). Another one of the first additions to our fine crop of the top sportsbooks reviewed on the web, Intertops Sportsbook has always been a time-proven favorite, and always has the best action and a great website to do your sports betting at. If it’s your first day running across Intertops, waste no more time and click through to begin the excitement at their website!

For basketball today the NBA has a complete listing of 12 games, and as usual on a Friday night you can find plenty of highlighted match-ups worth a shot at betting on, and at least one great nationally televised match-up to add to the excitement of placing a wager at a top online sportsbook. Looking first and foremost to the best contest of the day between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Philadelphia 76ers, two teams continuing to play well and looking like playoff contenders, I’ll spot an initial wager on the day taking the 76ers to come out on top on fine defensive play. Check into another big East Coast pairing tonight as the Orlando Magic take on the visiting Atlanta Hawks in what should be an exciting clash of top teams, and look for the Los Angeles Lakers to earn their second straight road win as they head to New York to battle the Knicks after an exciting and close overtime win at Boston last night. Moving around to other interesting bets worth a peek at Intertops Sportsbook, find the Minnesota Timberwolves trying to bust past the .500 mark at home tonight as they take on the Dallas Mavericks, the Memphis Grizzlies will attempt to pull out of their recent funk by getting a win at home against the Indiana Pacers, and lastly the Oklahoma City Thunder try to make it three straight wins at Utah against the Jazz. With so many great NBA games on tap for Friday night, make these basketball games your first stop for betting on sports at Intertops, or any of the other top reviewed sportsbooks found here.

With another great day of NHL hockey featuring 4 games, make sure to peruse the offerings found at Intertops, including the games between the Detroit Red Wings and the improving Anaheim Ducks, a great match-up between division leaders as the Chicago Blackhawks head to the Shark tank to battle San Jose, and the Dallas Stars traveling to meet up with the Buffalo Sabres, who are also pulling themselves out of a funk. It’s always a great day to throw in a wager or two on NHL Hockey, as it is and always will be one of the fastest sports in the world providing hard-hitting action and great playmaking. With plenty of great choices for betting on sports at the top sportsbook at Intertops Sportsbook, check out Friday’s action right now, enjoy another one of the best online sports betting sites around, and as always good luck!

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