NCAA Conference Finals Wrap Up, NBA, NHL Action on Sunday

Curse you daylight savings time! If there is one thing that is completely ridiculous, albeit exaggerated by the now-completely irrelevant practice of setting one’s clock either forward or backward at various times during the year, it’s the early start to the final set of games in the NCAA Basketball conference championships taking place today. C’mon people, it’s a Sunday. While I’ve managed to prepare a little bit for the inevitable and pointless shifting of my clocks an hour later, and my wagers on today’s early starting NCAA games are already in place as of last night, I find myself blankly staring into space as I hit the couch and begin to process the three conference finals games already underway. It’s unfortunate that due to the time constraints of Selection Sunday, the top games of the conference finals are shifted so early that people on the West Coast who are still nursing their hangovers barely have enough time to roll out of bed and catch the start of the action in the morning, however what’s done is done, and we’ll press on from here. With plenty of Advil and Gatorade. Without further complaints, unnecessary ranting, and hopefully less head-pounding, let’s check out the remaining action for today’s venture into online sportsbook betting at the top online sports betting sites reviewed here.

With #4 North Carolina taking on #17 Florida State in the ACC final, #1 Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt in the SEC and Xavier vs. St. Bonaventure underway in the A-10 championship, we’ll look to the final game in NCAA basketball play today, with thankfully the top match-up remaining between #7 Ohio State and #8 Michigan State for the Big Ten title. This match-up, aside from being a fantastic opportunity to see two potential NCAA tournament contenders battle head-to-head, should result in the final #1 seed for the Big Dance to come, as these two top-caliber teams have both earned the right to be one of the four top teams in the country. With two of the most talented big men in the country in action, as Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger matches up with Michigan State’s Draymond Green, this clash between two great defensive teams should be an excellent game for basketball fans to take a look at what the elite programs in college hoops look like, prior to the hectic trek through the brackets of the NCAA tournament set to start on Thursday of the coming week. With the Buckeyes edging out the Spartans in the final game of regular season play, there is no doubt head coach Tom Izzo’s MSU squad is going to be up for the challenge of getting payback against Thad Matta’s OSU group. With defense the key to tonight’s game, and Michigan State looking forward to redemption in its first Big Ten final appearance since 2000, expect this to be a tight game all the way to the finish, but I’ll back the Spartans with a win as they play lockdown on Jared Sullinger, and hold the Buckeyes to a low shooting percentage performance to give them a squeaky win.

While all the attention rests with College Basketball today, there’s plenty of other great online sports betting opportunities to be had on NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey and NASCAR racing today. In the NBA, spot a classic match-up between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics taking place at Staples Center today, expect a defensive-based match-up between the Indiana Pacers and the Orlando Magic, and expect an exciting and fast-paced showdown in California tonight as the Los Angeles Clippers host the Golden State Warriors, soon after the conclusion of the Lakers v. Celtics game this afternoon. Moving along to worthy wagers on NHL Hockey, check out big action between the Philadelphia Flyers and the New Jersey Devils, the Los Angeles Kings taking on the Chicago Blackhawks and always a fun interstate match-up between the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders. Switching gears into today’s offering for NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing, the Kobalt Tools 400 from Las Vegas should make a great opportunity for racing fans to get into the betting action at a top sportsbook like the one at Oddsmaker Sportsbook, which I’m using to place a bet on a driver of choice today. In a fast and dangerous race anything goes in Las Vegas tonight, but I’ll take a wager on former Sprint Cup Champ Jimmy Johnson to pull out a win and get himself back into the points discussion early on in the season. There’s tons of exciting sports betting action to be had today, which is capped off with the bracket selection committee’s picks for the always-exciting NCAA Tournament to come, so get glued into all the best bets and all the best sporting events throughout the day, and have a great time relaxing, recovering, or doing whatever you do on a (hopefully) chill Sunday afternoon.

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