Stanley Cup Finals Begin, NBA Playoffs Continue for Sportsbook Betting

The middle of the week brings with it a strong dose of action for online sportsbook betting here at CR, and after a nearly week-long hiatus the Stanley Cup Playoffs are back in action for the final 7-game series with the Los Angeles Kings taking on the New Jersey Devils. Hockey fans will certainly be especially excited today to get back into the swing of things, but if you’re a basketball fan as well, today’s continuation of the Eastern Conference Finals series between the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics will certainly boost your spirits as well. Add in another heaping spoonful of Major League Baseball to the equation today and there’s something for everyone with a trip down to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed right here. For today’s wagers, we’re circling around to the top sports betting destination at TopBet Sportsbook, one of the newer, yet most highly praised websites for betting on sports found by our staff. We’ve been a fan of wagering on this clean, easy-to-use sportsbook since our first introduction, and with competitive betting lines, a great betting interface and solid bonus opportunities this is definitely a great place to start whether you’re a first-time sports bettor or a seasons wagering veteran.

Starting off the wagers today, we’ll jump into the options with a look at the match-up in the NBA with the Miami Heat hosting the Boston Celtics for Game 2. After a decisive victory at home in Game 1, it’s evident that the Miami Heat have the offensive edge in this series, and that Boston needs to make some serious adjustments in order to even out this series for the return trip home. The spread stays wide for this game tonight, with the Heat getting another 8 point margin as favorites, and again are a huge -430 favorite straight up on the money line. While the Heat certainly haven’t looked to be missing forward Chris Bosh, who remains out of the line-up indefinitely, the ailing Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics seems to have put Boston at more of a disadvantage, as they struggle to find points production in the playoffs and in this series in particular. With Miami content to play a run-and-gun style of offense, scoring off transition and getting good penetration into the paint, Boston must come up with a better plan for slowing the Heat offense down, or risk another double-digit loss this evening. Getting physical play in the middle of the court is a must, so look to Kevin Garnett to be the biggest factor for the Celtics in tonight’s crucial showdown.

For the Stanley Cup Finals tonight, the highly anticipated series between the New Jersey Devils and Los Angeles Kings is about as well-matched of a hockey showdown as you could hope for, with two teams of very similar styles clashing together. Both the Kings and the Devils thrive on shutdown defense, and have a number of offensive stars that are capable of carrying their respective teams to victory. For the Devils in this series, who open up play at home at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, getting off to a fast start each and every game is something they’ll look to carry over from their series with the Rangers. Getting the lead early and protecting it is their forte, and they’ll have to find a way to crack a LA defense that has been outstanding at shutting down their opponents’ top scorers, and finishing off power plays. That is an area of weakness that the Kings themselves will look to exploit, with the Devils being first in the regular season on the penalty kill, but giving up a whopping 16 power play goals in the postseason thus far. Also along the defensive lines, two extremely talented but very different goaltenders get set to do battle, with the 40 year-old Martin Brodeur of the Devils set to try and teach that young whippersnapper Jonathan Quick of the Los Angeles Kings a thing or two about Stanley Cup goalkeeping. Will nerves play a part in this series between the pipes? The youth of Quick hasn’t been exposed thus far, but no doubt one thing in this series to watch for is which goalie is able to get out to a strong start after an extended period of rest, with an edge perhaps leaning to the elder statesmen Brodeur, who sits with 3 Stanley Cup championships under his belt already. For the betting lines check out LA as a slight favorite at -120 odds straight up, with New Jersey at even money, and make sure to catch the other betting lines including the ones for the series overall at TopBet Sportsbook.

Shifting over to action in Major League Baseball today, a bulk of the week-running series get set to complete by the end of the evening, with a number of exciting Game 3 match-ups on the docket today. With only 3 games set up for Thursday with everyone having played through the holiday weekend, make sure to check out all your options across the betting lines for the best chances to pick up some coin on the MLB before things go a bit quiet for a day. Top match-ups on the day include the Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals, the New York Yankees vs. Los Angeles Angels, and the Washington Nationals vs. Miami Marlins. Look out for trending teams like the Chicago White Sox, looking to win 8 in a row with a victory over the Tampa Bay Rays tonight, the San Francisco Giants trying to overcome the Arizona Diamondbacks for a 4th straight victory, and the Angels seeking their own 9 straight win as they march out of the early season hole to challenge the Texas Rangers for the AL West lead. There will be plenty of great betting options with a number of hot teams and a number of favorable pitching match-ups across the betting lines today, so head on down to TopBet Sportsbook and get those wagers place right now!

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