MLB Games, NFL Preseason on Tap at Bookmaker Sportsbook

Though the week has been slow-moving up until today, the downhill path towards the weekend gives us plenty to be excited about as more and more sporting events come online in the next few days, and tonight there’s lots of action spread across Major League Baseball and NFL preseason football, which enters the second week of play. For today’s trip to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at CR, we’re heading over to the Bookmaker sportsbook, one of the premier online sports betting destinations we’ve reviewed over the past 5 years.

Bookmaker features a rare inclusion to its available betting lines in the form of percentages of people wagering on certain lines, giving you a valuable look into the trends around each sporting event lined up on any given day. For instance, if you’re looking to jump right in to the two games set up for NFL football tonight, you’ll quickly find that 66.7 percent of wagers on going on the Cincinnati Bengals straight up (+180 odds are awfully tempting in the preseason) over the Atlanta Falcons, and that Green Bay at -155 odds is the play being chased by 66.7 percent of bettors on the Packers vs. Cleveland Browns match-up. Start off your online sports betting today with a look over all the options for the two games in the NFL this evening, as even though it’s preseason, it’s hard being a football fan and not wagering on ANYTHING that comes across the betting lines.

Heading into the options for betting on Major League Baseball today, 11 games pop up with one already underway as the New York Yankees currently are playing the Texas Rangers in Game 4 of the 4-game set between the two American League division leaders. That match-up aside, there’s 10 great options to dive into at Bookmaker, with other series wrapping up ahead of the weekend, and new series getting underway as well. Tops on our list includes the match-up between the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Los Angeles Dodgers, with A.J. Burnett of the Pirates seeking 15th win in what has been a fantastic season for the ex-Yankee pitcher. Against the Dodgers’ Joe Blanton, we’re definitely scoping the Pirates to pick up the -141 odds straight up on the money line, but also eyeing the -1 ½ runs to cover at +160 odds (87.8 percent of wagers are going this way today). For another choice wager, look for decent odds on the Atlanta Braves to once again cover the spread against the visiting San Diego Padres, who look to be skidding back into usual form after a strong run of wins in early August. With SD scoring just 5 runs in the first 3 games of this series, we’re going back to the spread taking the Braves to cover -1 ½ runs at +105 odds.

Rounding out the MLB action today, check out a good series opening match-up between the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers, with Philly’s Cliff Lee primed to pick up just his third win on the year against Marco Estrada, who’s winless at 0-5 through 14 starts. For one other top National League match-up worth a wager on check out the St. Louis Cardinals looking to sweep the Arizona Diamondbacks out of town, as Kyle Lohse (12-2, 2.72 ERA) faces Trevor Cahill (9-10, 3.85 ERA) in what should be a solid pitching match-up. Lohse has been simply outstanding at home this season (6-1, 2.40 ERA), and with Arizona struggling at the plate on the road, it’s again a tasty option to go with the Cards against the spread at Bookmaker. Don’t forget the top American League match-ups also available today including the Tampa Bay Rays vs. Los Angeles Angels, the Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles, and the Chicago White Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays.

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