Friday is for Football and Baseball Bets at Oddsmaker Sportsbook

You can almost feel the excitement brewing amongst football fans this week, as Week 3 of the NFL preseason marches onward with the thought of having NFL regular season action just a few weeks away helping to carry us through the last remaining days of the summer low-period in sports! For this Friday, a host of NFL preseason match-ups stand ready and waiting for your participation, even if we’re reluctant to shell out any major cash for online sports betting on these exhibition games. Nonetheless, with 6 games on tap across the U.S., and plenty of great online sportsbooks to call upon, we’re jumping into today’s action with a look at the most entertaining preseason match-ups available at Oddsmaker sportsbook, our top reviewed sportsbook of the day. With intriguing games featuring the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Detroit Lions, the New Orleans Saints vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Tennessee Titans against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, be sure to check out all the betting lines available, and pick out a couple of small wagers to add to the excitement of NFL action tonight!

Moving into the bulk of the online sports betting options for Friday, Major League Baseball remains the dominant force on the betting lines with another big crop of games set to get underway today. At the top of our list is the classic AL East showdown between bitter rivals the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, as well as another heated American League battle between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Los Angeles Angels, with plenty at stake in the AL Wild Card Race. In that match-up, a great pitching duel is set to get underway between Tampa’s James Shields and LA’s Jered Weaver, so look out for a very low scoring game, considering Tampa is working on a 33-inning shutout run against the Angels, and Jered Weaver is, well, Jered Weaver. We’re spotting yet another favorable draw for the Texas Rangers, who will be facing the Toronto Blue Jays tonight, with Yu Darvish set up nicely against Toronto’s J.A. Happy, who’s struggled a bit in his two starts for his new club. The best option for this match-up lies against the spread, with us taking the Rangers to win by 2 runs, covering -1 ½ runs for -110 odds at Oddsmaker.

For the rest of the Major League calendar of games in the National League today, spot a great pitching match-up between the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals, as Johan Santana battles it out with Ross Detweiler. With Santana and the Mets a pretty large underdog at +148 odds, we’re certainly tempted to back the former Cy Young winner, especially considering Detweiler’s last two shaky starts, but be careful here as the Nats are 8-2 in their last 10 games, while the Mets are just 3-7. Looking at another interesting pick-up, check out the Los Angeles Dodgers getting set for a weekend series against the Atlanta Braves, with LA’s Chris Capuano going up against newly-returned Tommy Hanson. With Atlanta on a 3-game winning streak, and continuing to play well at home in the second half of the season, it’ll be a risky move to back a somewhat rusty Tommy Hanson, however with solid -117 odds taking the Braves, we’ll move to back them to pick up a Game 1 win in this crucial series. Make sure to catch other top match-ups in MLB play today including the Philadelphia Phillies vs. Milwaukee Brewers, the St. Louis Cardinals vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the San Francisco Giants with a good-looking match-up against the San Diego Padres, featuring All-Star pitcher Matt Cain against SD’s Ross Ohlendorf. Enjoy a great Friday night, a great weekend, and make sure to check back with us for all the top online sports betting match-ups coming online in the days off ahead!