Updated NFL Futures Odds

The NFL’s providing bettors with some great Thanksgiving day games to bet on again this year, but odds makers also have some treats for us just in time for the holiday season, as Bovada has recently unveiled updated futures odds for the conference titles and the Super Bowl. So, let’s take a lot at where we are entering week 12 and who the favorites and the potential sleepersĀ are now.

The Favorites

Houston Texans-5/1 for Super Bowl, 9/4 for AFC title

J.J. Watt leads a fiercely improved Texans defense

Most of us knew the Texans would be strong this year, as they were given 12/1 Super Bowl odds before the season began. The playoff-bound team for a year ago was returning its best players including Matt Schaub, who missed the postseason due to injury and was in a very winnable division. However, I don’t think many of us thought they would be this good, as the Texans’ 9-1 start has made them the odds on favorite to win it all at 5/1.

The Texans are certainly the best team in the AFC right now, but come playoff time the exeprience of teams like the Patriots, the Ravens and the Steelers could outshine them. They are good, but not a great money-making pick at 5/1.

San Francisco 49ers-13/2 for Super Bowl, 3/1 for NFC title

You can never go wrong with Green Bay

Still behind the Broncos and Patriots, who have been given 11/2 odds for the SB, the 49ers are the best odds in the NFC. They were oh-so-close last year from reaching the promised land and with the league’s best defense and a strong running game again this season, maybe all they need is a second chance.

The tough part for the Niners will be competing with the other major teams in the NFC looking to make that next step, including 9-1 Atlanta (9/1 SB odds) and teams that have been there before like Green Bay (7/1 SB odds). The 49ers have a solid advantage in their division and I’m sure we will see them in the playoffs, but there anything can happen. I personally like Atlanta and GB better with those odds.


New Orleans Saints-25/1 for Super Bowl, 12/1 for NFC title

While hardly considered a sleeper at the beginning of the year, when they had 9/1 odds to take down the NFC title, the Saints now find themselves in that category after facing a disastrous 0-4 start. However, since then they’ve gone on a tear with one of the league’s best offenses and are now 5-5, hoping to secure a wild card spot before all is said and done.

Will the Saints win it all? Probably not. But at 25/1, it’s worth a shot and if they get into the playoffs, they are definitely a threat to win the NFC, considering how hot they can get.

Cincinnati Bengals-100/1 for Super Bowl, 50/1 for AFC title

That’s right, the Bengals. I know they started the season with better odds (40/1 for SB) and haven’t gotten off to a fantastic start at 5-5, but this team has a wealth of young talent and could get hot at just the right time. With a solid young QB in Andy Dalton and one of the most dynamic receivers in football in A.J. Green, the Bengals are one of those teams that can sneak up on you. And at 100/1, you really have nothing to lose, yet so much to gain.