Texans Defeat Sees Patriots Top NFL Futures

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have regained the top spot on the NFL Futures list.

New England’s 42-14 drubbing of Houston on Monday night has seen the side take a solitary lead in the NFL Futures.

Tied with the Texans at 9/2 to win Super Bowl XLVII before the contest, the Patriots are now considered 3/1 favorites to lift the Vince Lombardi trophy on Feb. 3, 2013.

The move sees Bill Belichick’s side become lone favorites to win the Super Bowl for the first time since heading into Week 3. At 11/2, the Patriots were preseason favorites.

New England (10-3, 5-1 home) will be able to build on those odds this weekend as San Francisco (9-3-1, 4-2 road) makes the trip to Foxboro, Mass.

A victory over a second consecutive top-level opponent will almost surely see those Futures odds shorten even more. The Patriots opened as three-point favorites to win the Sunday Night Football clash.

Meanwhile, Houston’s loss means that for the first time since leapfrogging the Patriots ahead of Week 3, the Texans do not have at least a share of the Futures lead. A 5-0 start to the season and 11-1 record after 12 games translated to Houston being the perennial frontrunner this season.

Odds of Houston winning the Super Bowl have now fallen to 6/1. Gary Kubiak’s side finds itself tied with both Denver and San Francisco for second place on the NFL Futures list. All three sides saw their odds drop after last week’s action.

For Denver and San Francisco – two sides that came out of Week 14 with a win – this was more a result of the performance the Patriots put on than their own shortcomings. For Houston, it was a combination of the Patriots’ dominance and the team’s own deficiencies.

Houston (11-2, 5-1 home) faces a tough divisional challenge this weekend as the upstart Indianapolis Colts (9-4, 3-3 road) visit Space City.

The surprising Colts have made steady progress on the NFL Futures. The team’s Super Bowl XLVII odds fell from 75/1 in the preseason to 50/1 last week. Last Sunday’s win over Tennessee saw another 10 points lifted from those odds; the Colts are now 40/1 to win the Big Game.

A win for the Colts will not only put them one step closer to thwarting what looked like a guaranteed division title for the Texans, but it will also see the side rise on the NFL Futures again.

Like Indianapolis, Seattle and Washington have both seen their stock rise as we get that little bit closer to the end of the regular season.

The Seahawks enter Week 15 with 20/1 odds of winning Super Bowl VXLVII. That marker represents an improvement on last week’s 33/1 and the preseason’s 45/1.

The Redskins are just behind with 35/1 odds entering play this weekend. That’s an improvement on last week’s 40/1 odds and the preseason’s 65/1.

Seattle (8-5, 2-5 road) heads to Toronto this Sunday to play Buffalo (5-8, 3-3 home), while Washington (7-6, 3-3 road) travels to Cleveland (5-8, 4-3 home). Both sides have division titles and the postseason on their mind.

At the other end of the NFL Futures, seven more sides were pulled off the board, joining Kansas City and Jacksonville.

Infamously, one of those sides was Philadelphia.

Despite a win over Tampa Bay snapping an eight game losing streak, the Eagles (4-10) found themselves out of the playoff hunt and off the board. Remarkably, Andy Reid’s side had been fourth favorite (at 11/1) in the preseason to win the Super Bowl. A loss to Cincinnati on last night’s edition of Thursday Night Football only adds to what has been a truly horrible season.

Also being ripped off the board were New Orleans (5-8) and Detroit (4-9). Both sides had relatively short Super Bowl odds at the beginning of the season – 18/1 and 25/1 respectively – and like the Eagles, will be looking to end a miserable season.


Odds to Win Super Bowl XLVII

New England (3/1)

Denver (6/1)

Houston (6/1)

San Francisco (6/1)

Green Bay (7/1)

Atlanta (9/1)

NY Giants (10/1)

Seattle (20/1)

Baltimore (22/1)

Pittsburgh (30/1)

Chicago (35/1)

Washington (35/1)

Dallas (40/1)

Indianapolis (40/1)

Cincinnati (75/1)

Minnesota (150/1)

St. Louis (250/1)

NY Jets (300/1)

Tampa Bay (500/1)

San Diego (750/1)

Miami (1000/1)

Buffalo (1000/1)

Cleveland (1000/1)

The following sides have been taken off the board:

New Orleans







Kansas City