Tebow Likely to Become a Jaguar

With the New York Jets seemingly in freefall and with no intention on using Tim Tebow, it appears that the former Heisman Trophy winner and Broncos starter will be hitting the road and will likely land in his hometown of Jacksonville, according to league sources via ESPN.com.

Tebow, who was brought into New York under the pretense of Mark Sanchez’s backup, has been used sparingly this season, attempting just eight throws and receiving 32 carries. After being bypassed by third-string quarterback Greg McElroy this week, who will get the start versus San Diego, Tebow was obviously and understandably frustrated, requesting to be released after the season.

Jacksonville was one of the teams initially interested in Tebow last offseason when he was on the market, but they decided to commit to Blaine Gabbert, who was their 2011 first round pick. However, after Gabbert landed on IR and with current starter Chad Henne struggling, the Jaguars said they would likely add Tebow, who would get a fair shake in a offseason quarterback competition for the starting job next year.

Doesn't look half bad

Since the Jets have already agreed to honor Tebow’s request (if they actually follow through on their promise this time), Tebow will likely enter the free agent market with Jacksonville probably being one of the few teams to actively pursue him. And although the Jaguars are currently tied for the league’s worst record at 2-12, it would make plenty of sense for Tebow to sign there since he could easily win the starting job and would get plenty of support from his hometown fans. Tebow obviously hasn’t been appreciated or accepted in New York, as he has been outcast by the coaching staff, mainly Rex Ryan, who has kept him inactive in many games in which he could have played.

And it also makes sense on Jacksonville’s side. Let’s face it, they don’t have a better option at the moment and although they will get one of the top picks in the upcoming draft, the incoming class does not have many high-profile quarterbacks, unlike last year. As one of the worst teams in the league already, one thing is certain. Tebow sure wouldn’t hurt the Jaguars’ chances next season. If anything, he could breakthrough in front of a supportive fan base and it could become a match made in heaven for all involved.