Super Bowl Odds

After some early postseason surprises and amazing finishes, we are left with just four teams, each of which will battle it out this weekend for a chance at the Super Bowl and sports immortality. If you’ve been participating in the postseason futures wagering already and still have a horse in this race, then you’ll have plenty to root for this weekend, but even if you don’t, you can still jump on board and there’s no better time than now. Here is a look at each team’s updated odds to win the Super Bowl and who we like going forward.

New England Patriots-1/1

The Patriots certainly look like the team to beat right now. They finished the season strong and cruised past a talented Texans team last week in the divisional round. They were also fortunate that Denver was upset last weekend by Baltimore, giving them not only a weaker opponent in the AFC title game, but also home field advantage. The Pats are getting 10 points against the Ravens and although they may not cover that large of a spread, there’s no reason they shouldn’t advance.

However, it’s hard to like them at these unprofitable odds, especially considering they’ve been in this position twice before and not gotten the job done. Of course, three out of five Super Bowls ain’t bad, but for 1/1 odds, we have to feel the Pats are an absolute lock to win it all and that is just not the case with how well the 49ers are playing over in the NFC.

San Francisco 49ers-2/1

Speaking of the Niners, they’re odds are looking much better considering they have just as good of a chance to win the Super Bowl as the Patriots do. Although they were shakier at times during the regular season than an Atlanta or New England, the fact is they are playing their best football right now and that’s all that matters come playoff time. They impressively disposed of a strong Green Bay team last week and they should have no problem doing the same to Atlanta this week. Then once they are at the Big Dance, anything can happen. I really like the Niners here at 2/1. The odds don’t give you a ton of value, but out of the two favorites, it’s twice as good as you would get with New England.

Atlanta Falcons-11/2

It may seem strange to call the Falcons, a team that went 13-3 during the regular season and earned the No. 1 seed in the NFC, a dark horse pick at this point, but that’s exactly what they are at 11/2. Although I like San Fran to win against Atlanta this weekend, the Falcons are not a bad pick based on pure value. I mean, they are certainly capable of winning their next two games and taking the title, so taking them at 11/2 would not be a bad move, especially if you don’t invest a substantial amount. If you really want some bang for your buck and if you believe in Atlanta just a little, don’t shy away from this bet.

Baltimore Ravens-15/2

If the Falcons are the dark horse of these four, then the Ravens are certainly the long shot. Baltimore has been a great story so far this postseason with it being Ray Lewis’ last hoorah and all, but let’s face it. The Ravens will easily be outmatched in their next two games no matter who they end up facing, so there’s just not a very good chance they can string together two more upsets. The win last week over Denver was incredible, but can they do it again? Twice? Sadly, no. It will be sad to see Lewis and the Ravens go, but I would stay away from this one. It’s just too tall of an order.