Top NFL Championship Round Team Props

As exciting as the NFL postseason has been so far and as eager as we all are to find out which team will win the Super Bowl this season, there’s no denying that there are only three NFL games left this year. The fact that in just a few weeks, we’ll have to begin waiting for six months to see the NFL again is a sad realization. So, it’s time to get in as many bets as you can in the meantime and take advantage of some fun and lucrative prop bets before the NFL goes into hibernation mode. Luckily, has some great team props going on and here are the best of the bunch.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons

Will there be a defensive or special teams TD scored in the game? Yes +155, No-190

This game features two teams that are definitely capable of scoring on defensive and did so many times during the season. Two ball-hawking secondaries and two sets of hard-hitting linebacking cores sets up the opportunity, but of course odds are there will not be a defensive TD in a game that also features two offenses that protect the ball fairly well. However, I like the Yes on this prop for the value. There’s a good enough chance it will happen and you stand to make some moolah if it does.

The first score of the game will be? TD -155, Field Goal or Safety +125

Although both teams scored plenty of TDs in their respective victories last week, this match-up should be controlled by the defenses. Also, early on in the game each squad will be feeling out its opponent and I feel that a field goal to begin the game is much more likely. That’s why this is a great prop for those taking the field goal, as it’s the underdog on the odds. Take field goal or safety at +125 here.

New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens

Team to score first in the game. Patriots -175, Ravens +145

The Patriots will be the obvious choice for most because they will likely be the team that ends up scoring the most and wins the game. However, this prop is for scoring first, which the Ravens could easily do against a susceptible defense in New England. All they really need to do is win the toss and they could at least get a field goal on the board. Take the value and the Ravens here at +145.

New England total team points. Over 29.5 -130, Under 29.5 Even

Now if there’s one almost sure thing in this game it’s that New England should have its way with Baltimore’s defensive and score plenty of points. The Pats put up 41 last week against a much tougher Texans defense, so expect them to easily go over 29.5 this weekend. This is the only favorite of these props I’m going with because the odds are just to good to pass up and at -130, you’ll still make a decent return. Take the Over on this prop.