2013 Pro Bowl Preview

Since the Pro Bowl is the least competitive of even pro sports’s all-star games, it can be frustrating at times to put money down on a team that doesn’t really care. However, with talk surfacing recently that this could be the last Pro Bowl, many of you may want to get those wagers in because this might be your last chance to get action on the game. You can also treat it like a little warm-up before the big one–the Super Bowl–which is of course, a week from today.

Since the Pro Bowl is just for fun and is always high scoring, one easy bet for you to win is the over/under, which has been set at 80 points by Bovada. I don’t think there’s any doubt the teams will go over, as the AFC and NFC has combined for around 100 points several times in recent years. Last year the AFC beat the NFC 59-41.

The spread, though, is pretty much a toss up. Bovada is giving a one-point edge to the AFC today, even though Tom Brady has pulled out of the game due to injury, giving way for Andrew Luck to make an appearance in his rookie season. One thing that’s true about the Pro Bowl is that QBs and receivers usually have a field day against defensive backs who aren’t playing tight coverage in the secondary. So, quarterbacks that can throw the deep ball and have good communication with their targets will rack up big stats and big points for their teams. I’d have to give the QB edge to the NFC, which has Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson Eli Manning.

Of course, both teams are stacked at every position, but in the backfield, it looks like the NFC’s got the edge again with Adrian Peterson, Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin against the AFC’s Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles and C.J. Spiller. Since Ray Rice is a Super Bowl participant, he will not be suiting up.

Although it may be a hard one to call because both defenses will basically be allowing the other team to score, I have to like the NFC in this one. They have a better core of quarterbacks and running backs and I’m sure they will be a little hungrier since they are coming of a loss from last season. Look for the NFC to cover +1 and win outright today and don’t forget to take the over on 80 points. It’s going to be a shootout in Hawaii today.