Super Bowl XLVII Team Props

There’s no doubt bettors are gearing up for the biggest sporting event of the season right along with the two teams participating. When the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens clash at Super Bowl XLVII this coming Sunday, there will be more wagers put down than an any other game this year, but if you aren’t made of money, then you have to be more selective in the bets you place. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin, but it goes without saying that you still want to win. The spread and the over/under are the easiest and most obvious places to start, but what about team props? Sportsbooks are pulling out all the stops for the big game and offering a massive amount of prop bets, so you’ll want to take advantage. Here are a few of of the best, courtesy of

Look for the game to be more of a slugfest than bookmakers are advertising

 Will Their Be a Scoreless Quarter? Yes +240, No -300

Although both teams feature very strong offenses, I think it’s fairly reasonable to say there very well may be a scoreless quarter considering how strong the defenses also are. That’s why the margin on this prop is surprisingly high and something you should definitely take advantage of. Teams often get of to slow starts offensively in the Super Bowl, as both teams try to figure each other. Even the high-octane offense of the Patriots was held in check in their last two appearances. The mere value of this prop is just too good to pass up. Even a small bet on the No side becomes a big winner much of the time. Take the No here and reap the rewards.

Total Touchdowns in the Game – Over 5 1/2 -130, Under 5 1/2 Even

The same theory applies here as with the last prop. While bookmakers are favoring a higher scoring game with six total touchdowns or more, I’m not seeing it. It’s certainly possible, but it’s also very likely that the game will turn into a field position tug-o-war and end up being a 20-17 type game like last year. It’s also fairly likely, with all this time to prepare, that each defense will be able to contain the opposing offense enough to hold them to field goals for much of the evening. There’s no doubt that these offenses will rack up yardage, but they they combine for more than five touchdowns? I’m uncertain enough to like the Under on this one for even money.

 Team to Commit the Most Turnovers РRavens -115, 49ers -115

Although this ins’t a extremely good value bet, it’s one of the most interesting ones. Bookmakers are obviously basing this bet on the fact that both teams had exactly 25 takeaways and 16 giveaways during the regular season and both teams have been very careful with the ball up to this point in the playoffs as well. Baltimore is three games deep into the postseason and Joe Flacco has not thrown an interception yet and Colin Kaepernick has also protected the rock while rushing and passing, but has fumbled once and thrown one pick in just two contests.

With Kaepernick still being more inexperienced and with Flacco in the zone, look for the 49ers to commit more turnovers, even if it’s only be a margin on one.