Bulls Snap Knicks’ 13 Game Win Streak

The Chicago Bulls have had a bit of an up and down season without star Derrick Rose, but one thing they have been consistent with is ending opponents’ win steaks.

The Bulls enjoyed busting the Miami Heat’s incredible 27-game steak earlier this season and there’s no doubt that they were thrilled with their stunning 118-111 overtime against the New York Knicks on Thursday, as they snapped the longest streak the Knicks had seen in 19 years. Of course, after the win, the Bulls were saying all the right things.

“For us, we’re not focused on stopping streaks,” Robinson said, according to ESPN.com. “We’re just trying to get better as a team going into the playoffs.”

Robinson certainly appeared to be in top form on Thursday himself, as he lit up the scoreboard with a 35-point performance. Jimmy Butler added 22 points of his own and Luol Deng added 16 of his own as the Bulls enjoyed a rare offensive outburst.

The Bulls have been known as a hard-nosed defensive-minded team all season – which is, in fact, how they snapped the Heat’s streak – but on Thursday they needed to score. They still didn’t have an answer for Carmelo Anthony, who set a new franchise record by scoring 35 points or more (he finished with 36) for the sixth consecutive game. So, there was one streak that was left intact.

Of course, Chicago will be happy to take the win, which completes a surprising four-game sweep of the Knicks this season. You could imagine that the Knicks wouldn’t want to encounter a team that clearly has their number come playoff time, but New York – at least Anthony – is still confident his squad can beat anyone.

“They can have it,” Anthony said. “They can have it. They can have it. They can have the regular-season wins. They did a great job at beating us four times. We’re not worrying about them at this point.”

After witnessing this impressive steak, most bettors will certainly put more stock in the New York Knicks, but one team they can’t overlook in the Chicago Bulls. Although the Bulls have struggled at times, they are a squad that can wear teams down and, as we’ve seen, knock off some of the best the NBA has to offer, even when those teams are at their hottest.