Making the Fantasy Baseball Experience Better for Everyone


Buster Posey
Don't be deterred by the slow start of Posey. It's a long season for fantasy players.

There was once a time when the term ‘fantasy baseball’ was mentioned it would elicit odd looks, negative comments and immediate isolation at parties and family gatherings. There are numerous reasons why fantasy baseball and fantasy sports in general have become so popular and if you think it’s the thrill of winning a cheesy trophy then you can stop reading now and go on with your life.

Fantasy sports and in this case baseball, are great ways for you to gamble your hard-earned money without it feeling like going to a casino and just handing over $300 bucks instantly. Fantasy baseball is obviously the longest of all the fantasy sports seasons which means when you hold your draft in March that’s when the money collection takes place.

Over the course of nearly half a year, that money sits tucked away nicely under the commissioner of your league’s pillow. It will not make an appearance until probably October. This at least makes you feel like you are getting some investment for your money if you don’t win.

What my fantasy baseball league has done recently has met this idea halfway and then some.

After years of just having a ‘winner take all’ champion, we eventually evolved it into money for both first and second place and then took that a step farther by awarding money for the two division winners along with first and second place.

As most of you know, winning the division in your fantasy league does not in any way shape or form mean you’re going to run roughshod through the playoffs and walk away the champion. This was part of our reasoning behind making the change.


Roy Halladay
Don’t sweat Halladay’s early struggles. He’ll come around.

This year we decided to enter into a new foray where we are now taking a ‘minor-league’ approach. Not only will we earn money for 1st and second and division winners, but we have also added small prizes for division leaders at the All-Star break.

The down-side of doing this of course is that the amount of money we each have to throw in at the start of the season has grown considerably but it still isn’t what you’d call ‘high stakes’ compared to some fantasy leagues I’ve seen.

However you go about running your leagues is certainly up to you and your members. Some people like the winner-take-all mentality and some like the competition to be fierce. As a commissioner, part of your job is to have a bead on the style of league your players want so judge accordingly before making too many drastic changes.

Quick Fantasy Hits: This is that point in the season where many fantasy players start panicking over their stars futility. Remain patient people!! Fantasy baseball like the real thing itself is a marathon not a sprint. Guys like Buster Posey and Ginacarlo Stanton will start producing before you can say ‘trade!’

Same goes for pitchers. If you have guys like Roy Halladay you don’t sit them for anything. Halladay will figure things out and besides, he’s one of those ‘innings eaters’ that you just cannot afford to sit. Stick with them.

One area you want to look for upgrades in is the relief pitching department. If you have John Axford right now starting, get him out of the line-up ASAP! There are dozens of guys who are ringing up solid relief performances right now that you can pick up via free agency. This is a great place to add points for your team on a weekly basis and it doesn’t always have to be a closer. Keep an eye on the set-up men as well who typically record good strikeout numbers.