Some Things in Sports Just Really Need Changing


A viewer's call prompted many of the issues regarding Tiger's penalty on Friday.

While it is more often than not my duty to inform, advise and chastise teams in college and professional sports as well as you the bettor, I sometimes just have to vent about things I see in sports because ultimately, they do have an impact on the world of sports gambling in some form or another.

Rant #1: The terrific Masters’ Tournament victory by Adam Scott yesterday will no doubt always be over-shadowed by the two-stroke penalty levied against Tiger Woods in the second round when he was near the top of the leaderboard.

Whether the penalty or its’ aftermath mean anything now is a moot point but a lot of the issues surrounding this incident could have been resolved and should have been resolved a long time ago. The PGA must stop the practice of allowing viewers to call in penalties or other irregularities on players.

For the life of me I cannot figure out why this practice was allowed in the first place. Golf is unique in that players must police themselves and when a question arises there are rules officials who can clarify rules and procedures.

Last week in Major League Baseball, an umpire’s horribly called third strike ended a game. The pitch wasn’t even close! Imagine now a viewer calling into MLB and complaining it wasn’t a strike. Would the players have to go back on the field with the pitch called a ‘ball’ and the game would continue?

The PGA must address this issue sooner rather than later and put a stop to this non-sense. I can only imagine the number of calls they get each weekend where the caller is actually wrong about the very rule they are phoning in about. I’m willing to bet it’s more than half.

Rant #2: With a bit of Rant #1 in mind here, I’m calling for an end to instant replay in all sports. No, not the kind that allows you to see what just happened but the kind that delays games and still in many cases still doesn’t get the calls correct.


The NFL and sports in general would do well to get rid of scenes like this altogether.

Every Sunday in the National Football League players make mistakes and they miss assignments. They do not have the luxury of instant replay to go back and do them over correctly. Officials should not have this luxury either. The games are played by human beings and they are officiated by human beings and just because technology exists that doesn’t mean it should be used.

In basketball, I’ve seen officials go over and check the replay during a timeout or a television timeout to confirm whether a shot was a three-pointer or just a two. This particular play could have happened 90 seconds or three minutes prior. It is what it was called!

The game of baseball survived for how many years without instant replay? Now, because the technology exists, the grand old game is starting to incorporate it. The technology also exists to call balls and strikes so why even bother having an umpire behind the plate?

Instant replay delays games, creates needless discussion and is all too often subjective.

When you go to a sports book to lay some money on a game do you take into account a team’s turnover average? Shooting percentage? ERA? Then why don’t you consider instant replays in that thought process? I’m willing to wager you’ve lost and in some cases won a fair amount of money based upon a call from an official who ‘goes under the hood.’ For me personally, instant replay is broken and it has taken the human element out of the games we love and watch whether we are putting money on them or not.