Sunday NBA Playoff Game 1 Picks

Bettors got their first taste of the 2013 NBA playoffs with yesterday’s game ones and today the Association is back with the four remaining first round games, so buckle up for more of the intense playoff action and check out these picks before you put those wagers down!

Atlanta Hawks +7 at Indiana Pacers -7

The Hawks endured a rough second half of the season, but managed to lock up the number six seed and a date with one of the league’s most underrated teams – the Indiana Pacers.

The two squads split the season series 2-2, using very different offensive approaches. Atlanta proved to be a run-and-gun type team, whereas Indiana was more successful when executing its half court sets and pounding the ball inside. Whichever team establishes the tempo they like should have the advantage today.

And that team will most likely be Indiana, since it is at home for game one, where it won 30-of-41 games this season. Look for the Pacers to earn the win again against the Hawks, but expect things to be very close between these teams, as it was all year, and take Atlanta to cover +7.

Los Angeles Lakers +8.5 at San Antonio Spurs -8.5

The Lakers accomplished their mission of making the playoffs, but they when assembled their current roster, they had much bigger goals in mind. However, without Kobe Bryant, it looks like it could be a rare one-and-done playoff year for the Lakers.

When you factor in just how well the Spurs are playing this season, it doesn’t look the Lakers have much of a chance. Of course, the Lakers have proved to have plenty of fight down the stretch and we know they can score points, so maybe this game and this series will be closer than expected?

I think so. There’s no way we can go against the Spurs to win, but the Lakers have defied the odds time and time again, so look for them to cover +8.5 in defeat today.

Milwaukee Bucks +13.5 at Miami Heat -13.5

Being a team that finished 28 games better than their first round opponent, the Heat deserve to have a large point spread in their favor, but the Bucks have played surprisingly well against the Heat this season and should be able to, at the very least, put up a good fight today.

No one should be betting against the Heat to win today, but we should expect that Bucks to cover +13.5 in the loss.

Houston Rockets +10 at Oklahoma City Thunder -10

The Rockets and Thunder will bring two of the league’s top offenses into their game 1 match-up today and though we should expect the Thunder to outgun James Harden and the Rockets, this should also be a closer game than advertised.

Look for a high-scoring shootout today and for the Rockets to cover +10 in a narrow loss today.