Wednesday NBA Playoff Game 2 Match-Ups

Today, the NBA playoffs will see its last three series play their second games, as the Lakers look to rebound against the Spurs, the Rockets hope to even things up with the Thunder and the Hawks attempt to tie the Pacers at 1-1 as well. We’ve already seen the Bulls and the Warriors pick up big game 2 wins as underdogs, but can any of these three get back in the game today? Check out our picks to find out!

Houston Rockets +11.5 at Oklahoma City Thunder -11.5

The Rockets got blown out in the teams’ game one meeting and though I expect they will put up more of a fight in game two, it’s going to be tough to cover 12 points against a Thunder team that is playing this well.

Initially, I thought the Rockets would be able to keep up on the scoreboard with the Thunder, but after seeing them struggle in game one, I’m not as confident. I think Houston will keep things closer when they are at home for games 3 and 4 and they might even win a game, but in OKC, they don’t have much of a chance to compete. Go with the Thunder to cover -11.5 today and take the 2-0 series lead.

Atlanta Hawks +7 at Indiana Pacers -7

After struggling down the stretch, Atlanta seems to be a team that has run out of gas. Meanwhile, the Pacers are just starting to get going.

Indiana pulled away in game one and will look to do the same again today, and I have to believe it will get it done. The Pacers’ size and strength gives them advantages all over the floor, but particularly in the low post, defensively and offensively. Frankly, the Hawks just don’t stack up well against the Pacers and they probably won’t have a good time tonight on the road. Take Indiana to win again and cover -7 points.

Los Angeles Lakers +8.5 at San Antonio Spurs -8.5

The Lakers hung tough in game one, but proved they are no match for the Spurs without Kobe Bryant. Los Angeles’ outside shooting was off in game one, so if they can knock down more shots, they’ll be able to keep things close, but they’ll also need to go inside to Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol to be effective offensively.

Unfortunately for L.A., it just doesn’t have enough weapons to contend with one of the NBA’s best, especially on the road. We’ll see some more inspired efforts when the series moves to Staples Center, but until then, stick with the Spurs to cover -8.5 in the win tonight.