Thursday NBA Playoff Game 3 Match-Ups

NBA fans and bettors endured some real snoozers in the opening games of the NBA playoffs, but now teams are starting to get familiar with one another and with game threes moving to the lower seeded teams’ home courts, we should get some more competitive games today, and spreads that should be easier to bet as well. Here’s a look at all three NBA playoff games today and our point spread picks.

Miami Heat -8 at Milwaukee Bucks +8

The Miami Heat didn’t need to be fired up for their opening round series with the sub .500 Bucks, but after Brandon Jennings said the Bucks would win in six games, the Heat definitely responded, crushing Milwaukee in each of the first two battles.

Now, for the Bucks to make Jennings’ prediction come true, they would have to win the next four games in the series starting today and based on what we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say that won’t happen.

In fact, having the home floor probably won’t even help Milwaukee with how strong Miami is playing. The Heat look determined to defend their 2012 title and it looks like a first round sweep is in the cards for the champs.

Look for Miami to cruise to another easy win today, covering -8 points.

Brooklyn Nets +3.5 at Chicago Bulls -3.5

The Bulls may have taken control of the series after their game two win knotted things up at 1-1, but surprisingly, they haven’t played all that well at the United Center this season, so maybe they don’t have an advantage?

Considering that Joakim Noah and Kirk Hinrich are both dealing with injuries, the Bulls definitely aren’t at 100%, but then again they haven’t been at full charge all year and still have managed to pull off big wins in the face of adversity.

This one is a tough call, but I like the Bulls to build off the momentum they started with the win in game two and cover -3.5 tonight. Expect this series to go the distance, but for Chicago to gain the upper hand today.

Los Angeles Clippers +4.5 at Memphis Grizzlies -4.5

The Grizzlies have been known as the league’s best defensive team all season, but some foul trouble in games one and two has kept some of their stars off the floor, resulting in two losses to open up the series. Meanwhile, the Clippers have found ways to win. In game one, they dominated, and in game two, they had to rely on a Chris Paul buzzer beater. Things will only get tougher for the Clipps when they head to Memphis today.

The Grizzlies don’t match up particularly well against the balanced attack of L.A., but they are strong enough to put up a good fight in the series and that starts today. I like Memphis to bounce back and earn a win at home with some of their signature sticky defense.