Did You Really Think I Wasn’t Going to Mention Tebow?

Tim Tebow
Tebow will be used in many ways by the Patriots but I don't think QB will be one of them.

Here are several pieces of advice for you in terms of your television viewing and radio listening if you aren’t a fan of new New England Patriots’ quarterback Tim Tebow. First, avoid ESPN like its a sexually transmitted disease. The Mothership’s infatuation with Tebow hit epic proportions when he was traded to the New York Jets following the 2011 season. Rumors are, and I stress these are rumors with some validation, is that ESPN has already appealed to the Patriots to allow them to access to training camp.

Secondly, avoid ESPN radio as well. Oh they’ll claim they are just going to ‘touch’ on Tebow being in New England but then they end up spending an hour or more. See ‘Mike and Mike’ or ‘The Herd’ for examples. Third, avoid visiting the NFL.com website. Why? Because they will hype Tebow being back in the league as much as ESPN will and especially when it comes to hocking jerseys and t-shirts with ‘Tebow’ on them somewhere.

In all fairness, I don’t blame Tim Tebow for the attention he draws. There are other guys in the league and in other sports who seek out way more attention than he does but he is a magnet for it and now that he has a new team, the attention will grow like crazy. Toss in the fact he is in New England with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and you have the makings for an absolute circus.

Bill Belichick
‘The Hoodie’ likes the challenge of making Tebow into something and don’t think he doesn’t.

So what does the signing of Tebow mean for you in terms of wagering? Well, a lot actually. First of all, if you are going to participate in any of the prop bets recently put out by our friends over at Bovada.com, then you first must have to have faith that Tebow makes the Patriots’ 53-man roster. Those odds are currently at ‘Yes/-400’ and ‘No/+250.’

Tebow signed a two-year deal with the Pats but it has no guaranteed money. His deal basically means that if he doesn’t make the roster, New England will not be hit in any way in terms of the salary cap. Therefore, there’s no sweat off of the backs of Bob Kraft and company if he doesn’t make the team. Personally, I think he makes it so it’s a ‘yes’ from me.

Will he start a game at QB in 2013 for New England? Here are your current odds. ‘Yes/+600’ and ‘No/-1200.’ The Patriots claim they have signed him as a ‘quarterback’ but I’m not buying it. Sitting behind Brady is Ryan Mallett who is a big, strong-armed proto-typical QB and Tebow is nowhere near as talented as Mallett is. With Brady approaching his late thirties, I just can’t see Belichick relying on Tim Tebow to back him up. The Pats did try to trade Mallett this offseason but I believe that was in an effort to score more draft picks. I would go with a big ‘no’ here.

Will Tebow throw a TD Pass in 2013? ‘Yes/+200’ and ‘No/-300.’ I’m actually going to say ‘yes’ here but not because he’ll be a QB but because Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will find a way to use him offensively.

Tebow’s total rushing and receiving touchdowns in 2013? ‘Over/Under 1.5.’ This one is a little tougher, but I just don’t believe Bill Belichick would go get Tebow (other than he’s best buds with Urban Meyer) for just any reason. I look for Tebow to be used in a number of different situations and with that said, I like the ‘over’ here.

Of course all this is moot if he doesn’t make the team but I guarantee he’ll work his tail off to make it.