I’ve Got a Case of the Friday Rants

Isn’t this the day where people walk around smiling and saying “T.G.I.F” to each other? You’ve all seen this behavior before especially when the weekend forecast calls for sunny skies and warm temperatures. Well, for whatever reason I’m not feeling quite so chipper this morning. I’ve seen several things in the sports world that really grind my gears for lack of a better ridiculously over-used cliche. Come along for the ride won’t you?

Golf – I’ve told you twice over the last two weeks that even though Tiger Woods entered the US Open as a heavy favorite, you should still put your money elsewhere and right on cue, Woods is struggling as he finished his rain-delayed first round. Woods is currently at +3 as he enters his second round later today.

The folks at NBC cannot be happy as their ratings will sink like a stone in a pond if he isn’t relevant on the weekend. Woods appears to have some discomfort in his arm but claims to be well enough to continue playing. Shocking isn’t it how he always seems to be less than 100% when he is struggling? Phil Mickelson leads at the moment which would help soften the blow for NBC should Woods not be in the thick of things on the weekend.

College Football – The University of Kentucky in its’ never-ending quest to be relevant in an SEC sport other than basketball has recently offered a verbal scholarship offer to a 13-year old. Yes, you read that correctly. A 13-year old who plays cornerback and will be in the formal recruiting class of 2018. Jairus Brents isn’t your typical 13-year old I’ll grant you that. He was put into a group at UK’s football camp that consisted of 18-year old college prospects and had three interceptions and several pases defended.

While the young man spoke very respectfully about the offer, what are the chances this coaching staff will even be at Kentucky in 2018? It’s not like we are talking about Alabama or LSU here. The NCAA prohibits any written offers until the senior year but as far as verbal, those offers can come at any time. Is this unique? Nope. USC offered a seventh-grader a scholarship three years ago and he is still planning to play for the Trojans. Might I add, this is just ridiculous.

NBA Basketball – I’ll have a lot more on the Heat evening the series last night in San Antonio coming up tomorrow because there are coaching issues to discuss. First of all, Jason Kidd, the future Hall of Famer who has been retired for all of a couple of weeks, has been named the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets.

My understanding is that Kidd was extremely impressive in his interview. He had breakdowns of every player on the roster and how exactly he would use them if they remained on the roster. While I think it’s great for Kidd, I have to wonder what guys like Patrick Ewing and Brian Shaw are doing wrong. Both men have put in a ton of time as NBA assistants and deserve a shot to head coaches. Certainly some head-scratching in those respective homes today.

Boston Celtics’ Head Coach Doc Rivers has apparently expressed interest in coaching the LA Clippers. Despite having three years left on his deal, Rivers wants nothing to do with a rebuilding project in Boston if Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce leave. The Clippers have plenty of young talent which is a nice draw for the Clippers. The only way this happens is if the Clippers can offer significant compensation in return. That could be players, picks and/or cash. Stay tuned.