A Couple of Things to ‘Bet On’ in Sports

Is Jeter's return giving you something to bet on for the rest of the season?

I spend a lot of time looking over sports. I spend a great deal of that time looking over odds for games that particular night or the next. I pour through the futures of things like NFL win totals for each team and the favorites for the Heisman Trophy but sometimes you just have to take a step back and look things differently.

This week has seen an incredible amount of news from both on and off the sports world’s ‘fields of play.’ Everything from the Aaron Hernandez situation to the looming PED suspensions it seems there is far more to consider the odds of then you might expect. I figured that with news items of the last 48 hours being what they were I’d take a look at things to ‘bet on.’

The Cavs are taking a shot on Bynum. Are you willing to as well?

Andrew Bynum Goes to Cleveland – The seven-footer with loads of potential and loads of issues has decided to sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers. From a basketball perspective, the Cavs need his presence in the middle. He will compliment a really nice backcourt led by Kyrie Irving but can you bet on Bynum being successful?

Bynum averaged a double-double in his final year with the Lakers in the 2011-2012 season going for 18.7 points and 11.9 rebounds per game. Then there’s this past season where Bynum was with the Philadelphia 76ers and didn’t play at all due to a knee injury.

Cleveland is wisely tying much of Bynum’s proposed contract to several benchmarks which include health issues as well as games played targets. Despite concerns as to whether he will be ready to go for the season opener, the signing reunites Bynum with Mike Brown who coached him in Los Angeles.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think you can bet on Bynum for the upcoming season. He has to know this is his final opportunity to make good money and prove himself and I think Brown will be the difference for him. The Cavs are listed at 66-1 to win the NBA Title next year but I’d look closer at the over/under win totals which will be out later this year.

Derek Jeter’s Return Will Return Will Get the Yankees to the Playoffs – What I can guarantee you in this situation is that Jeter is an immediate upgrade over anyone of the five guys who have replaced him at shortstop this season. Those five have combined for an average of just .211 and have two home runs and 25 RBIs.

According to General Manager Brian Cashman, Jeter will be the designated hitter tonight against Boston. Travis Hafner, the usual DH, was hurt when a pitching machine malfunctioned and drilled him in the foot leaving a significant bruise. Allowing Jeter to ‘get his feet wet’ so to speak at the DH position.

You can bet on Jeter in this respect; he will certainly hit better than .211 and he will provide leadership and stability to the Yankees’ locker room and on the field. At 39 years of age however, how much can Jeter truly provide?

Betting on him to do better than those who have been replacing him is a sure thing, but whether or not his presence can propel the Yankees to the playoffs is a much bigger question mark. I’m just not willing to bet on that because there are other lingering questions on the club that have nothing to do with Jeter.

Pay attention to the futures for both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Yankees as the days tick by. While each obviously has very different timelines, they are worth watching because of the two players invloved. As always, wager wisely.