Props for MLB’s Second Half

Despite Davis leading in homers, Cabrera is on pace for another epic season and another MVP award.

There are many people who find baseball to be long. From the games themselves to the season in general, baseball has always been known as a marathon, not a sprint. Although it has changed greatly over the decades from the amount of teams to the amount of playoff teams, baseball still provides us with some great opportunities to wager.

This season is no different as there are some great divisional races and some very enticing individual races to choose from so let’s take a look at some of the ones I think will offer you some great action.

Team Props

Will the Red Sox Make the Playoffs? Yes -700/No +400 Boston is the top-hitting team in the American League and in the middle of the pack in pitching. This team obviously enjoys playing for skipper John Farrell and I see them in the postseason.

Will the Yankess Make the Playoffs? Yes +300/No -500 The captain, Derek Jeter, comes off the DL and immediately strains a quad. A-Rod is needed to provide offense but might face suspension for the PED investigation in South Florida. The Yanks just don’t have the horses.

Will the Tigers Make the Playoffs? Yes -1200/No +600 Let’s put it this way, if this team doesn’t make the postseason it will be one of the most colossal failures in recent baseball history considering the payroll. With Cleveland the only competition however, Detroit will get in.

Will the Nationals Make the Playoffs? Yes +200/No -300 I made a prediction last week that if the Nats don’t come out strong in the first three weeks then I think Davey Johnson becomes the first managerial dismissal of 2013. While that may or may not be true, the Nats are underachieveing and will not make the playoffs.

Can Grilli continue his bullpen magie and get the Buccos to the Postseason?

Will the Pirates Make the Playoffs? Yes -300/No +200 The toughest call of all is right here because of their recent second-half failings but this team appears to be different. I think they’ll add a bat to go with their top pitching and I will predict they make the playoffs for the first time since 1992.

Will the Athletics Make the Playoffs? Yes -600/No +400 Oakland and rival Texas are the top two pitching outfits in the AL and the Rangers hold a slight advantage in hitting. The Rangers are more likely to make a move that adds more at the trade deadline. I really like the A’s but I’m leaning towards no here.

Player Props

AL Cy Young Odds – Max Scherzer 3/2, Clay Buchholz 9/2, Felix Hernandez 11/2, Yu Darvish 15/2, Bartolo Colon 10/1, Justin Verlander 12/1

I would actually favor Scherzer, Buchholz and Verlander here as my top three because of the excellent offenses that support them. Verlander is warming up of late after a very un-Verlander-like start so don’t rule him out. Scherzer usually gets dinged for a some runs every game but finds ways to win and I think that’ll continue for him as he wins his first.

NL Cy Young Odds – Adam Wainwright 3/1, Clayton Kershaw 3/1, Patrick Corbin 11/2, Matt Harvey 15/2, Jordan Zimmerman 8/1, Cliff Lee 9/1

All of these guys have WHIPs under 1.01 which is pretty darn amazing and Wainwright leads with 12 wins. Kershaw has been great despite an 8-6 record. Harvey is a great story, but he rack up enough wins. I think it comes down to Wainwright and Corbin who is 11-1. Take the name recognition and go with Wainwright.

AL MVP – Miguel Cabrera 4/9, Chris Davis 5/2, Mike Trout 13/2, Max Scherzer 25/1

The only way this is not Cabrera is if Davis hits more than 61 home runs and the Orioles make the playoffs. Cabrera is on another planet right now.

NL MVP – Yadier Molina 3/1, Paul Goldschmidt9/2, Joey Votto 11/2, Carlos Gonzalez 7/1

Molina leads in average, Gonzalez in home runs and Goldschmidt in RBIs. The mere fact that Molina is a catcher and leads the NL in batting is more than enough for him to be the MVP choice.