Is Braun the First Domino?

Ryan Braun was suspended by MLB yesterday for the remainder of the season for PED use.

I wrote a few weeks ago that Major League Baseball was reportedly getting ready to suspend Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez among others in the on-going investigation into the South Florida Biogenesis Clinic. I wrote specifically on the affect that the potential suspensions would have on your wagering going forward.

I’ll get back to the affect below, but first let’s cover the situation as it is this morning.

Yesterday, MLB suspended Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers for the remainder of the seaosn which amounts to 65 games. This suspension will also be without pay. Braun will lose roughly about $3.25 million dollars of a guaranteed contract worth well over $100 million. He’ll get the rest of his money so don’t exactly feel bad for him.

Braun immediately issued an apology which went over about as well a band-aid to cover a gunshot wound. He admited he lied and admitted he used and off he went.

More than likely A-Rod is next on the MLB suspension list. Make no mistake about it that his ‘quad injury’ is an excuse to keep him away from the Yankees’ clubhouse. They know he’s going to be gone in the very near future so why bring him in for a game or two? The evidence against Rodriguez is reportedly much more substantial than the evidence against Braun was. That’s no good for A-Rod and he knows it. There are reports he is trying to cut a deal with MLB on the suspension length.

Colon could be suspended as the dominos start to fall in the PED investigation.

This isn’t just about Braun and Rodriguez though. The reports have stated more than once that this could include guys like Bartolo Colon who is having an outstanding season for Oakland. Another Melky Cabrera of the Giants. Both Colon and Cabrera have been suspended for 50 games already for PED use and that was before the Biogenesis Clinic was on MLB’s radar.

Both of those guys being suspended would have major ramifications for the futures of their respective teams but it could be the Dtroit Tigers who get hurt the most. Shortstop Jhonny Peralta is also heavily mentioned in the report. The Tigers are trying to hold off the Cleveland Indians in the Central and Miguel Cabrera left last night’s game with a minor injury.

Detroit has just the elderly Ramon Santiago to fill in for Peralta should he been suspended. The only minor league talent that is MLB-ready is out due to injury or just lack of true experience. Peralta is a major cog in the Detroit offense and defense. Make no mistake about it.

Another playoff contender that could be adversely affected is Texas. Nelson Cruz is also in the report and could be suspended sooner rather than later. His absence would be a significant blow to the Rangers’ offense as he has 23 homers and 70 RBIs.

There are some other players likely to be involved but they don’t carry the significance of the above-mentioned guys. So back to what this means to you from a wagering perspective…

Braun’s absence makes an already bad Milwaukee team worse. If you’re betting in games featuring the Brewers, pay close attention to the pitching match-ups. Milwaukee is sixth in the National League in hitting so look for that to drop with Braun out of the lineup.

A-Rod’s absence doesn’t mean as much because he hasn’t been with the parent club all year. I would continue wagering on or against the Yanks as you have all season. Keep a particular eye on the A’s and Rangers out West if Colon and Cruz are both suspended. That will significantly alter you should approach games with these teams involved. Pay close attention to over/under numbers especially with the Rangers who lose an everyday player and offensive powerhouse in Cruz.

The Tigers have been tough to wager all year and it will only get more difficult with Peralta potentially out. Santiago is solid defensively, but he lacks the pop Peralta has in his bat. Pay close attention to how the Tigers trend in the week or so after any potential Peralta suspension.

This could be the beginning of major changes coming to the way baseball and professional sports deal with PEDs. You’ll need to be on top of the news prior to wagering.