Success Wagering the NFL Begins Now

Garrett and the Cowboys have already suffered injuries early in traning camp.

There are those of us who wager weekly on the National Football League in a manner that ultimately results in nothing more than a $15 pot being won in the office pool. There are also those of us who have no problem laying down several hundred dollars on a per game basis because we just know it’s a sure thing right?

Regardless of which camp you find yourself in, the time is now that you start paying close attention to all 32 NFL teams as they open training camp. Why? Because if you want to be truly successful then knowing everything about the personnel of each team is of paramount importance.

Case in point; The Dallas Cowboys opened camp this week and immediately saw defensive tackle Tyrone Coleman go down with a torn Achilles’ tendon knocking him for the season. Defensive end Anthony Spencer has a bum knee and Jay Ratliff is battling hamstring problems already.

Why do I care about any of those guys you might ask and the reason is that even though these aren’t guys that handle the football, they are guys who can make a difference to the overall success of a team. If you go into week one of the season looking to lay money on the Cowboys and just ‘assume’ that Spencer and Ratliff are both healthy then boo on you as they say.

Before you wager here, get your information straight on the NFL teams you are betting.

If you aren’t willing to do the homework necessary to be a regular winner then don’t complain when the money trail dries up faster than an Arizona river. Health is but one part of a multi-pronged equation that you must pay close attention to as the preseason rolls on.

Get yourself on social media, especially Twitter, where all of the top NFL beat guys are. From Adam Schefter to Chris Mortenson to all the guys at Fox Sports and the NFL Network as well. These guys put out tons of useful, and occasionally not so much, information about players. Some will be health related but some is also about how well or how poorly specific players looked in practice or in a scrimmage or during a preseason game that you can’t see on television.

If Tony Romo plays the first half of a preseason game and looks like the second coming of Johnny Unitas then you have to know how much credence to put into that news item. Was it against mostly second-teamers from the opposition? Did Romo’s receivers just make great plays on poor throws?

This is the type of thing you need to consider on a weekly basis.

The thing ultimately to be careful of though is overkill. While all these guys out there are tweeting and facebooking every possible tidbit there is, that can become overwhelming for any fan let alone one who wants to wager money and not just bragging rights around the home or office.

Over time you will learn who to trust and who to take with a grain of salt. Either way it’s important because when you are betting the NFL, information is gold. The more you have the more you can choose from.

By this time next week, all of the teams will have opened camp I can guarantee you there will be at least one significant injury in all 32 camp sites. There will also be strains and pulls and aggravations of varying degrees but you need to know this if you want to be successful. This isn’t brain surgery people. Knowledge is power right?

In the old days, betting the NFL was easy because there were dominant teams and then there were teams that were just atrocious. There are still good and bad teams, it’s just that the separation between them has dwindled greatly. The premise of “Any Given Sunday” is more relevant than ever before so therefore you need every possible advantage going forward. Be informed before you wager!