Odds for Hesiman Trophy Changed, Miller now the Favorite

With the possibility of violations hanging over Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M, odds makers have changed who they say is the favorite for the Heisman Trophy.

Over this past offseason, Manziel has been in the news and most of it for the wrong reasons. The offseason is nearly complete and the latest piece of news could be the most devastating for the defending Heisman Trophy winner.

Manziel is alleged to have accepted five figures for an autograph session this past January. The NCAA announced on Sunday that it was starting an investigation into the autograph signing practices of Manziel.

Kevin Sumlin, the Head Coach of the Aggies said the school was doing its due diligence with regard to the report, but the team had no plan to take any action towards the status of Manziel in the near future.

Nevertheless, the status for Manziel in the odds for the 2013 Heisman Trophy race has been changed says online sportsbook Bovada due to the new development announced on Sunday by ESPN. In addition, the odds for total wins for the Aggies have also changed.

One of the online sportsbooks’ managers said that considering the Aggies were amongst the top 5 favorites for the BCS Championship with the defending Heisman Trophy winner playing, the site was forced to close their odds down, along with their win total and conference odds. The bookmaker said this would hold true until there is more information released on the status of Manziel.

One good example of how things could change is the September 14 game between Texas A&M and Alabama. With Manziel playing the Aggies were getting 4 ½ points, but if he is suspended before that then they become at minimum an underdog by at least two touchdowns.

The suspension would also impact every other spread for the team for the period of time he is suspended. The Aggies win total would move from its current 9.5 down to 7.5.

The team’s odds for the BCS Championship would also move from a current 12/1 to 33/1 and could go even higher.

Braxton Miller the Ohio State quarterback has been the beneficiary of Manziel’s alleged violations.

Miller is now the odds on favorite to win the Heisman moving for second place at 13/2 odds to first at 5/1.

Bovada also announced it would be offering odds as to whether Manziel would even play in the opener against Rice at the end of August. On Monday afternoon, no was the favorite a 1-3, while a yes was sitting on 2/1.

Once the favorite to repeat the Heisman Trophy, Manziel is now seen as a longer shot at 15/1.

Last week Miller was picked as the Preseason Player of the Year for the Big Ten. Many believe he could help his team to another undefeated season and a shot at the national championship.