Four Win Total Picks worth Taking

A bet in horseracing is instant gratification, as the race is minutes long and the next race gives the bettor another opportunity. The NFL is similar when each Sunday’s role around as there are numerous games to bet on the winner, the total points, half time score and much more. However, if taking a futures bet then instant gratification is less and the payoff is long term.

Here are four sure fire bets, if those exist, of long-term winners that will take 18 weeks to determine and lots of yelling and screaming at the television through the fall and early winter. These bets can be made through any one of a number of online sites including Bovada, betonline, and topbet.

1. Baltimore Ravens – Over 8 ½ minus-125 – Often times Super Bowl winners come out of the gate with a hangover, nevertheless the Ravens will have in them a 9-7 season in what has become a mediocre at best AFC North division. The Ravens will be tough nosed on defense thanks to their hardnosed coach John Harbaugh. Joe Flacco will lead the team to enough offensive wins where the OVER 8 ½ is a sound bet.

The Ravens lost players on defense but were able to sign Elvis Dumervil a linebacker from Denver and that will make up for the lost of Ed Reed and Ray Lewis.

2. The Dallas Cowboys – Over 8 ½, plus – 135 – After two straight 8-8 seasons, Dallas will move up at least one game this season. Last season the team was hit with numerous injuries and now with some additions to skills positions surrounding Tony Romo at quarterback, the Cowboys should top that 8 ½ figure in wins.

Monte Kiffin, the new defensive coordinator has installed a new 4-3 defense that should put their top defensive player, DeMarcus Ware in position to make more big plays. The rest of the NFC East is tough to figure out, but the Cowboys will win at least 9 if not 10 games this season.

3. Chicago Bears Over 8 ½ minus-120 – Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has much to prove this year, which could work in his favor or against him. However, he will get help from Marc Trestman’s offense and a new offensive line. Cutler also will be throwing to larger targets at wide receiver and have run support from the duo of Michael Bush and Matt Forte.

The Bears will be without Brian Urlacher, but the defense still has the likes of Julius Peppers, Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs. If Chicago plays well they could take the NFC North, as both Minnesota and Detroit are unknowns often times to inconsistent.

4. New Orleans – Over 9 minus 150 – Last season was strange for the New Orleans Saints. The season started bad in the offseason and got worse as the regular began. With their head coach suspended for the entire season and certain players missing games, it was not surprising the team played as poorly as they did.

With the Bounty Scandal now past them, this season should be a much different picture for the Saints. Drew Brees will benefit greatly from the return of his head coach. At least it will take some of the responsibility of the player’s shoulders and put it back on the coaches, where it belongs. Look for the Saints to win at least 10 and possibly as many as 12 games this season.

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