SEC West Win totals for 2013

One cannot talk about win totals for the 2013 NCAA football season without discussing the Southeastern Conference. For the past seven consecutive seasons, the NCAA National Champion has come from this conference. Will that happen again? That is something to decide and look at the odds sportsbooks such as Bovada, betonline, topbet and have for that.

This season the SEC will be another competitive conference with the odds being one of the two teams in the BCS national championship final will be from the SEC.

The SEC West is the dominating part of the conference. Starting at the top of the heap is the Alabama Crimson Tide. The two time defending national champions have been given a win total of 11 for the season with the Over on +110 and the Under on -140.

Alabama behind the coaching of Nick Saban had been given the title of favorite for the SEC and the BCS National Championship. Even though the team has lost players, they have reloaded for this season with even more talent.

Those sports bettors who want to cash in with the over will have to see Alabama win 12 games going undefeated in the regular season. We are talking about Alabama, but their schedule includes a rematch at Texas A&M and their annual rivalry against LSU always is a difficult game.

Pick: Over

Ranked second in the West bracket of the SEC are the LSU Tigers. LSU has been give a 9 win total with the Over on +120 and the Under on -150. LSU’s biggest game each year is versus Alabama and this season will be no different.

LSU returns 13 of its 22 starters of which 8 of the 13 returning are on the offense. That should make Tigers’ fans pleased, as they know their defense is always the focus on the team and with a strong offensive contingent returning they could be that much more difficult to defeat.

However, LSU has one of the nation’s toughest schedules with the likes of Florida, Texas A&M, TCU, Alabama and Georgia. Nevertheless, with Les Miles coaching, the LSU diehard knows the team will be near the top or at the top of the conference in December.

Pick: Over

Heisman Trophy holder Johnny Manziel has made the life of odds makers very difficult as his off field antics have caused alarm in football circles that he could be suspended for part of even all of the season.

Nevertheless, the football season waits for no one and moves forward. Odds makers at this time have Texas A&M sitting on a win total of 9.5. The Over is at -145 and the Under on +115.

All eyes will be focused on Texas A&M this season when they meet Alabama in mid September. However, during the entire season opposing defenses will place a bull’s eye squarely on the back of Manziel, trying to shut him down and stop the amazing offense of the Aggies.

Odds are the Aggies will lose to both LSU and Alabama, while they will face problems against Ole Miss and Vanderbilt. This season could be mediocre or a disaster, but it does not look to be a successful one in Texas.

Pick: Under

Other teams in the SEC West are Mississippi State with a win total of 6, with the Over on +110 and the Under on -140. Ole Miss was given a win total of 8 with the Over sitting on +110 and the Under on -140, while the Auburn Tigers are at 6.5 wins with the Over on -140 and the Under at +110. Arkansas is sitting on 5.5 wins with the Over on -140 and the Under sitting on +110.