RGIII, HGH and More NFL Thoughts

RGIII wants to play and I don't blame him.

Washington Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III made a rare Tuesday appearance in the media room yesterday. He took to the podium in an effort to dispel rumors that there was a growing rift between himself and Head Coach Mike Shanahan over his preseason role with the team.

RGIII is coming off very serious knee surgery and has been cleared to play. He has repeatedly said he will be ready to go for week one and Shanahan is on board with that. The problem is that Shanahan has no plans whatsoever to play Griffin in the preseason and that has left the second-year QB a bit frustrated.

I see both sides of this argument and both have fair points. Redskins’ veteran receiver Santana Moss even put his two cents in saying he agrees with Shanahan’s position. RGIII is an outstanding athlete but the last time he saw NFL game action was the playoff loss to Seattle. I certainly can’t expect him to be 100% ready mentally without having taken at least a few preseason snaps though.

I see no reason why he can’t start a preseason game, hand the ball off three or four times and depart. I know, what if there’s a fumbled snap or a busted play? It’s football people, these things can happen anytime. Again, I see Shanahan’s point but I also respect RGIII’s position as well.

The NFL Moves Closer to HGH Testing

The National Football League and the National Football League Players’ Association have come to what I’d call ‘an informal agreement’ to start testing for Human Growth Hormones starting as soon as this season.

Each week, 40 players and five at random will be selected from eight teams. Those players would provide blood which would be tested and then frozen. Should a player test positive he will receive a four-game suspension in accordance with Step One of the Policy.

My thoughts are these; It’s about time the NFL got in lock step with the growing trend of HGH use by professional athletes. I can with great confidence predict that there will be players who will test positive. I’ll be surprised if there aren’t.

With that said, I find it interesting that the pool number is so small. Notice I didn’t say “surprising.” The fact that so few players will be tested signals that this will be an on-going process where the league and the NFLPA will continue working together on the issue.

Charles leaving on a cart caused quite the panic in KC.

Understand that this isn’t binding just yet. Both sides appear to have agreed on what was laid out above but there will be changes and other amendments along the way but this is a great step in the right direction. The game has become bigger, faster and stronger and I’m not sure that the growth in those departments has been all natural.

Other NFL Thoughts

If you heard a large scream coming from the BBQ capital of America this week it had nothing to do with sauce that was too hot. The Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles was carted off the field with a leg injury but calm has returned. Doctors have said the injury is just a strain. Charles will be extremely important to the success of Kansas City this season as they transition to Andy Reid’s offense.

The undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins will be finally getting their visit to the White House. The team didn’t go during the presidency of Richard Nixon because he was dealing with this little thing called ‘Watergate.’ I just hope they don’t give the mic to Mercury Morris because he’s liable to talk until the next administration.

After Bills’ QB E.J. Manuel’s solid performance in their preseason opening win over Indianapolis, I think the Bills’ have little choice but to start the rookie in week one. Kevin Kolb can’t seem to get out of his own way so I think the Manuel era is underway.