Top 10 Quarterbacks Starting the 2013 NFL Season

The NFL loves to entertain and behind a great deal of that entertainment are the quarterbacks that stand over center direct the offenses and make incredible throws across the middle, over the top and down the sideline.

Ranking the top ten quarterbacks heading into the 2013 season is a tough proposition, but here they are.

  1. Aaron Rogers: The Green Bay quarterback has the arm strength, patience and mind that has placed him on the top of the list. Having a Super Bowl title under his belt does not hurt either. His consistently high completion percentage and touchdown to interception ratio separates him from his peers.
  2. Peyton Manning: Manning sat out the entire 2011 season and started the 2012 with the Denver Broncos after playing his entire career before that, in Indianapolis. A future member of the Hall of Fame, he did not disappoint leading his team on an 11-game winning streak. With the additional of Wes Welker this season, Manning’s numbers could go up even more.
  3. Tom Brady has three Super Bowl rings and had another superb season in 2012 running the Patriots hurry up offense. However, this season there are some questions marks the team is facing at wide receiver, tight end and other skills positions. Nevertheless, do not expect anything less than 30-plus touchdowns from Brady and another playoff run.
  4. Drew Brees: What would the New Orleans offense be without Drew Brees? His season last year was impressive numbers wise, even though the team was mired in the Bounty Scandal and could not stop opponents defensively. Look for him to have another strong season, as his head coach will be back on the sidelines.
  5. Ben Roethlisberger: One of the toughest quarterbacks to ever play, he will not have Mike Wallace to throw to deep his season. However, with his talent of looking over the middle and dumping it off to tight ends and running backs, look for the Steelers to re-group and come out strong, as long as he can remain healthy.
  6. Eli Manning: Manning has two Super Bowl titles under his belt but struggled last season. The team did not reach the playoffs, but with Victor Cruz signing an extension and Hakeem Nicks healthy, Manning should have a good season.
  7. Matt Ryan: The Atlanta Falcons have had very good success the last few years during the regular season. However, for Ryan to move to the next level he needs to win postseason games. The team has some of the best talent on offense in the league, but Ryan needs to win a Super Bowl to cement his legacy.
  8. Russell Wilson: The second-year quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks was one of the biggest and best surprises in the league on 2012. He led the Seahawks to the postseason in his rookie season. The team has been listed as a Super Bowl contender this season. Seattle will go as far as Wilson can take them.
  9. Joe Flacco: The quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens won a Super Bowl last season earning MVP honors for the game. Even though his numbers are not always the best, he can now be mentioned along with the Roethlisberger’s and Manning’s.
  10. Robert Griffin III: The sensation from the Washington Redskins will be coming off a tough injury he suffered at the end of his rookie season. He led the Redskins to their first postseason since 2007. His numbers were impressive for a rookie and this season will be a true test of his talents.