NCAA Football’s Top Five Quarterbacks

The college football season will start Thursday August 29. Many football experts will tell you that defense wins games and for the most part, they are right. However, without a good field general on offense your team will not score any points.

The quarterback is as celebrated and maligned at the collegiate level as he is at the professional level. A quarterback must learn the college system his coach runs and must learn to read defenses to get the best he can out of his running and passing game.

Since players only play a maximum of four seasons in college and some less as they choose to head to the NFL early, it is imperative coaches find talented replacements.

Those coaches who are successful in recruiting talented quarterbacks to fit into their system are the ones who win the national championships.

A good case in point is the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Tide has won three of the past four national championships and the last two straight with the same quarterback A.J. McCarron.

There are a myriad of talented quarterbacks at the collegiate level but here is list of the top 5. As the season progresses these players could move up or down, but starting the season they are the top 5. The list is short and there were others that might deserve to be listed by this is the list I have come up with.

  1. Johnny Manziel, the much maligned Heisman Trophy winner is still uncertain he will play this season, but until he is suspended, he is the best in the nation. He runs as good or better than any other quarterback does and he can thread the needle with his passes.
  2. Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville might be the best all around quarterback in the country. He is the best quarterback to put on a Louisville jersey since Johnny Unitas. He will be a contender for the Heisman at the end of the season and will be a high draft pick in the NFL Draft.
  3. Tajh Boyd from Clemson is the most athletic of the group and will be near the top if not at the top when the Heisman Trophy balloting takes place. He will definitely play at the next level and will help the Tigers battle for an ACC Championship
  4. A.J. McCarron from Alabama might surprise some readers, but when a quarterback helps lead a team to two consecutive national titles, how can he not be near the top of the list.
  5. Derrick Carr of Fresno State is David Carr’s younger brother. Carr had over 4,100 yards through the air last season and tossed 37 touchdown passes. He too will be a player at the next level.

Honorable mention: Braxton Miller, Ohio State; David Fales, San Jose State, Bryn Renner, North Carolina; Marcus Mariota, Oregon