Oklahoma State Allegations Are Not Shocking

WIll the allegations brought forth by Sports Illustrated cost Mike Gundy his job?

The new report by Sports Illustrated on the allegations of misconduct at Oklahoma State University isn’t receiving the type of reaction that I think the¬†popular magazine was looking for. Oh it’s generating some buzz in many circles but are the alleagations of paying players, drug use, academic fraud and hostesess luring players really that surprising?

This report comes on the heels of the NCAA investigating Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny Manziel who may or may not have signed autographs for money. We know Manziel signed a large amount of autographs for specific brokers but he claims he accepted no payment. Once the NCAA sat down with Manziel and his cadre of lawyers, they must have realized they had no proof and decided to move on.

You know and I know the NCAA is a broken system. It’s broken in nearly every possible way from the top down. Based upon that fact and the recent Manziel situation, the Oklahoma State report has a very ‘ho-hum’ feel to it.

Now if this report were about Notre Dame or USC or Florida then maybe we’d be a bit more up in arms but this is Oklahoma State University we are talking about here. They aren’t even the most prominent football school in their own state so why should the nation pay much attention to this?

Will Miles come under fire at LSU for possible violations while he was at Oklahoma State?

I don’t think it’s the nation that has to be concerned. College football fans already know how¬†susceptible to corruption the sport is. The people that need be concerned are those named in this report who are still at OSU or those who are still invloved with the sport but are now at different universities.

Take Les Miles for example. School officials in Baton Rouge right now have to be busy going over Miles’ handiwork since he’s been running their football program. Many of the allegations levied against the Cowboys happened on Miles’ watch so it doesn’t take a scientist to figure what worked at OSU would work even better at a traditional power like LSU.

By the way, think the folks in Ann Arbor aren’t taking a monstrous sigh of relief this week? Miles was nearly headed back to coach the very school he played and coached at before turning it down.

College football is the most lucrative college sport there is and it has that title far and away from college basketball. While some schools do identify their success with basketball, schools know that the real money is made by the success of the college football program.

Based upon last year’s numbers, the highest grossing athletic departments in America are dominated by traditional football schools. The top 13 schools, with Texas leading the way, are dominated by their football programs. Only the 14th school, Louisville, earned more in basketball than football.

What does this mean? It means that if schools are going to cheat and are going to cut corners and are going to offer things that just can’t be turned down by an 18-year old kid then they are going to do it in football.

I honestly don’t know what will come of this report on Oklahoma State but don’t be surprised if some other schools start to fall as well. If you think these types of things don’t go on in the SEC or the Big Ten or the Pac-12 then I suggest you open your eyes and get a gosh darn clue. Maybe things at other schools aren’t as rampant and ‘in-your-face’ as they claim to have been in Stillwater but there is no way the top programs in America are as crystal clean as you might think. That should not be shocking at all.