0-2 NFL Teams; Playoff Shot or No?

If Eli Manning can eliminate the turnovers then I think the Giants have a great chance to recover from 0-2.

Over the last four seasons, 30 teams in the National Football League have started 0-2. Of those 30 teams, not a single one ended up making the playoffs. With that in mind, there are currently eight teams that still have a goose egg in the win column. Do any of these teams have a shot at break the current streak? Maybe… Here’s a look.

New York Giants – of all the teams currently sitting at 0-2 the G-Men might be in the best position to right this ship. Eli Manning has seven interceptions through two games and we know about the fumble issues of David Wilson, but despite those issues, the Giants were in both games against Dallas and Denver.

If the defense can get a little healthier and Manning can take care of the ball then I expect this team to make a serious run especially in a division that suddenly doesn’t look so tough.

Washington Redskins – RGIII is not RGIII and I don’t care what anyone tells me. He looks extremely tentative and is consistently throwing off of his back foot. That tells me his confidence level in the surgically repaired knee is not very high. Receiver Pierre Garcon suggested that the bulky knee brace is limiting him and could be right but either way, a third straight loss could send Griffin III to the bench for Kirk Cousins.

The other issue for the Skins is defensively where they have been torched by Michael Vick and Aaron Rodgers in consecutive weeks. If that doesn’t improve dramatically then they have no chance.

Minnesota Vikings – The Purple People-Eaters opened with two divisional games on the road and had chances to win both but failed. Other than his first run of the season, Adrian Peterson has been pretty well held in check. When that happens, the pressure falls on Christian Ponder who is just too darn inconsistent.

The Vikes will have opportunities to get back into the race with both Detroit and Chicago still having to visit the Twin Cities. If they can get Peterson going again then I like their chances.

Newton needs to find the form he had his rookie year and he needs to do it quickly.

Carolina Panthers – It’s amazing how razor-thin the line can be between a coach keeping or losing his job. Ron Rivera’s Panthers lost an extremely tough game to Seattle at home and then lost to Buffalo in the final seconds when someone in the secondary blew the coverage leaving the Bills’ Stevie Johnson wide-open.

For whatever reason, Cam Newton just hasn’t looked like the guy who set the NFL on fire in his rookie year. Despite the fact Tampa may be in similar trouble, four losses loom on the horizon with two games against Atlanta and New Orleans each. I don’t see it happening and that means so long Ron Rivera.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This is already turning into a train wreck. Darrel Revis says he has issues with Head Coach Greg Schiano and Schiano has a QB that seems lost in a contract year. I really don’t see much hope for the Buccaneers rebounding.

Cleveland Browns – The Browns once again look pretty good on defense but the offense is just not good. It appears Brandon Weeden will miss this week with a sprained thumb so that means Jason Campbell who looked horrible in relief of Weeden on Sunday. Because the division is weak, I can’t rule them out but they need to get going now.

Pittsburgh Steelers – For the first time since 2002, the proud Steelers are 0-2 and this isn’t a case of losing a couple of close games to good competition. The offensive line is young and at times completely over-matched. Ben Roethlisberger has little if any time to throw and the running game has suffered without rookie Le’Veon Bell who is currently hurt to save it.

Because of a still good defense and Roethlisberger I give them a chance, but it’s a slim one simply because of how poor they have been offensively.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Do I really even need to comment here?