Super Bowl Futures Change thanks to Seattle

Sportsbooks have placed a new favorite for the Super Bowl after the Seattle Seahawks defeated the San Francisco 49ers over the weekend.

Many online sportsbooks such as Bovada, betonline, topbet and have moved Seattle to the top of the list leapfrogging the Denver Broncos. Odd makers have thus shortened the odds for Seattle and lengthened them for the Broncos.

In their dominant win 29-3 over San Francisco, the Seahawks opened the eyes of many, but that is not the sole reason that Seattle has taken over the head of the list.

In what might not be getting enough attention, the left tackle of Denver, All-Pro Ryan Clady was injured over the weekend against the New York Giants.

Clady sprained his Lisfranc on his left foot. The left tackle is expected to miss a number of weeks of the regular season. His position is one of the most important on the offensive line in protecting quarterback Peyton Manning.

Many sportsbooks said the change pushing the Seahawks to the top was due equally for the way they dominated the 49ers and because of Clady’s injury.

Behind Seattle and Denver, other shifts in the power balance have taken place between the two conferences.

For a long period of time, the AFC has held the favorite spot (-1) on the game line for the Super Bowl. However, that has flipped with the NFC now laying one point.

The top three teams in the NFC the Seahawks, 49ers and the Green Bay Packers are superior to the best in the AFC, with the exception possibly of Denver.

Other AFC teams such as Houston and even New England are a notch or two below the three top NFC teams.

Other Futures Adjustments

The Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins both have started their seasons 2-0. Hence, Bovada, along with other online sportsbooks have shortened the odds on both. Miami is now 20-1 and Kansas City is 25-1.

Philadelphia looked strong after defeating Washington in week 1 and had its odds shortened to 25-1, but did not fare well against San Diego and their odds have been increased on topbet to 50-1.

A big surprise has been the public’s interest in the Atlanta Falcons. Many people are betting them to win the Super Bowl, while some football insiders pick them as an 8-8 team.

The current top five for the Super Bowl are: Seattle 9-2, Denver 5-1, San Francisco 6-1, Green Bay 8-1, New England and Houston 10-1.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are bringing up the rear at 2000-1.