Coaches Highlight a Trip Around College Football

Fans can live with Pelini's anger as long as he is winning but that's a problem right now.

The news across the college football landscape this week has centered mostly on coaches. Frankly, this is the way most head coaches like it. This keeps the attention off the players and allows them to focus on the task at hand. In this case however, it will be hard for players at Alabama, Texas and Nebraska to avoid the news about their respective team leaders.

End of the Road for Pelini in Lincoln? The University of Nebraska is one of those rare schools where whatever they do, they are the focus of the state media and its’ population. Because there are no professional teams and few other major colleges, the Cornhuskers garner the majority of the attention.

The focus this week has centered squarely on Head Coach Bo Pelini whose team was blitzed by visiting UCLA last Saturday. The Huskers and their faithful aren’t used to that type of whipping anywhere let alone at home. Former Nebraska quarterback and legend Tommie Frazier suggested this week that the school fire all of their defensive coaches after blowing an 18-point lead to the Bruins.

Pelini didn’t take those comments kindly and said the team and the university doesn’t need him, but Frazier stood by his words stating the fans deserved better. It didn’t get any better for Pelini when an audio tape from 2011 was released by He was heard ranting and calling out the fans of Nebraska. He will not be penalized by the university for the rant but his real penalty will come if he can’t get this program back to its once proud status.

Will Saban jump ship yet again and head for a rebuilding job in Austin?

Did Texas Mess With Saban? It certainly sounds like it. The Associated Press learned that a University of Texas’ regent and a former one had discussions with Nick Saban’s agent right after the January 7th BCS Title game. The fact that Saban is linked to yet another job is about as surprising Miley Cyrus doing something stupid in a video.

With speculation running rampant that Saban could find himself in the cat-bird seat in a bidding war between USC and Texas, this news really isn’t all that surprising. One of the two regents involved was Tom Hicks who used to own the Texas Rangers and was vital in bringing Mack Brown to Austin 15 years ago from North Carolina.

Brown has had sub-par seasons of late and continues to see former rival Texas A&M gather all the attention both nationally and in state. It hasn’t helped that his Longhorns were dominated by BYU and then Ole Miss in back-to-back weeks. USC of course seems likely to part with Lane Kiffin whose Trojans were beaten by Washington State.

For Saban, this is nothing new or unexpected. Despite reaching god-like status in Alabama, Saban has always proven he loves the challenge of building or re-building a program and both traditional powers would like to have him. Don’t count out Bama though because they’ll throw serious money at him to retain him.

Want to See Some Class? That is exactly what I’m going to give you. Last week, Montana defeated in-state rival Montana State 31-30 and in the process knocked out Montana State QB Denarius McGhee with a separated shoulder.

Montana Head Coach Mick Delaney sent McGhee and hand-written note wishing him best wishes and good luck with his rehab. Sadly, this has gone mostly unnoticed by the mainstream media and because it involves two smaller, non-traditional football schools, it has taken a backseat to the above stories. Either way, a very classy move by Delaney.