College Football Moves on to Week Five But Questions Remain

The Buckeyes haven't missed a beat with Guiton in for the injured Miller at quarterback.

Week four of the college football season is over and there are some trends starting to emerge and things that need to be discussed and I happen to be the man to do just that. I have a number of questions rattling around in my head so what better place to roll them out than right here?

1. Should We Just Pencil in Alabama and Ohio State? It was thought to be one of the most likely match-ups for the title at the beginning of the season but should we just go ahead and pair them up now based on what we’ve seen? Not just yet in my opinion. While the Tide has dispatched their toughest conference foe to date, the Buckeyes will begin Big Ten play next week and it won’t be easy with Wisconsin coming to Columbus.

The Buckeyes usually play down to at least one conference opponent each year so we should expect that and keep in mind too that OSU needs its’ conference members to keep winning because if a one-loss Texas A&M, Georgia or maybe Stanford is sitting there and/or an unbeaten Oregon team then the Buckeyes could be in trouble.

As for Alabama, they were in sleep-walk mode in defeating Colorado State 31-6 Saturday and that was to be expected following the game at College Station. It would be difficult not to mention the rumors surrounding Nick Saban and Texas as well. These are still young people at Alabama and they see and hear the rumors too, but I expect it to be a non-factor from here on out.

Hoke's Wolverines are living on the edge the last two weeks.

Just How Good is Michigan? The Wolverines scored a ton of points against Notre Dame and then in the two weeks following they have struggled to put away two of the worst teams in the NCAA in Akron and UConn. Against the Zips, Michigan needed a goal line stand in the final seconds to win and then Saturday night at UConn, they trailed 21-7 in the third quarter.

Michigan survived with two late touchdowns and a field goal but this Huskies’ team was 0-2 with losses to Maryland and Towson State. Most point the finger at quarterback Devin Gardner who continues to turn the ball over at a ridiculous rate and his passing is no better than his predecessor Denard Robinson. Accuracy was supposed to be his strong-suit.

The offensive line is struggling too however. The running game was very sluggish until the second half and protecting Gardner was not exactly easy either. The Wolverines will get a much-needed bye week before starting conference play. For their sake, they better get things together during that time.

Can We Do Anything About These Blowouts? Ohio State beat Florida A&M 76-0 while to the south, Louisville defeated Florida International 72-0. In Miami, the Hurricanes actually were beating Savannah State so badly that the two coaches agreed to shorten the fourth quarter. These games really don’t do anything for anyone do they?

Oh sure, the schools on the receiving ends of these butt-kickings will make around $300,000 to $500,000 depending upon the deal, but if the NCAA really wants to get involved with something worthwhile, then how about getting some of these match-ups off the schedule? They can’t be any fun for fans and probably cause coaches more heartache than anything.

There are occasionally upsets and close games but those are few and far between.

Good games this week… #6 LSU at #9 Georgia…. #14 Oklahoma at #22 Notre Dame…. #21 Ole Miss at #1 Alabama…. #23 Wisconsin at #4 Ohio State.