Reviewing College Football’s Week Six

Something isn't right in my opinion in regards to Clowney's behavior this season.

It’s always interesting how some weeks in college football the action that doesn’t take place somehow trumps the action the does. While there were once again some epic games across the college football landscape, a couple of stories that have little to do with on-field action are taking the cake. Let’s start in South Carolina…

Gamecocks’ Head Coach Steve Spurrier has seen plenty in his playing and coaching career but even he was taken aback by superstar Jadeveon Clowney opting not to play on Saturday against Kentucky. Clowney apparently went to the coaching staff just prior to the game and announced his ribs were too sore to play.

This isn’t the first time Clowney has had issues. Earlier this season he had a significant virus that kept him out of action and during the offseason there was talk of him sitting out junior season entirely in an effort keep himself healthy for the 2014 NFL Draft.

This whole situation reeks of outside influences. I could be completely wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time, but I have this feeling that people have the ear of Clowney right now and are telling him to play as little as possible. The fear of course is that he’ll get hurt and lose millions in the draft. These same people probably remind him Marcus Lattimore who lost money because of his horrific injury last fall.

Something just doesn’t smell right here. If it is in fact outside influences that are keeping him on the field then this is exactly the type of thing the NCAA has to clean up.

Does any team deserve to go to a bowl game in the Bahamas let alone those that are .500?

Do we really need more bowl games? It seems every time we think the NCAA is halting the expansion of more bowl games a few more pop up and it needs to stop. By adding games in Miami, Boca Raton and the Bahamas, yes, the Bahamas, this brings the total number of games to 39. If I do the math, two teams per bowl game multiplied by 39 equals 78 teams going to a bowl game.

There are approximately 124 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision of college football so that means over half will be playing in post-season games. These new games are an agreement between five conferences, the American Athletic, Mid-American, Mountain West, Conference USA and the Sun Belt.

The bowl line-up is already ridiculous without these games but now they will only increase the number of teams who have .500 records. These teams should not be rewarded for finishing in the bottom half of their conference. Enough already.

There are many in the college football world who believe second-ranked Oregon should be the top team. Hard to argue considering the butt-kickings they been giving but they will now be a man short as tight end Colt Lyerla has left the team.

Lyerla claims he is preparing to enter the NFL Draft but his situation in recent months has probably been heading towards this. He did not travel to Colorado this past week and has had issues with Head Coach Mark Helfrich. While not exactly a guy that will make or break this year’s team, his presence on the field was important in the running game.

Lyerla gained some unwanted attention after he suggested via Twitter that the Sandy Hook Killings may not have happened as the media claimed. He claimed he was just offering information of a different viewpoint but was cast as a ‘conspiracy theory’ guy who may have some issues.

We sometimes forget these young men on the football field are not all designed to be the robots fans and coaches expect them to be. Hopefully Lyerla gets the help or environment he needs.